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British Airways Apologizes For Bad Timing Of Underwater “Escape To Indian Ocean” Ad

While it’s not as bad as deliberately capitalizing on tragedy to market something, British Airways is feeling the heat for some very bad timing after a London man spotted an ad for the airline encouraging travelers to “escape the commute and discover the Indian Ocean” over an underwater shot. [More]

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Man Buys Promoted Tweet To Vent Frustration At British Airways Over Lost Luggage

Sometimes escalating a customer service issue to a manager, or sending an Executive Email Carpet Bomb just doesn’t get the message across. Times used to be, people with a bit of money to spend could take out an ad in the newspaper to vent their frustrations with a foe — but nowadays, there’s social media. That’s the route one man angry at British Airways took, by buying a promoted tweet to complain about a recent customer service fail. [More]


British Airways Passengers: Off-Duty Flight Attendants Liked That Free Booze Too Much

Anyone who’s ever had the good fortune (or paid a fortune) to fly in first or business class on any airline knows there are plenty of perks. After all, since you’re paying an arm and a leg to fly in style, there’s usually some free booze involved. It seems some off-duty British Airways flight attendants took that unending cocktail policy to quite an extreme and their fellow passengers weren’t too happy about it. [More]

The News; Clunkers & Claptrap

The News; Clunkers & Claptrap

• Now your Vonage bill will come with a boonies subsidy fee, just like grownup telcos. [NYT] “Net Phone Service Providers Are Told to Pay Subsidy Fee”