Formaldehyde In Baby Shampoo Isn’t As Scary As It Sounds

Formaldehyde In Baby Shampoo Isn’t As Scary As It Sounds

Recently, Johnson & Johnson reformulated their classic yellow baby shampoo after a consumer outcry over a scary-sounding formaldehyde-based preservative in the product. If it’s not absolutely necessary, there’s no good reason to go slathering a product that contains unnecessary substances on infants. The important question is: should we be worried about formaldehyde in personal-care products at all? [More]


Graco Recalls 3.7 Million Child Safety Seats, Will Replace Buckles On 1.8 Million More

Millions of Graco child safety seats may have a serious problem: their buckles may not release if there happens to be any food or drink buildup in the latch. If you’ve ever met a small child or remember being one, you know that this could be an issue.  [More]

Victoria’s Secret Apologizes After Store Tells Mom To Breastfeed In Alley

Victoria’s Secret Apologizes After Store Tells Mom To Breastfeed In Alley

When the mom of a 4-month-old asked the clerk at a Texas Victoria’s Secret if she could use one of the store’s fitting rooms to nurse her child, she was doing so out of courtesy, as Texas law allows mothers to breastfeed in all locations. She certainly wasn’t expecting to be told that she should feed her infant in an alley next to the store. [More]

Good News For Fans Of Deconstructed Strained Peas: Babies Still Allowed Inside Alinea

Good News For Fans Of Deconstructed Strained Peas: Babies Still Allowed Inside Alinea

The recent fuss over the question of whether babies should be allowed inside Chicago restaurant Alinea struck a nerve online; some people were sympathetic, others baffled as to why someone would bring an 8-month-old along for a four-hour tasting menu. It turns out, though, that many readers and even media outlets made assumptions about the incident that aren’t true. [More]


Baby Allowed Inside Fanciest Restaurant In Chicago, Cries

Alinea in Chicago is an expensive molecular gastronomy restaurant. It is so exclusive and fancy that most adults probably imagine that they aren’t allowed inside. Apparently the question of “can I bring my infant?” has never come up…until this weekend. [More]

Mom Gives Birth To Baby In Walmart Parking Lot While Dad’s Inside Shopping

Mom Gives Birth To Baby In Walmart Parking Lot While Dad’s Inside Shopping

Either more exciting, crazy things happen in Florida every day or we just get to hear about them more often because it’s Florida: This week a baby was born in a car parked in the lot at Walmart while the father stepped inside to grab a few things.

Baby Not Old Enough For The iPad Potty? Not A Problem

Baby Not Old Enough For The iPad Potty? Not A Problem

If your child isn’t old enough for the iPad potty chair and you simply can’t wait to prop her up in front of a tablet screen at close range, there’s always another option: the Apptivity seat from Fisher-Price. It’s an iPad chair for kids from birth until toddlerhood. It’s an improvement over the potty-seat version in that it was not explicitly designed as a toilet. [More]

Recall: Baby Monitors Should Monitor Babies, Not Strangle Them

Recall: Baby Monitors Should Monitor Babies, Not Strangle Them

The entire purpose of a baby monitor is to keep an ear or an eye on your baby while it sleeps in a different room. The Angelcare monitor adds an extra component to that: a pad that monitors movement and rests under the mattress. Sounded like a great idea…until two babies got hold of the cord and were strangled to death. [More]


Report: Nation’s Top Hospitals Not Pushing Baby Formula On New Moms

From diapers to formula to clothing and other infant-care items, newborns are a huge source of revenue to numerous industries. That’s why some of these businesses put together new-mom goodie bags to be handed out at maternity wards, hoping to create loyal customers from the start. Some people are concerned that the practice of including free formula in these bags makes it too easy for a new mom to avoid nursing her child. And according to a new survey, many of the nation’s best hospitals are saying no to the goodie bags. [More]


What Should I Do With This Used Child Car Seat?

The good news is that advancements in child safety seat technology mean that the products we depend on to protect our tiniest citizens from injury in a car crash are getting safer all the time. The bad news is that these advancements, and close monitoring of child safety products, mean that car seats are getting outmoded or recalled for safety reasons all the time. Where do old seats that can’t be reused end up? The trash, of course. [More]


Mother Of Dead Newborn Found At Kohl’s Was 29-Year-Old Store Employee

Authorities have found and arrested the person who left a dead newborn in the ladies’ room trash in a Kentucky Kohl’s store two weeks ago. She’s a 29-year-old store employee, who has been charged with murder, tampering with physical evidence, and abuse of a corpse. The baby’s cause of death still hasn’t been determined, but it was full term and there was no obvious cause. [More]


Dead Baby Found In Bathroom, Kohl’s Keeps Store Open

What should it take to close a store during a normal shopping day? Would you expect a department store to close if a dead person were discovered in the public restroom? What if the death were mysterious and homicide detectives were on the scene? What if the dead person were a newborn infant? [More]

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Have You Ever Had To Choose Between Diapers And Food? We’d Like To Hear From You

Until babies are born learning to hold their bodily wastes — a development that seems unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future — there will be a need for diapers of some sort. But according to a new study, many American families are having troubles making ends meet and keep their kids in clean nappies. [More]

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Couple Asks Random Starbucks Customers To Name Their Unborn Child

The regulars at my local Starbucks are nice people who seem like they have good taste. I would probably trust their suggestions for which new Frappuccino to try, or even their restaurant or hairdresser recommendations. I would not, however, trust them to help me make my major life decisions. Like naming my child. [More]

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The TSA’s Solution For My Reluctance To Open Baby Food Jars? A Pat-Down

While we’re not fans of hands-on pat-downs from security, we understand that they exist as an alternative or a supplement to being screened at a scanner. But one Consumerist reader wants to know why a pat-down would be viewed as a way to ensure that he’s not carrying explosive materials in baby food jars. [More]

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Graco Replaces Our Baby Swing That Had Electronic Freak-Out

Joshua and his wife moved their first child’s Graco Sweetpeace swing downstairs from storage in order to rock their adorable new son. They added fresh batteries to the two-year-old toy and fired it up. They were alarmed when the swing began to play music, the lights flashed, and the swing suddenly sped up, all without anyone touching the controls. Was the newest Joshua Jr. some kind of demon baby, or was the swing defective? Had other parents experienced the nightmare of having their newborns in a smoking rogue swing? Josh went online to find out. [More]


Should OnStar Have Helped A Non-Subscriber Who Locked Baby And Keys In The Car?

When is it a moral imperative for a company to make an exception for someone? What if you’re a company that provides subscription-based in-car emergency services, and someone who chose not to subscribe calls you with an emergency? [More]

25, 15, what's the difference?

When It Comes To Children, 10 Pounds Actually Makes A Big Difference

10 pounds doesn’t seem like much of a weight difference, unless you’re talking about the difference between a 15-pound infant and a 25-pound toddler. Reader O. had this problem when shopping for a playard (does no one say “play pen” anymore?) with a bassinet and changing table included. The shelf tag for the changing table claimed that it was good for up to 25 pounds: not bad. Except it is kind of bad, because it’s not true. [More]