Staples Launches Back-To-School Campaign Just As School Gets Out

Staples Launches Back-To-School Campaign Just As School Gets Out

Staples, the big-box office and school-supplies superstore, isn’t messing around. Sure, the school year hasn’t even ended for the summer in all places in the company’s home state of Massachusetts, but that doesn’t matter. Nope. Staples wants your back-to-school business, and will price-match anyone, even Amazon, to get it. [More]

It’s June, So Time For The JCPenney Back-To-School Sale

It’s June, So Time For The JCPenney Back-To-School Sale

Depending on where in the country you live, school just got out for the summer, or is about to. Naturally, in the world of retail, this means that it’s time to put on some back-to-school sales. While a link to that special section on the JCPenney site made the rounds over the weekend, selling back-to-school stuff before school is even out is more popular than you might think. [More]

In 2010, a Consumerist reader found this back-to-school display at a Staples in June.

National Retail Federation Confirms Existence Of Back-To-School Creep

Last week, we mentioned that even though some schools have just recently finished for the school year, retailers are already beginning their back-to-school promotions. We wondered (and hoped) that this was just an anomaly and that we weren’t seeing evidence of Back-To-School Creep, but people who know a thing or two about the retail business say it’s a growing trend. [More]

Is Back-To-School Creep A Thing?

Is Back-To-School Creep A Thing?

Holiday Creep is the retail phenomenon where retailers market holidays earlier and earlier in order to maximize their sales of Christmas trees or chocolate eggs. We all know Christmas Creep and Easter Creep, but is back-to-school creep a thing? How early is too early to start getting ready for the next school year? [More]

Is It Too Early For Back-To-School Sales?

Is It Too Early For Back-To-School Sales?

Public school students in Union City, NJ, just wrapped up classes earlier this week. So Consumerist reader Juhgail was caught off guard when she popped into a Staples to pick up some supplies and came upon an entire rack of back-to-school items. [More]