At 67.5% ABV, This Beer Claims To Be The World’s Strongest

At 67.5% ABV, This Beer Claims To Be The World’s Strongest

It’s Friday, meaning millions of people around the world will be kicking back with a beer at some point today, but most of them might as well be drinking water compared to the few who will be diving into a bottle of a new beer that claims to be the world’s strongest with an alcohol content of 67.5%. [More]

Do Not Call 9-1-1 When You’re Overcharged By A Penny For Beer

Do Not Call 9-1-1 When You’re Overcharged By A Penny For Beer

There are grave injustices in this world, some of which may require an immediate response from emergency personnel. But claiming you were overcharged by a penny for a beer is not one of those injustices. Heck, it’s not even a minor transgression. And yet police say a man called 9-1-1 three times to complain about his ordeal. [More]


Will No One Think Of The Poor Craft Beers Affected By The Government Shutdown?

While you might not notice any particular emptiness on the shelves of the beer aisle, the nation’s craft brewers are facing some major delays due to the federal government shutdown. And if the breweries can’t get new recipes approved or new operations upa nd running, that could lead to a dearth of new offerings next season. [More]

Michigan Law Would Ban Selling Of ‘Pints’ Of Beer Containing Fewer Than 16 Ounces

Michigan Law Would Ban Selling Of ‘Pints’ Of Beer Containing Fewer Than 16 Ounces

In some bars and restaurants, the phrase “pint of beer” is not taken literally enough, with some places drastically under-filling the glass or using a smaller glass in the belief that a tall-ish glass is a pint. But a proposed new law in Michigan would make it against the law to advertise a “pint” that contains anything fewer than 16 ounces of liquid. [More]

Which NFL Stadiums Have The Least Expensive Beer?

(Blissed And Gone)

While some NFL teams are still in the thick of the Super Bowl hunt (like the 4-0 Kansas City Chiefs… oh man, do I miss Andy Reid), others are already on the cusp of calling it a rebuilding year and hoping for a decent draft pick in the spring. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself at the stadium, perhaps with the assistance of a beer, if that’s your thing. But which stadiums are going to give you the biggest beer bang for your buck? [More]


Involuntarily Brewing Beer In Your Own Stomach & Getting Drunk Is A Real Medical Condition

There are a lot of things our bodies do that we don’t tell them to — our lungs know to breathe, our hearts know to beat, and we can grow humans in our bellies — but before now, you might’ve thought brewing beer involuntarily would be an impossibility. It’s not, it’s called auto-brewery syndrome, and it means basically what its name implies: Your body brews beer in your stomach without you even having to invest in one of those home-brew kits that are all the rage with your brother-in-law who posts about it constantly on Facebook. [More]


Report: Walmart Selling Beer At Cost In Some Areas

Walmart wants to sell you beer. Lots of beer. And in order to get consumers to equate Walmart with beer, the nation’s largest retailer has slashed prices to the bone on some of the best-selling brands of suds. [More]

Spreadable Beer Is A Thing, Someone Invented It For Some Reason

Spreadable Beer Is A Thing, Someone Invented It For Some Reason

Sure, you can drink beer. If you encase it in dough, you can even deep-fry it. Until now, though, we’ve been unable to spread beer on other foods, having to content ourselves with delicious but non-alcoholic substances like butter or Nutella. No longer. [More]

Sam Adam's new can wants you back, baby.

Beer Cans Desperate For Love Getting Design Makeovers To Keep You Interested

That first sharp crack of an open can releasing its promising hiss, the tip up to your totally 21-year-old lips, the wet, cold liquid coursing down your — actually, eww, this tastes like aluminum. For many beer fans, that’s a common experience, causing some discerning consumers to seek the loving arms of glass bottles. Now the oft-besmirched can is attempting to make a comeback with a plethora of newly designed vessels. [More]

Breaking Bad Getting Its Own Beer. No, It’s Not Blue

Breaking Bad Getting Its Own Beer. No, It’s Not Blue

It would obviously be downright tacky to drink your Game of Thrones beer while that show is between seasons, but what’s a true connoisseur of TV-inspired beers to consume in the interim? Thankfully, a brewer in New Mexico has the answer — a Breaking Bad beer. [More]


Isn’t It A Pain When Your Beer Fridge Knocks Out The Entire Neighborhood’s Cell Network?

