Americans Are Gradually Eating Less Cereal For Some Reason

Americans Are Gradually Eating Less Cereal For Some Reason

It was once as American as, well, blue jeans to start your day with a bowl of cereal and milk. Breakfast grains were once major sponsors behind kid-oriented television programming, or licensed beloved fictional characters to put on cereal boxes. Now sales at major cereal companies are down, and a variety of reasons are contributing to the decline. [More]

Burger King Japan Serves Hot Dogs For Breakfast And Nothing Makes Sense

Burger King Japan Serves Hot Dogs For Breakfast And Nothing Makes Sense

We don’t believe that American fast food breakfasts like sausage patties, lukewarm pancakes, and waffle tacos should be the standard everywhere in the world. No, we wouldn’t even force all outposts of American fast food joints operating in other countries to conform to American breakfast ideals. Yet we’re still mystified at the latest offering from Burger King in Japan: the Morning Burger and BK Hot Dog Classic. For breakfast. [More]

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McDonald’s CEO Not Worried About Breakfast Competition From “Sandwich” Or “Taco Shops”

You know what they say about if the breakfast kitchen is too hot you should get out, something like that? Well, McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson sounds like he’s not even breaking a sweat when it comes to any competition from Taco Bell or Subway breakfast offerings. [More]

McDonald’s Giving Away Free Coffee For Two Weeks

McDonald’s Giving Away Free Coffee For Two Weeks

In an effort to combat recently launched breakfast efforts at Taco Bell and others, as well as trying to score some positive publicity amid months of negative news and lawsuits regarding its labor practices, McDonald’s is acting like Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas morning, gifting free coffee with a smile for two weeks starting Monday. [More]

Taco Bell Breakfast Arrives Today With Endorsements From “Ronald McDonald”

Taco Bell Breakfast Arrives Today With Endorsements From “Ronald McDonald”

Did you have Taco Bell for breakfast this morning? Well you could’ve, if a waffle taco is your kind of thing (no judgment) — the chain officially launched its breakfast menu nationwide today, just like the signs foretold. Or the announcement a few weeks ago that today would be the day 5,500 chains started offering breakfast. Same thing. [More]

The Rising Cost Of Breakfast: You’ll Need To Bring Home More Bacon To Buy Your Bacon

The Rising Cost Of Breakfast: You’ll Need To Bring Home More Bacon To Buy Your Bacon

Hold onto your hot cakes and don’t spill a drop of that orange juice — breakfast prices are rising, making it a lot costlier to bring home the bacon. As in, the actual bacon, not money bacon. Though you will be spending more money bacon to eat real bacon. Now I’m suffering from bacon confusion and probably need to eat some bacon. [More]


No, Chipotle Will Not Be Adding A Breakfast Burrito To The Menu

Perhaps you thought that one time you stumbled upon a Chipotle breakfast burrito at the airport was some sort of delirious, travel-induced fever dream. It wasn’t — but the chain has decided to stop testing breakfast options like the egg-filled burritos and not bring them to the wider market. [More]


This Is What It Looks Like When A Wave Crashes Through A Restaurant’s Window During Breakfast

There are a lot of things one would reasonably expect to happen in the course of a normal breakfast — bacon, toast, coffee, a sense of satiation after a night of growing hungry in your sleep. But a ginormous wave crashing through the window of a restaurant? Not so expected. [More]

For Better Or Worse, The Taco Bell “Waffle Taco” Is Coming To Your Town

For Better Or Worse, The Taco Bell “Waffle Taco” Is Coming To Your Town

It’s been nearly a year since the world first heard rumors of a strange breakfast beast being tested in lands to the west (i.e. California). The whispers claimed it was a Waffle Taco, while skeptics questioned whether the term “taco” was being stretched by a company whose longtime figurehead was a talking chihuahua and who also hired this guy. Now, like rock ‘n’ roll and door-to-door salesmen, the Waffle Taco, along with other breakfast stuff, is heading for your hometown whether you want it or not. [More]

McDonald’s Continues To Tease Possibility Of Extended Breakfast Hours

McDonald’s Continues To Tease Possibility Of Extended Breakfast Hours

Fans of the Mc10:35 — that combo burger/McMuffin sandwich that McDonald’s customers can only make when ordering during the change-over between the breakfast and lunch menus — may have to rename their favorite fast food item. The Golden Arches says it is indeed considering the possibility of extending the hours it serves breakfast to customers. [More]

Breakfast Shrink Ray: Chobani Yogurt, Special K Shave Off Weight

Breakfast Shrink Ray: Chobani Yogurt, Special K Shave Off Weight

When food companies need to work on their profit margin but don’t want to raise prices, they deploy the Grocery Shrink Ray. The Shrink Ray lets them charge the same amount for fractionally less food. Today, we have most of a Shrink Rayed breakfast: it’s been deployed on Kellogg’s Special K Protein cereal and Chobani yogurt cups. [More]

Don’t Get Too Excited About McDonald’s Chicken & Waffles Just Yet

Last week we told you about a McDonald’s eatery in California that was testing out a “McD’s Style Chicken & Waffles” dish with questionable waffle content. Since then, the folks at HuffPo got the lowdown from McDonald’s HQ that this is “simply one franchisee who experimented with a limited time offering of his version of chicken and waffles,” which explains why it looks like a few Mighty Wings with a pancake. [via HuffPo]

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McDonald’s Testing Chicken & Waffles In California

Chicken and waffles can be a divisive menu item, with some people smacking their lips at the prospect while others maintaining that chicken is not a breakfast food and should not be consumed with a traditional breakfast item. Were the nation’s largest burger chain to suddenly unleash such a product nationwide, it might rip this country in two. Perhaps that is why McDonald’s is merely testing the idea in at least one California eatery. [More]

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Study: Skipping Breakfast Could Increase Risk Of Heart Attack

This is usually where I’d say that my wise, older relative once told me the benefits of doing such and such a thing, but not this time. I always say: I don’t skip the morning meal because otherwise I’d be grumpier than a bear woken from hibernation by the blasting of a Justin Bieber CD straight into the ear holes by lunch if I didn’t eat, but a new study says you shouldn’t skimp on breakfast because it might increase your risk of having a heart attack. [More]

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Is The New Donut, Bacon, And Egg Sandwich At Dunkin’ Donuts Any Good? Not Really

If there’s anything we love at Consumerist, it’s feats of fast-food audacity. We’re not sure that the Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich at Dunkin’ Donuts even qualifies, though. Not anymore. Sandwiches on a donut might be a departure for Dunkin’, but everyone else has been putting burgers on them for years now. Yet some brave souls had to try it for themselves and find out.  [More]

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More Than 40% Of All Lucky Charms Cereal Eaten By Adults

Back in January, venerable sugary-cereal brand Lucky Charms launched a new ad campaign aimed at a novel demographic: adults. Adults? Don’t grown-ups eat cereals filled with wheat bran and nuts and dried fruit? Well… no. [More]

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McDonald’s Inches Closer To 24-Hour Breakfast Menu

Some 24-hours McDonald’s restaurants have been offering “Breakfast After Midnight” menus for a while, but now some folks’ dreams of being able to get an Egg McMuffin at 2 a.m. are coming true, with the fast food chain saying it will expand the post-Witching Hour breakfast menu outside of the regions where it’s been being tested. [More]

IKEA, Where Every Day Is Father’s Day

IKEA, Where Every Day Is Father’s Day

Fathers are pretty awesome. So we wouldn’t question it if IKEA chose to give free breakfasts every day to dad, or even to every parent or guardian who came in the store. That isn’t what this sign advertises, though, and that’s why we’re kind of confused. [More]