Boston TSA Agents Find Dozens Of Credit Cards Under Different Names Stuffed Inside Teddy Bear

Boston TSA Agents Find Dozens Of Credit Cards Under Different Names Stuffed Inside Teddy Bear

Stuffed animals serve a simple purpose: To be cute and cuddly. As such, they’re imbued with a sort of innocence, so far as inanimate object can be, which is perhaps why someone thought no one would notice if a sweet little teddy bear was stuffed chock full of what could be stolen credit cards. [More]

Hungry Buffalo Residents Steal Chips Off Doritos Truck Abandoned In The Snow

Hungry Buffalo Residents Steal Chips Off Doritos Truck Abandoned In The Snow

Just like a lovely sea creature perched upon the rocky shoreline, a Doritos truck abandoned in several feet of the snow that’s currently blanketing the Buffalo, NY area proved too tempting to resist for some hungry residents. After its driver apparently left it behind when Mother Nature dumped six feet of snow on it this week, people were spotted brazenly boosting chips from the back of the rig for their own eating pleasure. [More]


Police Searching For Lane Bryant Shopper Accused Of Letting Her Dog Urinate On Store’s Clothes

There are bad consumers, and then there are shoppers who allow their dogs to do their bathroom business inside the store. And we’re not talking a little “oops” of a light sprinkle, but New Jersey police say one Lane Bryant shopper let her little pet pee on $2,000 worth of store merchandise. [More]

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If You’re Going To Ask A Cop For A Ride To Burger King, Don’t Have Pockets Packed With Pot

This isn’t one of those stories where an incapacitated person makes silly fast food demands of the police and ends up getting arrested. But alas, while it’s nice to know there are cops out there willing to drive your average hungry citizen to Burger King, bringing along your drugs for the ride is not going to go over well in your new carpool. [More]

Surveillance footage showing the kidnapping.

Students Arrested After Allegedly Stealing $7.5K Ronald McDonald Statue, Completing Drive-Thru Order

We all know you’re not supposed to return to the scene of the crime, but another good way to get caught is to spend as much time as you can in front of surveillance cameras while committing an unlawful act. Heck, four students accused of kidnapping a Ronald McDonald statue from an Illinois restaurant stuck around long enough afterward to finish going through the drive-thru and pick up some eats. [More]

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Just Because It’s Legal To Mail Live Birds Doesn’t Mean You Should Send 15 Baby Chicks To Your Ex

It might sound crazy to some that it’s actually legal to send live birds through the mail (with some strict conditions), but what sounds even nuttier is that a guy reportedly mailed his ex-girlfriend 15 baby chicks in some kind of prank/misguided statement about their break-up. [More]

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Man Stuck Inside Department Store Wall Freed After 3 Days

Whenever I hear a plaintive voice calling to me from nowhere, I always just assume it’s ghosts. It’s a good thing I’m not a worker at Marshalls, where a man who was trapped inside the wall for up to three days was finally rescued after employees heard some odd noises. This, after the man apparently tried passing notes to the outside about his predicament. [More]


Man Maced By Woman In Movie Theater After He Asks Her To Turn Phone Off

So you’re at the movies and the person in front of you has her phone on and is tapping away merrily. It’s the previews, so who really cares? And now the movie has just started, still annoying, but okay. Five minutes in, however, is kind of pushing it. That’s when witnesses at an American Film Institute screening of Mr. Turner say one man in the audience politely asked a woman to put her phone away. She allegedly responded by spraying Mace in his face. [More]

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Middle Schoolers Defeat Teenagers Trying To Steal Their Wagonload Of Girl Scout Cookies

Don’t be fooled — age is nothing but a number, and you do not want to cross a youngster protecting her business. Or rather, two middle schoolers who managed to fend off a pair of older, would-be robbers allegedly trying to steal their Girl Scout cookies out from under them. [More]

Not the violin involved. (thart2009)

What do you get for taking a $5 million, 300-year-old rare violin that doesn’t belong to you? The man who pleaded guilty to stealing a Stradivarius violin from a Milwaukee musician was just sentenced to seven years in prison for the crime. He’s probably hearing violins of his own right about now. Teeny tiny ones. [Associated Press]

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Florida Man Accused Of Pilfering 11 Truckloads Of Fruit From Tangerine Grove, Reselling It

Maybe it’s just that thing where once you hear about something you never really thought about before, you start noticing it more often, but it seems like there’s been quite the rash of food thefts lately. Joining the ranks of pilfered produce like pumpkins, corn and onions is the theft of a bunch of tangerines from a Florida grove. [More]


Bodega Customer Accused Of Using Stolen Credit Card Allegedly Tried To Set Clerk On Fire With Axe Body Spray

While there are those who find the smell of Axe body spray offensive (as anyone with a teenage brother/son going through that phase can attest to), using it as a weapon is an entirely different, more dangerous move. Police in Brooklyn say a bodega customer accused of using a stolen credit card fought back, biting a clerk on the arm before trying to light him on fire with Axe. [More]

Police: Woman Admits She Hit Walmart Shopper With Her Car After Losing A Parking Spot


We’ve all been there: The parking lot is crowded, your errands are pressing, the day has been long and oh hallelujah, there it is, a parking spot that’s about to open up. So you wait, patiently. And then, right when you think everything isg king to work out and you’ll be sitting pretty any second, another car swoops in and asides into the spot destined for you. Sure, you’re probably going to be ticked off. But despite any negative feelings toward your fellow shopper at that moment, violence is never the answer. [More]

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News Flash: Eating Your Breathalyzer Results Will Not Get You Off The Hook For Drunk Driving

I can remember being a kid and thinking the best way to get rid of paper evidence like a bad report card would be to just shove it in my mouth and eat it. Fortunately, I never got a (really) bad report card [pats self on back] so I didn’t have to employ that method, but police in New York say one driver pulled over for speeding went the route of turning possibly damning breathalyzer results into a comestible. [More]

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Passenger Arrested For Groping, Kissing, Putting Headlock On Flight Attendants

A Delta Air Lines passenger on board a flight from Atlanta to Denver apparently didn’t get the memo that the days of people looking the other way while you sexually harass a flight attendant are far in the past. Furthermore, if you double-up on your creepy actions by messing with two (2) attendants — and you put one of them in a headlock while trying to kiss her — you’re going to be arrested when that plane lands. [More]

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Police Bust Man For Swiping Shoppers’ Wallets From Strollers At Whole Foods

It’s not exactly taking candy from a baby, but plundering strollers to make off with parents’ wallets is still pretty darn low. Police had been on the lookout for a 60-year-old suspect caught on surveillance cameras in Whole Foods stores in New York City reaching into strollers and snatching wallets, and now they say they’ve found their man. [More]

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Police: Regretful Thief Returns Money To Gas Station Hours After Robbing It, Apologizes

There’s regretting past misdeeds, and then there’s feeling immediately so sorry for doing someone wrong that you return to the scene of the crime to set things aright. The latter was the case for a 23-year-old in California who police said robbed a gas station convenience store and then came back to apologize with the cash later. [More]


American Airlines Flight Forced To Return To Gate After Passenger Discovers “Al-Quida” WiFi Network

While there’s no rule that WiFi networks need to employ good spelling, naming a plane hotspot “Al-Quida Free Terror Nettwork” isn’t going to help anyone. And it’s because of that poorly chosen/thick-headed decision that an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to London last night had to turn back before it even got started. [More]