A new lawsuit claims that a "tainted meal" at Bob Evans lead to a couple's death.

Lawsuit Claims Couple Died After Getting Food Poisoning From Bob Evans’ Meatloaf

Contracting food poisoning after consuming a meal is never a pleasant experience. While many consumers recover after a few days of being ill, some aren’t so lucky. Such is the case, a new lawsuit claims, for a West Virginia couple who died after allegedly becoming ill following a meal at a Bob Evans restaurant. [More]

The pile of parts man is accused of stealing from restaurants (St. Petersburg Police Department)

Cops Bust Man Accused Of Pilfering The Plumbing From Burger King, Cracker Barrel And More

You know what’s annoying? Heeding the call of nature at a restaurant, only to find that the thing that makes the toilet flush is missing, and the necessary plumbing to tote away what needs toting is gone as well. Who would want to steal pieces of toilets? Police in Florida say a man has been accused of visiting local eateries and pilfering the plumbing for his own gain. [More]

The 8 Worst Meals (And 1 Dessert) In America For 2010

The 8 Worst Meals (And 1 Dessert) In America For 2010

Every year, the Center for Science In the Public Interest releases their Xtreme Eating Awards list, where they single out the most carb-heavy, fat-saturated, salt-laden calorie bombs available on the market. This year’s round-up of gut-busters covers everything from breakfast through dessert and contains some items that may surprise you. [More]

White Castle, Bob Evans, Long John Silver’s Still Use Trans Fats

White Castle, Bob Evans, Long John Silver’s Still Use Trans Fats

The always entertaining Center For Science in the Public Interest is attacking White Castle, Bob Evans, and Long John Silver’s for still using trans fats in their foods when other chains have eliminated it. [More]