The next time you can’t get your cell phone’s network to cooperate, perhaps check on that humming fridge in the garage, keeping beers and other beverages chilly. A town Down Under learned that a simple beer fridge, dedicated to backyard tippling and warm weather drinking, had the power to take out an entire mobile network with just a few freak electric signals. [More]


Pittsburgh Bar Banning Sam Adams Because Hockey Finals Are The Most Important Thing Ever

Sports fans know that loyalties run deep, and there’s no question of giving your opponents any kind of edge. So if you live in Pittsburgh and love hockey, you won’t be surprised to hear that a bar there is banning Sam Adams beer while the Penguins are playing the Boston Bruins in the Eastern Conference Finals. This, because beer and hockey go hand in hand and rivalries don’t have any room for confusion of loyalties. Better drink that traitorous brew while you can, Pittsburghians (Pittsburghites [ed. note: reader says it's Pittsburghers or Yinzers, awesome]?). [More]


German Brewers Fight Fracking To Maintain Purity Of Beer

Fracking — the process of obtaining natural gas and other resources through the use of hydraulic fracturing — is a controversial and divisive issue, with proponents claiming it is a clean and safe way to tap needed fuel sources while opponents say fracking wreaks havoc on the environment and ecosystem. In Germany, some of the biggest names in beer have joined together to ask the German government to stop fracking there until it can be proven that it won’t taint the groundwater — and by extension, German beer. [More]

The West Sixth Logo (minus the company name) is on the left; Magic Hat #9 on the right.

Magic Hat Sues Kentucky Brewer Over Its Logo

Most of our stories about trademark disputes — especially when it comes to anything that even vaguely sounds like the word “monster” — involve companies in two completely different industries, like energy drinks vs. fish tanks, or that same beverage vs. an independent movie, or audio cables vs. deer licks. But what about when that trademark to-do is between two beer companies? [More]

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We’re So Relieved Someone Actually Researched If Koozies Actually Keep Beers Cold

Sometimes it feels like science is just like, “Oh, you always wondered about that, eh? BOOM, here’s the answer.” Thank goodness researchers felt like investigating the all-important question of whether or not those foam can/bottle koozies (maybe you call them “cozies”) keep beer and other beverages cold, because otherwise we’d be left wondering forever and ever. [More]

Aw, man, who did I toast last night?

Budweiser ‘Buddy Cup’ Lets You Facebook Friend Someone By Clinking Glasses For Some Reason

Sure, you could take your smartphone with you when you go out drinking, take some bleary-eyed selfies, and use the Facebook app to add all of your new friends to your Facebook friends page. Or you could try Budweiser’s Buddy Cup, a bar glass that we’re hoping is only a novelty item. It lets you send a friend request to anyone you clink glasses with while out drinking. [More]


Ever wonder why, after that first sip of an ice-cold, delicious, yummy beer you want to keep drinking more of that same beverage? A researcher at Indiana University School of Medicine says that simply tasting a favorite beer — even when that sip contains a lower than usual percentage of alcohol — is enough to trigger a dopamine response and make people want more. [via]


Arsenic Found In Hundreds Of Beer Samples But Hey, That’s What Makes It So Sparkly!

When it comes to beer, there’s plenty of appeal — “It tastes good!” “It makes me feel warm inside!*” “I don’t feel so bad about whatsisface dumping me anymore!” and so on and so forth. And then there’s that clear, sparkling liquid, unsullied by nary a speck of cloudiness. But the filtration process that gives beer that clarity could be the reason researchers are finding arsenic in hundreds of samples of the stuff. [More]