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Study: Raising Cigarette Prices Means People Drink Less Beer & Booze

For those who drink and smoke, it’s no surprise that often, the more you smoke, the more you end up drinking, and vice versa. So it follows that when state taxes make cigarettes more expensive, you might be inclined to smoke less, and as such, you might end up drinking less beer and whiskey as a result. That’s the effect rising cigarette prices have on alcohol consumption (except for wine), say researchers in a new study that looks at consumption habits of smokers and drinkers. [More]

What Do You Mean, This German Beer Was Brewed In Missouri?

What Do You Mean, This German Beer Was Brewed In Missouri?

You can’t really blame reader Nathan for thinking that Beck’s beer comes from Germany. Until just a few years ago, it was an import. Then InBev, the brand’s owner, acquired Anheuser Busch, and with that lots of breweries in the United States. Breweries where they might as well make InBev-owned brands, since most consumers won’t be able to tell the difference. Or so they thought. [More]


Beer Cruise Ends In Disappointment For 121 People After Boat Runs Aground Near Statue Of Liberty

While the Statue of Liberty is definitely a prime tourist attraction, 121 beer enthusiasts were likely not too happy to be run aground near the Green Lady over the weekend, when their booze cruise as unexpectedly cut short. [More]

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AB InBev Getting Drunk On Idea Of Buying SABMiller For $122 Billion

It’s late at night and Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller are the only two beer companies left in the bar… mostly because these two have merged with everyone else in town. So what’s the harm in a couple of acquisition-tipsy beer biggies getting together? That’s why AB InBev has reportedly been texting its banking buddies for advice on hooking up with Miller. [More]

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Waiter Earns Eternal Bragging Rights By Carrying 27 Full Beer Mugs At Once

Everyone has their “party story” — you know, the one you tell to a group in a social setting to make the whole gathering less awkward and relate to those around you, priming everyone to bond and grow closer. But one German man has earned himself maybe one of the most unique cocktail tale by carrying 27 mugs brimming with beer at one time, setting the world record for beer-carrying in the process. [More]


Feds Pushing States To Lower The Drunk Driving Threshold To 0.05 BAC

Having a glass of wine with dinner and thinking about driving? That might be a bit more of a gamble in the future, as the National Transportation Safety Board is lobbying states to reduce their thresholds for drunk driving from the national standard of 0.08 blood alcohol concentration to 0.05. [More]

Tractor-Trailer Tips Over, Spills Beer Across Freeway

Early this morning in Houston, an 18-wheeler and a sedan collided on a freeway. Both vehicles spun out, and the 18-wheeler tipped over, severely injuring the driver and spilling the trailer’s contents on the road. What was inside? Beer. Dozens and dozens of cases of beer. The beer spilled across the highway, and the driver remains in serious condition in the hospital. [KPRC]

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People Really Think Miller Lite In Vintage-Style Cans Tastes Better

Logic tells us it’s impossible for the label on the outside of a container to affect how that product tastes. Human thought processes don’t always follow logic, though. That’s why sales of Miller Lite have increased after the company introduced 80’s-retro cans and bottles last year. They don’t just look cool: some consumers say that the old-school brews even taste better. [More]

Corona Extra Beer Recalled Because Glass Particles Don’t Go Down So Smoothly

Corona Extra Beer Recalled Because Glass Particles Don’t Go Down So Smoothly

That’s not an extra unripe lime interrupting a smooth pull of the beer — the makers of Corona Extra say some 12-ounce bottles of the brew have been recalled for having small glass particles in them. [More]


A Booze Burglar Is Stealing Beers From Town’s Refrigerators For Second Summer In A Row

Residents of a Texas town are clutching their cans and bottles of beer closely, as the city’s residents are being plagued once again by a mysterious booze burglar. Someone is breaking into garage refrigerators and even homes simply to swipe beer, for the second summer in a row. IS NOTHING SACRED ANYMORE?!? [More]

Walmart Says Dad Can’t Buy Beer Because He’s Shopping With Teen Daughter

Dear Walmart: Your price may not be beatable, but some would rather shop at a store that doesn't treat them like criminals. (photo: Alex Nobunaga)

Back in college, I’d to the grocery store with friends and we always had to separate the beer from the other items being purchased because anyone chipping in money (yes, this was a time when most people paid by cash or check) had to be of legal drinking age. But if anyone under 21 just happened to be standing in line near the beer, no one cared. This is apparently not the case at Walmart, where a dad was told he couldn’t purchase beer and booze because he was shopping with his teen daughter. [More]

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Learning anything is much more fun when it comes with illustrations and animation, though when the lesson is about beer, you’re likely going to pay attention all on your own. Don’t know the difference between how a microbrew is made versus how the big companies like Anheuser-Busch do it? Me either, really, but these GIFs can explain. [via St. Louis Public Radio]


Couple Celebrates Tasting Their 25,000th Beer Together After 35 Years Of Sipping

It’s an admirable feat to stay married for as long as 35 years, but finding the time to taste 25,000 beers together as a couple over that many years? That’s nothing to sneeze at. A Bethesda, MD couple marked that major milestone this week, celebrating the 25,000th beer they’ve sipped together since they started taking notes in 1979. [More]

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Indiana Judge: Stores Don’t Have A Constitutional Right To Sell Cold Beer

There once was a wise cartoon masked wrestler who said, “A one that is not cold, is hardly a one at all.” What Strongbad* was referring to, friends, is beer. And that’s exactly why a retail group in Indiana filed a lawsuit last year to challenge a state law barring the sale of cold beer in convenience and grocery stores. It was all for naught, however. [More]

Budweiser & Miller Reveal Dull Ingredients Lists For Top-Selling Beers

Budweiser & Miller Reveal Dull Ingredients Lists For Top-Selling Beers

While the sugary, caffeinated soda I’m guzzling to get through this Friday morning has all manner of ingredients listed on the can, the beer in my fridge might just reads “beer,” and not because I’ve watched Repo Man too many times. Fact is, beer makers in the U.S. only need to tell you if there’s an allergen contained in the brew. But under pressure from a petition calling for more transparency on what’s in the beer we drink, the folks at Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors have offered up some insights that — so far — don’t reveal anything shocking. [More]


Don’t Call 9-1-1 Repeatedly Just Because Your Wife Threw Your Beer Away

Some nights, I dream of a time when there won’t be any ridiculous calls to 9-1-1 reporting all the various non-emergencies we’ve reported on in the past. It’s a good thing I’m an optimistic person who loves to sleep a lot, because I might be dreaming for a while. I’m talking to you, guy who allegedly called 9-1-1 repeatedly because his wife threw his beer out. [More]

Minnesota Brewpub Grants Free Beer For Life With $1,000 Investment

Minnesota Brewpub Grants Free Beer For Life With $1,000 Investment

What if you could pay only $1,000 and be guaranteed a freshly-poured beer whenever you felt like it? That’s not a feasible deal for most of us, but for early investors in one Minnesota brew pub, that dream has come true. [More]

Get Through Your Friday With The Help Of This Laughably Bad Anti-Liquor-Privatization Ad

Get Through Your Friday With The Help Of This Laughably Bad Anti-Liquor-Privatization Ad

Here in Pennsylvania, there’s a heated debate going on about whether or not to ease the state’s byzantine laws on the sale of alcohol. Both sides of the issue have merit, but a new ad arguing against changing the law isn’t doing itself any favors. [More]