Samsung Electronics CEO: We’re Not Buying BlackBerry

Samsung Electronics CEO: We’re Not Buying BlackBerry

Last week, it was rumored that Samsung was thinking of paying more than $7 billion to acquire wireless device maker BlackBerry. But the co-CEO for Samsung Electronics says his company doesn’t want to marry Blackberry; just enjoy a friends with benefits relationship. [More]

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How Blackberry’s Official Account Ended Up Tweeting From An iPhone

On Tuesday, sharp-eyed users of third-party Twitter programs noticed something very telling on Blackberry’s Twitter feed. A Tweet urging users to download the official Twitter app for Blackberry phones had been posted from an iPhone. Yeah, why should the company’s representatives use a Blackberry to make a Twitter post urging customers to tweet from a Blackberry? [More]

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Samsung May Be The Only One Still Interested In Buying A Blackberry

Let’s flash back to 2007, when every hotshot businessperson on the go click-click-clicked away on their Blackberry. Maybe they even had one with a really nice color screen and a scrollwheel that didn’t break after a few months. Fast-forward to now, when anyone still carrying a Blackberry gets pelted with spoiled meats and exiled to a rocky island in the Delaware River where they watch VHS tapes and dial into AOL. And yet, Samsung is reportedly thinking about paying billions of dollars to buy Blackberry. [More]

Makers Of Slip-On iPhone Keyboard Sued By BlackBerry Release New Model

Makers Of Slip-On iPhone Keyboard Sued By BlackBerry Release New Model

When the makers of a slip-on keyboard designed to give iPhone users the physical touch they craved were sued by BlackBerry over what the phone company claimed was a copy of its phones, they had to take the product off the market. Today the company — with Ryan “I Actually Look The Same In Real Life As I Do As A Character On The Simpsons” Seacrest as a major investor — says it has a new version of the keyboard that puts it in the clear, legally. [More]

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BlackBerry Dumps T-Mobile After It Flaunted Its Relationship With The iPhone

BlackBerry is in kind of a tough place right now. First, back in January, everyone thought the struggling company had a big order from the Pentagon… which turned out to not be true. Then, one of its main squeezes, T-Mobile, started offering up the iPhone 5s for free as a “great offer for BlackBerry customers.” That was the last straw, prompting BlackBerry to dump the phone carrier. [More]

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Pentagon Bursts BlackBerry’s Bubble By Explaining It Doesn’t Really Want 80,000 Phones

Breaking up is so hard to do. Especially when the side doing the breaking up never really meant to get into a relationship in the first place. The Department of Defense is having to let BlackBerry down easy after the company got all giddy after misreading a press release into thinking that the Pentagon was going to place an order for 80,000 new phones. [More]

BlackBerry Reminds Everyone It’s Still Relevant By Suing Over Slip-On Keyboard Design

BlackBerry Reminds Everyone It’s Still Relevant By Suing Over Slip-On Keyboard Design

One of the most common things to come out of a person’s mouth who has just switched from a BlackBerry to an iPhone is probably: “It’s so hard to type on this dang screen with my big fat fingers.” Nevertheless, BlackBerry has seen swarms of customers go rushing into the arms of the iPhone and other smartphones in recent years. In a stab at reminding everyone that it’s still a relevant brand, BlackBerry is now suing the makers of a slip-on keyboard for the iPhone, claiming it’s a blatant copy. [More]


BlackBerry Writes Customers Open Letter Telling Them Everything Will Be Okay, Promise

Full-page ads are rolling out today in 30 publications sprinkled across nine countries with an open letter from struggling BlackBerry to its customers. The gist? Please don’t leave us, we cross our hearts and swear to die that everything is going to be okay and you can still use your phone in the near future.

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Blackberry Shareholders File Class-Action Suit Claiming The Company Misled Investors About Its Future

A BlackBerry shareholder has filed a class action lawsuit against the company, basically accusing it of painting a much rosier picture of the company’s future, including how awesome and great sales of the new BlackBerry 10 smartphone lines would be. The reality has been far less delightful for the struggling smartphone makers. [More]

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What If Blackberry Customer Service Ran Other Things?

