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Subway: No More “Yoga Mat” Chemicals In Our Bread By Next Week

Back in February, Subway pledged to stop using Azodicarbonamide, a controversial chemical that it uses to improve elasticity in its bread but that also shows up in things like yoga mats. You won’t be doing any downward dogging (that’s how yoga people talk, right?) on Subway’s bread soon, as the company says it’s almost done phasing out the chemical. [More]

Which Other Restaurants Have Dough Conditioner Azodicarbonamide On The Menu?

Which Other Restaurants Have Dough Conditioner Azodicarbonamide On The Menu?

Last week Subway announced that it would stop using azodicarbonamide, an ingredient known as a dough conditioner that’s also a chemical found in yoga mats, shoe rubber and other synthetic leather. It’s recognized as a safe ingredient in the U.S., but is banned in Europe and Australia as a food additive. But of course, Subway isn’t the only fast food restaurant to use it. So where else can you find azodicarbonamide? [More]

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5 Foods Banned In Other Countries That We Chow Down On In The U.S.

If the United States could be sitting on the playground with other countries, those nations might not be so willing to swap lunches. In other words, we’ve got stuff in our food that people eat or drink every day, while those same substances are banned from consumable products elsewhere. So what exactly are we chowing down on that our fellow humans aren’t? [More]