BMW To Pay $40M For Failing To Recall Mini Coopers In A Timely Manner

BMW To Pay $40M For Failing To Recall Mini Coopers In A Timely Manner

Three months after federal regulators opened a probe into whether BMW failed to recall more than 30,000 Mini Cooper cars in a timely fashion after certain models did not meet side impact crash standards, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration fined the car manufacturer $40 million after finding a series of violations.  [More]

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Rolls-Royce Recalls One Car… Yes, You Read That Right

In the past year, automakers have recalled millions upon millions of vehicle for airbag issues. Bucking that trend is Rolls-Royce, which announced this week that it would recall one car. That’s right a single – very expensive – vehicle because of a problem with the safety device.  [More]

Regulators Investigating BMW’s Slow Recall Pace After Vehicles Failed Side Crash Tests

Regulators Investigating BMW’s Slow Recall Pace After Vehicles Failed Side Crash Tests

Just two months after federal regulators fined Fiat Chrysler a record $105 million as a result of a lengthy investigation into the carmaker’s leisurely pace in fixing more than 11 million vehicles connected to 23 safety recalls, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is poised to take another manufacturer to task: BMW. [More]

BMW, Daimler Deny Manipulating Emissions Tests

BMW, Daimler Deny Manipulating Emissions Tests

Less than a week after regulators called out Volkswagen for using “defeat device” software to cheat on emissions tests for 11 million vehicles worldwide, the integrity of some other German automakers is being called into question. [More]

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Class-Action Lawsuit Claims 10 Automakers Hid Keyless Ignition Carbon Monoxide Dangers That Led To 13 Deaths

At least 13 people have died because 10 major automakers concealed the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in more than five million vehicles equipped with keyless ignitions, a new class-action lawsuit claims. [More]

Before Google created its new parent company, BMW used and trademarked the Alphabet name and domain.

BMW Beat Google To The “Alphabet” Name And Website

Yesterday, Google announced a massive reorganization that will put the Internet giant and all its other side businesses under the umbrella of a new company called Alphabet. But don’t expect to visit anytime soon, unless you want to buy a bunch of BMWs. [More]

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Consumer Reports: Nearly 1.5M Vehicles Have Higher-Than-Average Oil Consumption

When I first started driving, I remember being told to change my car’s oil every 3,000 miles. More than a dozen years later – and after several advancements in vehicle production – most cars can go 5,000 miles to 10,000 miles before they need a fresh dose of oil. But according to a new analysis from Consumer Reports, those mileage markers may be a bit too optimistic, as many new cars actually require additional oil between changes – and that’s not really acceptable. [More]

BMW, Honda & Fiat Chrysler Identify Some Additional Vehicles Affected By Expanded Takata Recall

BMW, Honda & Fiat Chrysler Identify Some Additional Vehicles Affected By Expanded Takata Recall

Automakers began identifying which of their models are affected by the recently expanded Takata airbag recall Thursday, with Fiat Chrysler, BMW and Honda adding hundreds of thousands of vehicles to their already overflowing roster of cars in need of replacement safety devices.  [More]


BMW Recalls 91,000 Mini Coopers For Passenger Airbag Issues

Airbags only help to protect a person from injury in the event of a crash if they actually deploy. That seems to be a problem for more than 91,000 Mini Coopers being recalled because the vehicle’s detection system might not realize a passenger is present. [More]

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BMW Recalls 49K Motorcycles Because You Need Both Wheels To Stay Attached

Most motorcycles come with just two wheels and those components are crucial to the operation of the bike. That’s why BMW recalled 49,000 motorcycles in the U.S. and Canada. [More]

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BMW Settles FTC Charges That It Required Consumers To Use Specific Parts, Service Centers Or Lose Warranties

Under federal law, car manufactures are prohibited from threatening to revoke vehicle warranties based on where a consumer chooses to have their vehicle fixed. Apparently, a division of BMW didn’t follow that rule and now must change its practices to resolve charges from federal regulators. [More]

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Rolls-Royce Announces It’s Working On Its First Foray Into The SUV Market

Because there just aren’t enough luxury cars out there already that we can’t possibly ever dream of affording, Rolls-Royce has decided to throw its expensive hat in the ring, announcing plans for the automaker’s first sport utility vehicle. Just don’t call it an SUV. [More]

Samsung president and CEO BK Yoon presented the keynote for CES 2015.

Samsung CES 2015 Keynote: The Internet Of Things Is Here And There’s Pretty Much Nothing That Can Stop It

Here are the things we learned from Samsung’s CES 2015 Keynote address Monday evening: CEO and president BK Yoon has a lot of executive friends, the Internet of Things is already here, soon our entire lives will be “connected” and Back To The Future II references are getting old. [More]

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BMW Doesn’t Like Being The Last One Standing, Issues Nationwide Recall Of Cars With Defective Takata Airbags

Being the last one in line isn’t always the best feeling. That may have been the case for BMW after it was the last automaker to not issue a nationwide recall of vehicles equipped with Takata-produced airbags that may spew shrapnel at passengers upon deployment. Now, bowing to pressure from federal regulators, the manufacturer plans to recall some 140,000 cars from across the United States. [More]


Mazda, Honda And Nissan Issue Recalls Of Nearly 3 Million Vehicles Related To Faulty Airbag Deployment

Nearly 3 million more Nissan, Mazda and Honda vehicles have been recalled related to potentially faulty, and painful, airbag deployment issues that are currently under investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. [More]

BMW Recalls 156,000 Vehicles, Because No One Likes When Their Car Won’t Start

BMW Recalls 156,000 Vehicles, Because No One Likes When Their Car Won’t Start

If we had a penny for every vehicle recalled so far this week, we’d buy all of our loyal readers an ice cream cone. Okay, maybe not, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been an overabundance of recalls lately. And we can add one more company to that list: BMW. [More]

Some drivers on I-75 in Ohio thought this mannequin was an actual human being. (WLT-TV)

Dear Advertisers: Putting Mannequins On Top Of Billboards Is A Bad Idea

Following decades of near-constant exposure to billboards, American highway drivers have become so inured to the messages that most of these mammoth ads carry, which is why we understand that some advertisers need to come up with creative ways to draw attention to their billboards. But here’s one clever way that should never have happened in the first place: Perching a mannequin on top of one of these roadside signs. [More]

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Move Over Santa: Consumer Reports Issues List Of Naughty & Nice Companies

They’re making a list and checking it twice, and you’re about to find out who’s naughty and nice. Get it? Because Consumer Reports is coming to town? Or rather, it’s issued its annual list of the companies it considers to be bad little boys and girls and those who are to be held up as examples to the rest of’em. Let’s get to it [cue gleeful rubbing together of hands]! [More]