AT&T To Offer $15/Month Discounts To Customers With Out-Of-Contract Phones

Want some more evidence that the failure of the AT&T/T-Mobile has resulted in something resembling actual competition among wireless companies? Months after T-Mo’s shift to an “un-carrier” model, in which the price of a monthly subscription is listed separately from the cost of the phone (and where subscribers who own their phones only pay for service), AT&T is following suit by reshaping its plans to offer discounts to customers with out-of-contract phones and AT&T Next members. [More]

Porn Troll Lawyers Hit With Legal Fees For Bullying Defendant

Porn Troll Lawyers Hit With Legal Fees For Bullying Defendant

Back in 2012, John Steele of Prenda Law — a firm that specializes in threatening to sue alleged porn file-sharers in order to force a settlement — was publicly bragging about his success, referring to himself in an interview as “the original copyright troll.” Recently, things haven’t gone so well, due in no small part to a disastrous attempt to sue Comcast and AT&T for phony claims of “hacking” one of their client’s websites. [More]

It Was All For The Best That T-Mobile And AT&T Never Got Hitched

It Was All For The Best That T-Mobile And AT&T Never Got Hitched

Back in 2011, T-Mobile and AT&T announced plans to join together in wedded merger-mony, until bankruptcy liquidation do they part. But then their love affair was ended as the Justice Dept. and FCC both made it clear they disapproved of the union. Here we are, nearly two years on and some are making the argument that it was all for the best that T-Mobile didn’t end up moving into the Death Star. [More]

Why New Fiber Networks Are Required To Shatter Monopolies Of Comcast & Other ISPs

Why New Fiber Networks Are Required To Shatter Monopolies Of Comcast & Other ISPs

It’s one thing if a company earns a dominant market share in a region because consumers have voted with their wallets and decided that Company X is the best around and it’s the only one they want. It’s another when, in the case of the cable industry, that monopoly isn’t earned, but is instead the result of outdated regulations that force a certain company on consumers based on ZIP code. The introduction of higher-speed fiber-optic networks like Google Fiber and AT&T’s new experiment in Austin may shatter the concrete feet of a cable colossus like Comcast. [More]


Ad Watchdog Voices Concerns About Claims Made In Comcast, T-Mobile Commercials

It’s not just consumers that watch TV commercials and exclaim, “I question the factual basis of the claims made by the company featured in this advertisement!” Sometimes, it’s competing businesses — especially those who feel they’ve been smeared in the ad — that take exception to what’s being said. In just the last two days, CenturyLink and AT&T each won minor, non-binding victories in disputes against Comcast and T-Mobile, respectively. [More]

Bad idea.

AT&T Apologizes For Reminding Customers It Sells Smartphones On 9/11

Sigh. Just… sigh. Why can’t companies just refrain from hitching their apple wagons to tragic stars? Following yesterday’s story about a golf course offering a $9.11 special in honor of 9/11, AT&T is apologizing for using 9/11 memorial imagery to remind everyone on Twitter that it sells cell phones. [More]

A comparison used by T-Mobile in its case against Aio. At top left is a coverage map Aio had used in stores. Top left is T-Mobile's coverage map from its website. The bottom map is how Aio previously detailed its coverage on the Aio website; that map has since been changed to use a different color scheme.

T-Mobile Sues AT&T Subsidiary Over Its Use Of Magenta

Chances are you probably don’t even know about AT&T’s Aio Wireless prepaid service, as it’s currently only available in a handful of markets. But the folks at T-Mobile have sued the subsidiary now before the world gets confused by two phone companies that use similar colors. [More]

Al Jazeera America Sues AT&T Over U-Verse Snub

Al Jazeera America Sues AT&T Over U-Verse Snub

Given that it’s only been on the airwaves since yesterday, you probably haven’t had a chance to check out Al Jazeera America, and if you’re an AT&T U-Verse customer, you can’t watch the new news channel because the cable company doesn’t carry it. However, Al Jazeera’s owners say AT&T is contractually obligated to carry the station and have filed a lawsuit to prove their point. [More]

