Bridgestone Buys Pep Boys Auto Service Retail Operations For $835M

Have we seen the last of Moe, Manny, and Jack – you know, the faces of the Pep Boys auto parts brand? It’s possible as the retail chain has agreed to be acquired by tire giant Bridgestone for $835 million.  [More]

Vice President Of Getting Sued

Sony Files Very Real Lawsuit Against Fake Sony Executive

You probably know actor Jerry Lambert as “Kevin Butler,” the man who has played the character of Sony Executive Kevin Butler in a long-running series of ads for the PlayStation brand. Now Lambert can add “defendant” to his resume, as Sony is apparently unhappy with his appearance in an ad for another company that features him playing Nintendo. [More]

More Uhauls Of Shame

Blah blah blah Uhaul wouldn’t rent me a Uhaul because I’m too much of a slacker to show up on time. That’s what ran through our brains when we first read Christopher’s letter. Then we stumbled across this gem.