Office Depot Will Open For 3 Hours On Thanksgiving Day

Office Depot Will Open For 3 Hours On Thanksgiving Day

In another blow for that holiday that we used to call “Thanksgiving,” the newly merged Office Depot and OfficeMax will open for a few hours on Thanksgiving Day, delivering doorbusters to the masses from 6 PM to 9 PM, closing again until 12:01 AM on Friday. [More]

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Two Black Friday Shoppers Have Been Camped Outside Best Buy For A Week Already

In the rush of retailers opening their doors for big sales on Thanksgiving Day, the idea of devoted Black Friday shoppers so determined to score deals that they’ll line up hours ahead of time might seem like it’s a thing of the past. Not so, as two friends who have been camped out at their local Best Buy for a week already in order to get the best possible spot in line when the time comes. [More]

RadioShack Revises Thanksgiving Plan, Will Give Workers Five Hour Break To Spend With Families

RadioShack Revises Thanksgiving Plan, Will Give Workers Five Hour Break To Spend With Families

Yesterday, RadioShack announced that it would be opening at the early hour of 8 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning, causing employees to complain about losing their holiday and many shoppers to ask why anyone would ever want to go to RadioShack at 8 a.m. ever. Now the Shack is changing its mind on that plan, but rather than simply opening later, the retailer will be closing for a few hours during the afternoon. [More]

Mall To Stores: Open At 6 PM On Thanksgiving Day Or We’ll Fine You

Mall To Stores: Open At 6 PM On Thanksgiving Day Or We’ll Fine You

Last year, the Walden Galleria near Buffalo, New York welcomed shoppers at midnight on Black Friday. This year, they’re moving that start time back by six hours, and other malls owned by the same company, Pyramid Management, will be opening at dinnertime on the holiday as well. [More]

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Best Buy Also Has Better Things To Do Than Eat Turkey, Will Open At 5 P.M. On Thanksgiving

We’ve been here before; it’s all so familiar! Ah, yes. That’s because we just wrote earlier today that RadioShack will open its doors at 8 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day, and yesterday that Target would open at 5 p.m. and so on and so forth. Best Buy is here to join the club of businesses who have better things to do than gorge on holiday feasts and snore off into a happy slumber, and will be open from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Thanksgiving. [More]

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Target Opens 6 p.m. Thanksgiving Day, Says Black-Friday-Like Deals Start This Week

Who needs to wait for Black Friday when you can apparently start racking up similar deals weeks in advance? Target joined other retailers like Walmart in announcing its holiday shopping plans, which include early access to deals and opening the doors at 6 p.m. Thanksgiving night. [More]

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Toys ‘R’ Us Opening At 5 P.M. On Day That Used To Be Called ‘Thanksgiving’

Are you looking forward to spending Thanksgiving Day standing in line and fighting with fellow shoppers over the last remote-controlled dinosaur? No? It doesn’t really matter whether you plan to show up or not: opening at 5 P.M. on Thanksgiving Day worked out for Toys ‘R’ Us last year, and they’re planning to do the same again this year. [More]


JCPenney Will Open At 5 P.M. On Thanksgiving Day For People Who Sort Of Like Their Families

JCPenney is apparently 11 hours less desperate for business than discount retailer Kmart, but 3 hours more desperate than it was last year. The department store chain announced today that it will open at 5 PM on Thanksgiving Day. Last year, it opened at 8 P.M. on the holiday. [More]

Kmart Will Open At 6 A.M. On Thanksgiving, Stay Open 42 Hours Straight

Kmart Will Open At 6 A.M. On Thanksgiving, Stay Open 42 Hours Straight

This year, Kmart is sticking with its dubious tradition and opening on Thanksgiving Day. Like last year, they’re opening at 6 A.M., and will keep the doors open for 42 consecutive hours until midnight on Saturday. Maybe if they keep the doors open for that long, someone will wander in. [More]


GameStop Decides To Give Employees The Day Off For Thanksgiving

GameStop is well known for often getting the jump on new video game releases by opening stores at midnight, so you might expect that the chain would be throwing open its doors as early as possible on Thanksgiving to get out ahead of the Black Friday competition. But today, the retailer announced that its workers won’t be enjoying their Thanksgiving dinner in between dealing with customers. [More]

DealNews is predicting that retailers will be using super-low prices on 60" TVs to lure in shoppers, but don't expect to find too many in stock.

Looks Like 60″ TVs Might Be This Black Friday’s Big Doorbuster

We’re still a little bit away from retailers “leaking” their Black Friday ads, so no one can say with certainty what bottom-dollar deals the stores will be using to attract shoppers away from their Thanksgiving dinners. One prediction for this year’s holiday season kickoff claims that 60″ TVs are going to be the most tempting bait, but you might have a hard time actually snaring that super-low price. [More]

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More Price-Matching, Better Staffing And Other Black Friday Predictions

It’s October, and those falling leaves and brisk temperatures can only mean one thing — that no professional baseball is being played here in Philadelphia. It also means that the official start of the holiday shopping season is a mere eight weeks away. [More]

Black Friday can now be anytime, any month.

Dear Petco: If You Insist On Pushing Black Friday In July Promos, At Least Make It An Awesome Deal

If you’re getting an email from Petco trumpeting a “Black Friday In July!” promo that’s only serving to tick you off, you’re not alone. Consumerist readers Matthew and Kelso both forwarded their sighs along with a Petco email that is very, very excited about a not-so-great deal that just serves to make people cranky. Because it’s not Black Friday. It’s just Friday, in July. [More]

Great, Spring Black Friday Is Now Officially A @#$@*$% Thing

Great, Spring Black Friday Is Now Officially A @#$@*$% Thing

Has it just been too long since you’ve felt the panic rising from your stomach and into your throat at the idea of competing for Black Friday specials? You’re in luck! Walmart and Lowes are both pushing so-called spring “Black Friday” discounts in an attempt to stir up some business, or maybe just to make us feel like the walls are slowly closing in… [More]

Toll-Free Number On Walmart Black Friday TV Voucher Forwarded To Wisconsin Spa

Toll-Free Number On Walmart Black Friday TV Voucher Forwarded To Wisconsin Spa

There might have been thousands of people who received vouchers from Walmart during Thanksgiving weekend that entitled them to order a television online at a certain price. For many of them, the voucher didn’t work, so they called the toll-free number on the voucher. For some reason that isn’t clear to anyone yet, this number was forwarded to a spa in Wisconsin. [More]

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Black Friday Eve Not The Optimal Time For An Emergency Trip To Walmart

Stuff always breaks at the worst possible time, doesn’t it? That was Josh’s experience over Thanksgiving weekend. The household he visited over the holiday weekend had a plumbing emergency on Thursday. With no plumbers available for obvious reasons, they dug up the lawn and attempted a DIY repair. It went well until they made a trip to the only hardware store in town that was open: Walmart. [More]


Walmart Sold 2.8 Million Towels This Weekend

Sure, we in the media like to focus on the people who punch each other over televisions at Walmart stores during the weekend after Thanksgiving. While the mega-retailer sold millions of TV sets this weekend, that wasn’t their top seller. What item did they move the most of over the long weekend? Towels. [More]

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Here Are Some Videos Of People Who Spent Thanksgiving Fighting Over Discounted Junk

Can we pour one out for the memory of Thanksgiving, the once-loved holiday that took a shot to the gut yesterday when hordes of bargain-hunters chose to forego time with family and loved ones in favor of overhyped discounts on clearance items, and then died forever when the first punch was thrown, presumably minutes after the doors opened. For those of us who didn’t go shopping last night, here are some reminders why… [More]