VIDEO: What's So Dangerous About Drop-Side Cribs?

VIDEO: What's So Dangerous About Drop-Side Cribs?

So 2 million drop-side cribs were recalled this morning, but what is it about drop-side cribs that leads to can lead to baby entrapment, even death? What should you do if you own a drop-side crib? What’s the deal with the immobilizer devices? How do you test it to make sure its safe? Can I fix the crib myself? The CPSC answers these questions and more in a new video released this morning: [More]

2,000,000+ Drop-Side Cribs Recalled

2,000,000+ Drop-Side Cribs Recalled

The CPSC recalled over 2 million drop-side cribs from seven firms today, due to reports of falling and entrapment. The makers are: [More]