Yard Sale Proves Fruitful For Man Who Found First Dated Baseball Card In Photo Album

Anyone who’s ever picked through a garage sale, yard sale or antique store can relate to the thrill of finding something unexpected and desirable amid the heaps of broken old toys and worthless junk. And sometimes, the best finds of all stay hidden even after the transaction has been made. That was the case for an antique picker in Maine who found what could be the first dated baseball card tucked away in a photo album. [More]

Digging Around In Attic Unearths $3M In Rare 1910 Baseball Cards

Digging Around In Attic Unearths $3M In Rare 1910 Baseball Cards

It’s one thing when you know for certain that your carefully curated collection could be worth a lot of money, but what we all really dream about is that elusive surprise find hiding right under our noses. An Ohio man was rummaging around in a box from his grandfather’s attic when he dug up just such a rare score — a collection of baseball cards from 1910 that could be worth millions. [More]

The Baseball Card Bubble — Swallower Of Childhood Dreams

Slate excerpts the Dave Jamieson book Mint Condition, which details the rise and fall of the baseball card futures market of the 1980s and 1990s. [More]