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Which Beauty Subscription Boxes Are Actually Worth The Monthly Fee?

Monthly subscription boxes are currently a hot category in retail: vendors exist that can send you curated selections of everything from pet treats to razors to healthy snacks to butt wipes. One popular subcategory of these boxes are beauty sample boxes, which send you trial-size versions of beauty products to enjoy, and perhaps buy full-sized versions later on. Beauty brands and consumers both love these boxes…but which ones offer the best value for your subscription fee? [More]


Report: Avon Looking At New Business Strategies, Including A Possible Sale

Once upon a time, Avon was the household name when it came to direct-sale beauty and personal care items. But those days are gone and the company has struggled in recent years to remain relevant and profitable. It appears those issues may be taking a toll on the once prominent company, as a new report claims the company is looking into alternatives for business.  [More]

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Survey Says: Shoppers Prefer Cosmetics With Cruelty-Free, All Natural Labels

When it comes to what we slap on our faces, a new survey says we’ve got more than just beauty on our minds when choosing which cosmetics to buy: Turns out a love for plants, animals and all things natural is the guiding force when shoppers are making decisions in the beauty aisle. [More]

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Macy’s Buys Beauty & Spa Company Bluemercury For $210M

Just a month after Macy’s announced it would implement a restructuring plan by closing 14 stores and focusing on online sales, the department store says it has inked a deal to purchase a spa and beauty chain. [More]


Beauty Brands Pushing Anti-Aging Hair Care Products To Combat “Old Hair” Days

As if women aren’t already freaked out enough about aging, the beauty industry is now messing with our heads even more. Along with the various anti-aging creams, serums, balms, wrinkle smoothers, moisturizers and treatments for your skin, the latest trend in product pushing comes in the form of anti-aging hair care items. [More]

Target Thinks You Want To Be Hassled By A “Beauty Concierge” While You Shop

Target Thinks You Want To Be Hassled By A “Beauty Concierge” While You Shop

Taking a cue from department store beauty counters, where employees ply customers with samples and tell them they look fabulous, Target has begun testing the deployment of so-called “beauty concierges” at its stores in the Chicago area. [More]

Don't Let Your Manicurist File Down Your Nerve Function

Don't Let Your Manicurist File Down Your Nerve Function

Consumer Reports Health medical adviser Orly Avitzur, M.D. has both a medical practice and a lovely set of manicured nails. It’s this combination that gave her unique insight into the possible problems with manicures that are purportedly fancy “gel manicures,” but are actually something else more dangerous entirely. [More]

Testing Infomercial Beauty Products So You Don't Have To

Testing Infomercial Beauty Products So You Don't Have To

Since Consumer Reports hasn’t yet stepped up and recruited big-hair aficionados and large-breasted side-sleepers to test infomercial beauty products such as Bumpits or the Kush Support, Lemondrop has stepped up to test these products, as well as beauty and weight loss products ranging from the PedEgg to Colonblow.