Wireless Plan Comparison Calculator Shows Just How Screwed Up Phone Prices Are

Wireless Plan Comparison Calculator Shows Just How Screwed Up Phone Prices Are

Do you think you’re paying the best possible price for your wireless service? Given that there are around 700 different permutations of plans available just from the four national wireless carriers, it can be complicated to figure out whether you’re getting the most for your monthly subscription. [More]

Samsung, AT&T To Replace Water-Damaged Waterproof Phones

Samsung, AT&T To Replace Water-Damaged Waterproof Phones

The whole point of the recently released Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is that it is supposed to be waterproof. Yet some users have been complaining that the device doesn’t live up to its hype or its supposed water-resistance rating, and a new report claims that AT&T and Samsung will be giving people who purchased the S4 Active the opportunity for a one-time-only exchange. [More]

The new "it" couple.

Starbucks Dumps AT&T And Picks Google To Be Its New Wi-Fi Partner

Because business relationships are totally exactly like high school releationships, we’re pretty sure Starbucks had the following conversation when dumping AT&T: “It’s not about you. It’s about me. Well and also, actually, it’s about you because see, Google says it’ll give me faster Wi-Fi speeds, so…  I need that T-shirt of mine back and the Journey CD I loaned you.” [More]

Cowboys Stadium Is Now AT&T Stadium

Cowboys Stadium Is Now AT&T Stadium

As a Philadelphia Eagles fan, it would be very easy for me to say that football’s Emperor Palpatine finally has his Death Star, but I would never stoop so low as to make a joke like that. Rather, I’ll just straight out tell you that after four seasons, Cowboys Stadium now has a corporate name with today’s announcement that Tony Romo will soon be throwing clutch interceptions at the newly renamed AT&T Stadium. [More]


Here’s Why Wireless Companies Are Going Gaga About Early Upgrade Programs

In the last year, AT&T did away with early upgrades for customers, then announced AT&T Next, an early upgrade program. Verizon was the first to get rid of early upgrades, but its soon-to-be-announced Edge program is expected to encourage early upgrades. Meanwhile, T-Mobile recently showed off its JUMP early upgrade plan to allow subscribers to get new devices up to twice a year. Why all the sudden, and seemingly contradictory, focus on early upgrades? [More]

E-Mail To Top Execs Makes AT&T Realize, Oh Yeah, My Phone Is Defective

E-Mail To Top Execs Makes AT&T Realize, Oh Yeah, My Phone Is Defective

Reader L. needed help from AT&T. Local stores refused him a warranty repair on his Samsung Galaxy S4, saying that he had obviously dropped it and cracked the screen. He insists that he did not, and escalated, drafting a letter to a few top AT&T executives. Within a day, he had a response, a new phone, and an apology. [More]

Shiny and new. If you're into that.

AT&T Follows T-Mobile Into The Early Upgrade Arena With “Next” Installment Program

Not one to be left behind when competitors start announcing new features, AT&T is touting its new “Next” installment program, which will allow customers to get a new phone once a year — for a fee, of course. This, days after T-Mobile debuted its JUMP system that charges users $10 per month and allows for two upgrades every year. [More]

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Tell AT&T You Don’t Want It Selling Info About Your Wireless And U-Verse Usage

Last year, Verizon Wireless ticked off a lot of people when it announced its Precision Market Insights program, which sells supposedly anonymous data about customers’ wireless behavior to marketers. Now AT&T has decided it wants to make money selling this sort of info to third parties, but for both wireless and U-Verse customers. [More]


AT&T Took Away My Unlimited Data, Says ‘Tough’

Brad stuck with AT&T Wireless through thick and thin, through the terrible dark days when iPhones could barely connect to the network in some metropolitan areas. He stayed partly because he signed up as a customer back when unlimited data plans were still a thing. Then he got an iPhone upgrade and AT&T took away his unlimited data even though he didn’t ask them to. He is sad. [More]

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AT&T Customers Will Have To Wait Out Full Term Of Two-Year Contract To Upgrade Phones

AT&T, where customer loyalty means nothing, has decided that wireless subscribers no longer deserve the 20-month upgrade period they’ve been expecting, and instead will have to wait out the full two years of their contracts before they can get a newer device at a discount. [More]