Borrowing From—And Loaning To—Friends And Family

Borrowing From—And Loaning To—Friends And Family

Ah, what an awkward situation—over the phone, or whispered at your desk, or asked face to face over beers at your weekly hangout. What’s the best way to respond when someone you love (or at least like to some degree) wants to borrow money? And what if you’re the one in need? offers some advice on when to loan and when to figure out whether you’re just enabling a bad habit.

Upgraded FICO Score To Debut In September

  • Borrowers with thin or young credit bureau files
    Fair Isaac says that, in addition to better predicting the behavior of subprime borrowers, the new FICO score will do a better job in assessing new accounts and borrowers who have little or no credit histories, such as young people and immigrants.

    Most people can expect their score to rise or fall slightly. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

  • NewsFlash: Middle-Class Borrowers Also Get Screwed

    You could be forgiven for thinking that predatory lenders really only go after poverty-stricken borrowers. However, a recent study by the San Diego Business Journal found that 73% of predatory loans were made to middle and upper-class borrowers.