Family Dollar Burglary Suspect Makes Things Easy By Falling Through Store’s Ceiling, Landing In Front of Cops

There’s getting caught redhanded, and then there’s dumping yourself into police custody all by yourself. A man suspected of trying to burgle a Family Dollar made his capture pretty darn easy on cops yesterday morning, after falling through the ceiling right in front of a police officer responding to the scene. [More]


If You’re Taking A Taxi To Or From A Robbery, You Might As Well Just Call The Cops Yourself

In this week’s hot new trend in bad consumers, two suspected robbers living in different states both made the decision to involve a taxi in their alleged nefarious deeds. Which isn’t a smart move for them, as calling in a law-abiding third-party is basically like calling the cops on yourself. [More]

(Mark Griffith)

Police Investigating Whether Man Took Dead Mother To Get Cash At The Bank

Here comes a severe case of the yucks: Police in Minnesota are investigating a man who they say may have wheeled his deceased mother into a bank to take out $850 in cash, seven hours before she called to report that she had passed away. [More]

Crowdfunding Page Seeking Tips For Pizza Delivery Guy Hits $20K In Donations

Crowdfunding Page Seeking Tips For Pizza Delivery Guy Hits $20K In Donations

He didn’t get the $7 tip he was forced to return for delivering pizzas, but now it seems a pizzeria worker who was stiffed the first time around by a Massachusetts car dealership will be doing just fine: A GoFundMe campaign set up by a stranger who saw the video and was outraged has hit $20,600 (as of Friday afternoon) in donations in just two days. [More]

Car Dealership Workers Demand Pizza Delivery Guy Return His Tip, And The Internet Is Displeased

Car Dealership Workers Demand Pizza Delivery Guy Return His Tip, And The Internet Is Displeased

Everybody wants to go viral, but for workers at one car dealership in Massachusetts the dream of Internet popularity went totally awry after a video posted online appears to show employees stiffing the pizza delivery guy out of his tip. [More]

100% Of Consumerist Staff Would Forgive Sir Patrick Stewart For Eating Tuna On A Plane

Noooooo, SPS don't doooo it!!! (Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube)

Of the many jokes, riffs and bits about the annoying kinds of people you’re likely to meet on a flight, the team at the Consumerist is having a tough time going along with a sketch on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. See, that’s because the actor playing all the obnoxious types of passengers just happens to be Sir Patrick Stewart, he of the voice that could melt butter or freeze water into ice. [More]


Police: Man Arrested For Snipping Dollar Tree Shopper’s Hair

Hide your ponytails and send those braids home, folks: There just might be someone out there looking to snip off your locks while you shop. Police say they’ve arrested a man in Oregon accused of cutting the hair of one of his fellow Dollar Tree shoppers. [More]

(Chris Rief aka Spodie Odie)

CVS Customer Accused Of Taking Naked Nap On Dog Beds In Store’s Bathroom

There are unwanted guests, and then there are customers who overstay their welcome and get a bit too comfortable in their own skin. A CVS customer in Florida falls into the second category after cops say he stripped down naked and dragged some dog beds into the store’s bathroom, where he proceeded to take a nap atop his new resting place. [More]

Watch Young Kid Go On 3-Minute Dollar Store-Destroying Rampage

Watch Young Kid Go On 3-Minute Dollar Store-Destroying Rampage

Have you ever been so fed up by life that you just wanted to run amok in a retail store, ripping items off shelves and pulling down displays? No? Well, you’re apparently not the youngster in this video. [More]

Police photo.

Pizzeria Robbery Mystery Solved After Cops Trace Toilet Paper Note Back To Suspect’s Roll At Home

Sometimes, the scene of the crime isn’t the only place police can pick up a few clues about the actions of bad consumers. Consider the lowly toilet paper roll — seems innocent enough, and yet it was the missing piece for cops seeking to solve the mystery of whose idea it was to try to rob a pizzeria using a note demanding money. [More]

Not the hearse in question. (Renee Rendler-Kaplan)

Family Chases Down Man Accused Of Stealing Hearse With Their Loved One Still Inside

Every time we hear of a consumer performing a low down and dirty act against another, we think there must be a limit to what people will do to score something for free. But it appears there are no boundaries to the madness inflicted by greed, as one family had to chase down a runaway hearse with their loved one resting inside in a casket after someone decided to drive off with it. [More]

(CBS Los Angeles)

Enough Already: Thieves Take Off With 50-Year-Old Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Statue

While it’s understandable that where there is good will and cheer toward man, there’s also going to be those grumpy, awful, bah-humbugging Grinches out there who want to ruin anything nice about the holiday season. Already today we’ve heard of Christmas tree thieves, and now comes the news that not even 50-year-old Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer statues are safe, despite the giving nature of the season. [More]


Bunch Of Grinches Take $2K In Christmas Trees From Cut-Your-Own Farm Without Paying

Everybody’s got to make a living, and for some people, sometimes the most fruitful times to ply your trade only happen for a short period every year. That’s why a Christmas tree farm in Maine that lets customers cut down their own trees is suffering when it should be the most rewarding seasons — it seems the Grinches are out in force, with many people stealing the $40 trees and wreaths instead of paying. [More]


Couple Tired Of Holiday Package Thefts Fills Box With Excrement, Sets Up Camera

A warning to those among you who might be tempted to swipe a package from the piles covering doorsteps right now, at the height of the holiday shopping season: You might not open it to find anything you’ll like, and that includes a box filled with poop. [More]


Blaming The Beer-Battered Fish You Ate Before Driving Will Not Make A Failed Sobriety Test Disappear

The thing about eating food that’s been cooked in booze, is that it’s been cooked. And because you usually cook with heat, any alcohol that started out in that liquid is that still remains by the time you eat it is not enough to make you drunk. But basic science didn’t keep one Wisconsin driver from brewing up a boozy food excuse for failing a field sobriety. [More]

(Alan Rappa)

Police Free Man Trapped Inside Mall Wall After He Accidentally Floods Restaurant, Hotel Lobby

An alleged squatter’s paradise inside a Denver mall became a prison Tuesday night, when police say a man hiding in the ceiling fell, tripped a water main that then flooded a restaurant and hotel lobby below, and got stuck inside a wall. [More]


USPS Worker Allegedly Swiped 2,000 Pieces Of Mail Out Of Sheer Boredom

Eating all the candy out of the glass jar on your desk. Spilling hot coffee on your computer while trying to beat your personal solitaire record. There are bad things you can do out of boredom at work, but one U.S. Postal Service worker admits she turned to taking as many as 2,000 pieces of mail she was supposed to deliver just to have something to do. [More]

(via The Smoking Gun)

New Entrants For Santa’s “Naughty” List Emerge After Neighbor Catches Teens Stealing UPS Packages

Tis the season: While American shoppers have been buying presents for loved ones in a quest to secure a spot on Santa Claus’ “Nice” list, there’s also the “Naughty” side of the population, set on snatching those gifts like the patron saint of holiday swiping, the Grinch himself. [More]