Nintendo Announces Plans To Make Games For Mobile Devices

Have a hankering to play Super Mario at the bus stop but don’t have the portable gaming console to satisfy that urge? Soon video games from Nintendo will make the move from consoles to mobile devices, as the company announces a partnership with an online gaming firm to develop and operate new apps. [More]

(Alan Rappa)

N.Y. Museum Announces Creation Of World Video Game Hall Of Fame

Why should traditional toys have all the accolades? Not content to keep all the honors for toy soldiers and board games, the upstate New York museum that runs the National Toy Hall of Fame is adding a new attraction to its rolls with a new World Video Game Hall of Fame. [More]

She kind of looks scared she might drop it?

23,000 United Airlines Flight Attendants Getting An iPhone 6 Plus

Remember how fun it was to watch that Oprah’s favorite things and steam with jealousy as she announced things like, “And YOU get an iPhone 6 Plus! And YOUUUU get an iPhone 6 Plus!” while doling out expensive presents to her audience? Now just imagine her saying that 23,000 times to a crowd of United Airlines flight attendants. [More]

TSA Testing Screening Machines So You Don't Have To Deal With Agents

TSA Testing Screening Machines So You Don't Have To Deal With Agents

Who needs a person with a pen and a black light to say a boarding pass and identification passes muster? The Transportation Security Administration is testing a system that would screen those materials with a machine, instead of a visual check from an agent. [More]