Nook Website Says You Can Download The Movies You Rent To Watch Later? Too Bad

Scott was under the impression that he could rent movies for his Nook HD+, download them, and watch them on his device whenever he felt like it for the next thirty days. Where did he pick up such a wacky idea? I mean, other than Barnes & Noble’s own support site. And the downloading screen in the Nook store. Only none of it is true. Update: Barnes & Noble has contacted us, and they say that Scott’s experience isn’t what they intended, and Nook users really are supposed to be able to download movies. We’ll let you know when we find out what Scott’s problem was. Second update: The problem was with his MicroSD card. [More]


Barnes & Noble Founder Looking To Buy Retail Business Back

Just as Best Buy founder Richard Schulze nears the deadline to present his bid to buy the company back from shareholders comes news that the chairman of Barnes & Noble has similar plans for the company he started 40 years ago. [More]


Is Barnes & Noble’s Downsizing A Boon For Independent Booksellers?

With Barnes & Noble confirming that it continues to continue shutting down around 15 stores/year, it might seem to some like the day of the bricks-and-mortar bookseller is fading. But apparently, consumers aren’t just going online to buy their books — they’re also going to independent stores. [More]

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Barnes & Noble Set To Close A Third Of Its Stores Over Next 10 Years

Despite the success of the company’s e-reader, the Nook, Barnes & Noble has been struggling to compete with the Internet with its brick-and-mortar stores for a while now, as have other retailers with physical locations. Another sign of perhaps eventual total doom? The CEO of B&N’s retail group says the company will be slowly shuttering about a third of its current physical stores over the next 10 years. [More]

Barnes & Noble Will Happily Price-Match Website…When You Return Something Without A Receipt

Barnes & Noble Will Happily Price-Match Website…When You Return Something Without A Receipt

Marjorie has discovered a really irritating flaw in Barnes & Noble’s online price-matching procedures. As we discussed shortly after Christmas, you can place orders on the chain’s website for in-store pickup, but prices differ on many items between retail locations and the website. Unlike many other stores, orders placed online but picked up in person go for the in-store price, not the online one. This annoys a lot of customers, and may hurt the company’s real-life retail operations. Marjorie discovered an interesting flip side to this, though: she had to buy a gift in the store, even though the online purchase price was $22 lower. When she went back to the store to return it, after her son had lost the receipt, the only price they would give her was the lowest one they had charged for the same book online. [More]


How A Tip From Consumerist, A Credit Card, And Some Determination Got Me A Brand-New Nook

Kyle really liked his Nook…until it decided to freeze up and no longer work. He was unhappy: it was only two months out of warranty, and he didn’t like the only option that Barnes & Noble presented: trading the non-working device in for a relatively small discount on a brand-new replacement. He had purchased a lot of books he uses every day for work on the Nook platform, and decided to take a loss on those and get a Kindle instead. Unhappy with the whole experience, he vented to us about it. [More]

BN.com allows you to reserve a title for in-store pick-up, but doesn't tell you the price.

Is Barnes & Noble Hurting Its Stores By Not Price-Matching Its Own Website?

Barnes & Noble’s website allows customers to reserve a book for in-store pick-up rather than buy it online, but bn.com does its best to gloss over the fact that you could be charged more for the book at the store, leading to angry customers who use B&N as a showroom for its own website. [More]

Run the numbers before you buy.

HP’s Free Nook Promotion Could End Up Costing You $355

HP’s website has an offer going right now where you can score a free Nook Simple Touch (a $99 value) with the purchase of a new computer. But depending on which computer you buy, you could end up spending several times the cost of the e-reader. [More]

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Here’s Why Digital Rights Management Is Stupid And Anti-Consumer

Comparisons of downloadable books and music to their ancient, tangible predecessors are an old, old meme, but sometimes the comparison applies. For example: if reader Synimatik had bought a paperback book a few months ago and picked it up to read now, the book’s pages wouldn’t magically glue shut just because the credit card she normally uses at the bookstore has expired. That’s how it works when you want to read a book downloaded from Barnes & Noble, though. [More]


Bookstore Combats E-Books With One Thing Your Kindle Can’t Offer

Whatever benefits an e-book might have over its print counterpart, and no matter how close digital media gets to ink-on-paper, there is one thing that downloaded copy of Moby Dick can’t offer to some readers: The collectable factor. [More]

Good Thing Comics Fans Don’t Mind Buying Slightly Mutilated New Books

Good Thing Comics Fans Don’t Mind Buying Slightly Mutilated New Books

We put out a call for purportedly “new” books mangled in the shipping process by Amazon, but Kain wanted us to see what happened when he tried to buy a graphic novel at Barnes & Noble. This book had different characters’ origin stories condensed into single pages, so of course they slapped a giant anti-theft sticker right in the middle of one of those pages. But that’s okay–it’s not like people who buy comics care about keeping the books in prime condition, right? [More]


Barnes & Noble Warns Of Credit Card Breach At 63 Stores

Early this morning, bookstore chain Barnes & Noble announced that it had detected tampering with PIN pad devices in 63 of its stores, and as a precaution has halted the use of PIN pads in all of its stores. [More]

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5 Best Stores For Having Playdates While You Shop

To all the parents of young children out there who are constantly wrangled into making playdates for your kid(s). Just because you’ve scheduled a playdate for your little one(s), it doesn’t mean you can’t also get in some all-important shopping while the youngsters amuse each other for a few hours. [More]

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Barnes & Noble Ushers Its Thinner Nooks Into The Ring To Duke It Out With Other Tablets

If you don’t compete, you die. That’s what’s pushing retailers to give it their all to nudge Amazon and Apple from their spots atop the e-commerce and e-reader world, and basically anything else you can put an “e-” in front of. Today Barnes & Noble unveiled its newest Nook Tablets, both with HD to produce better video viewing. [More]