Alex uses a Blackberry Bold, and isn’t very happy with Blackberry right now. He was just minding his own business when the phone decided to over-the-air update itself, the update failed, and his phone just went ahead and wiped itself. When he called to complain, he says Blackberry virtually shrugged and told him that he should have uninstalled the app that caused the update problems. Even though it was an app that shipped with the phone. Alex wondered: what if other businesses ran things the same way? [More]

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BlackBerry To Offer Free BBM Service To Customers Who’ve Already Fled To iOS, Android

Back when I got my first work BlackBerry, I was all, “Hey, cool — I can email on this thing and message people. Great.” And that’s basically where BlackBerry has been stuck over the last few years, as iPhones and Android phones have erupted in popularity and gained devoted followings. Now, the company figures if you don’t want to actually own a BlackBerry, maybe you’d still want to use its BBM free messaging service. [More]


What Are America’s Most Damaged Brands Right Now?

How mighty brands fall. Bad leadership, bad planning, a run of bad products: any of these can damage a brand in a short amount of time, and it can take years to recover: if, indeed, the brand recovers at all. What brands are the most battered in the United States right now? 24/7 Wall Street rounded them up, based on which publicly-traded major companies are currently dealing with aggressive competition, reputation disasters, and a lack of direction. [More]


Could It Be? Photos Purport To Show BlackBerry Is Making An Effort In Touch Screen Arena

Whenever my friends are like, “Ugh, I just spilled water in my BlackBerry keyboard!” I don’t feel bad. No, I just hope that said friend will finally get a phone with a touch screen like the rest of the civilized world. I’m mostly joking — BlackBerry still has some very loyal fans, but its maker RIM has been criticized for not keeping up with the touch screen smartphone times. That might all be changing now. [More]

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Verizon Closing Its App Store Because You Can Buy Apps Everywhere Else, So Why Bother?

Those Verizon Wireless customers with a Blackberry or Android phone will soon have one less icon on their phoens come January 2013, as Verizon announced it’s killing off its branded app store at that time. Why? Simply because with all the other ways for customers to access apps for their phones, the company says it’s not needed anymore. [More]


Apple & Amazon Top This Year’s Brand Loyalty Survey, Blackberry Hangs On In Last Place

If there’s anything we want from our products and the brands that provide them, it’s love, true love. Well, maybe not quite that level, but according to the most recent Brand Keys Loyalty Leaders List, we consumers are craving an emotional connection to brands. And when they fill that special place in our hearts, they earn our loyalty. [More]

Dating Site Says Android Users Are More Likely To Give It Up On The First Date did some very scientific research in Canada, polling singles living up there beyond our borders, and found that Android users are a lot more likely than other smartphone users to put out on the first date. Maybe don’t use that as your pick-up line, however, if you spot someone with an Android phone. [More]

Do You Use Your Mobile Phone In The Bathroom?

We’ve all got that person at work who just yakkety yaks away on their phone in the bathroom, and it’s probably the same guy/gal who uses their shoe to flush and opens the door with a paper towel (so inconsistent, germaphobes!) Hey, maybe that’s even you, because as a new survey says, lots of us use our mobile devices in the john. No judgment! [More]

Void Your Mobile Phone Warranty: Move Somewhere Humid

Void Your Mobile Phone Warranty: Move Somewhere Humid

Until recently, Israel was a happy and loyal T-Mobile customer of almost a decade. He’s also that person left who’s still using a BlackBerry. He sent his phone in for a warranty exchange, dutifully checking the liquid damage sensor first to make sure his phone hadn’t been dunked. But TMo charged him a fee for water damage anyway, because the real moisture sensor is buried inside the phone, and told a different story. Because Israel had dared…. to live in Miami. [More]