Police: Active Meth Lab Discovered In Backpack Abandoned In Walmart Bathroom

While running a successful meth lab isn’t easy even under the best circumstances — and this is coming entirely from watching Breaking Bad, obviously — keeping an active operation going in a Walmart bathroom doesn’t seem like a guarantee for success. To that end, police say they’ve discovered an active meth lab, hidden inside a backpack, abandoned in an Indiana Walmart’s bathroom. [More]

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McDonald’s Sued For $10M After Man Dies Of Heart Attack In Locked Bathroom

The family of a New York man who died of a heart attack in a McDonald’s bathroom locked from the inside filed a lawsuit against the fast food company claiming workers failed to get the man help that might have saved his life. [More]

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You Can Make Almost $100K A Year Finding Ideal Bathrooms For Seattle Bus Drivers

It might be smelly work, but somebody’s gotta do it: Seattle officials are looking to hire a “Comfort Station Coordinator” in Seattle, a veritable Goldilocks tasked with finding bathrooms that are just right for bus drivers. And stench aside, the gig pays pretty well, at a salary of $97,000 per year. [More]

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Restaurant Co-Owner Accused Of Creeping On Women With Camera Hidden In Bathroom

Police in Maryland say the co-owner of a local restaurant group took advantage of his customers in one of the most invasive ways possible, by allegedly setting up a video camera in the women’s restroom at one of his restaurants so he could secretly film them going to the bathroom. And cue those shudders, folks. [More]

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Amazon Wants You To Shop On The Toilet

Great news for hardcore multi-taskers: Amazon and Procter & Gamble are teaming up to deliver highly relevant ads to consumers while they sit on the toilet. They won’t just show advertisements to this captive audience, though: the placards will also have barcodes that people with Amazon’s smartphone app can scan as virtual coupons for Procter & Gamble products. [More]


Pregnant Woman Claims Starbucks Worker Wouldn’t Let Her Use The Bathroom

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. And when you’re eight months pregnant with a small human inside you, pressing on your bladder like the most relentless of torturers, you have to go right this freaking second or you will unleash what is not meant to be unleashed in public. But despite that obvious necessity, one pregnant woman says a Starbucks worker wouldn’t let her into the locked bathroom, even after she offered to buy something. [More]


Cardinals Fans Would Rather Not Eat Cotton Candy That’s Been On The Bathroom Floor

Perhaps officials at Busch Stadium in St. Louis need to look into not only a place for a lady to hang her purse in the bathroom stall (if they don’t already have hooks), but some kind of appropriate resting place for food vendors to set down their wares when nature calls. Because seeing bags of cotton candy on a dirty bathroom floor with some toilet paper is just… well, it’s seeing food on the floor of a public restroom. It’s gross. [More]


Another Passenger Pees On Another Canadian Flight, Wants Everyone To Know

Last week, we shared with you the story of a man who learned that the Air Canada turboprop plane he was on had no restroom facilities only after boarding for the three-hour flight. Now another passenger has gone public and admitted doing the same. Not because she wants to brag, but because she wants to highlight the lack of working facilities in small airports on Canada’s east Coast. [More]


Rent A Stranger’s Bathroom For 5 Minutes With Airpnp

The legend goes that the founders of Airbnb set out an air mattress in their living room and welcomed guests, and that’s where the site comes from. Staying in a stranger’s home can be like a bed and breakfast, often without the breakfast. What about when you want to take a crap instead of a nap, though. Is there somewhere you can pay a nominal fee to strangers to rent out a different room of their home? [More]

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A Houston restaurant asked engineering students at Rice University to come up with a soap dispenser for its bathrooms that incorporate some sort of kitchen utensil. This is the result, and we kinda want one for Consumerist HQ. [Via Chron.com]

Restaurant Lets Non-Customer Use Bathroom, Sends Her Bill For $5

Not a public restroom.

Somewhere between “no non-customers in the bathroom, no exception” and operating a mini-homeless shelter in the middle of your restaurant is a happy medium. We don’t think that compromise is the approach that a Tennessee restaurant took, which was to track down a non-customer using her license plate information and send her a bill for the restroom fee. $5. [More]

How Strict Should Stores Be About Employees-Only Bathrooms?

How Strict Should Stores Be About Employees-Only Bathrooms?

While retail stores all need someplace for employees to wash up and occasionally relieve themselves, many stores have a “staff only” policy for access to the toilet. But are there situations where the store staffers should make an exception in the name of saving a customer from embarrassment? [More]

3 Ways To Declutter Your Bathroom Cabinet

3 Ways To Declutter Your Bathroom Cabinet

As every guest who ever uses your bathroom is secretly aware, your cabinet is an overwhelming mess of old prescriptions, nearly-empty hygiene product containers and stray razors. Every time you clean the cabinet out, it morphs back to its revolting form within weeks. But some organizational structure can break the cycle. [More]

Pilot Accidentally Locks Himself In Bathroom In Flight

Pilot Accidentally Locks Himself In Bathroom In Flight

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go, but accidents can happen even if you make it to the bathroom on time. Take it from a Chatauqua Airlines pilot who accidentally locked himself inside a lavatory during a flight, leading to a misunderstanding that sparked fears that terrorism was at work. [More]

Locked In A Greyhound Bathroom For More Than An Hour

Locked In A Greyhound Bathroom For More Than An Hour

What’s worse than using the bathroom on a bus? Getting locked in there for an hour and a half. Barbara’s mother decided to use facilities half an hour before her bus was due at its destination, but miscommunication meant that a mechanic was never summoned, and she remained trapped for an hour and fifteen minutes. [More]

Train Station Closes Bathroom To Public, Pisses Off Passengers

Train Station Closes Bathroom To Public, Pisses Off Passengers

A scrawled note scotch-taped to the New Rochelle train station in New York tells passengers that they better hold it. The city has decided that’s it too expensive to keep the bathrooms open. The recession takes its toll on your toilet. [More]

Mirror Mirror On The Wall… Brought To You By Geico & Coca-Cola

Mirror Mirror On The Wall… Brought To You By Geico & Coca-Cola

Because there is no such thing as a space safe from sponsorship, a new technology is allowing advertisers to put their marketing messages where your face is — or at least where your face should be reflected. [More]

Mirror Shatters To Floor, Installer Shrugs

Mirror Shatters To Floor, Installer Shrugs

Alan and his wife awoke to a giant crash from their bathroom. Their 3.5’x5′ plate glass mirror they had professionals install 12 years ago had fallen, shattering all over the tile. [More]