Atlanta Comcast Customers Can Pay $35 Fee To Avoid Data Cap Overage Fees

In markets where Comcast is testing its “data thresholds” (read: hard data caps), it’s also been trying out a so-called “Unlimited” offering where customers pay even more money to avoid paying more money. In Florida, where Unlimited first launched, Comcast priced that program at $30, but the good people of Atlanta will have to pay even more to avoid paying more. [More]

Traveler Captures Video Of Delta Plane Being Struck By Lightning On Runway

Traveler Captures Video Of Delta Plane Being Struck By Lightning On Runway

So you’re bored on the plane and looking out the window at all the other jets queued up for takeoff. You decide to shoot a little video with your phone when — what the &^&@$, did lightning just strike that plane? [More]

Delta Hit With Another $2.7M In Sanctions In Years-Old Baggage-Fee Collusion Case

Delta Hit With Another $2.7M In Sanctions In Years-Old Baggage-Fee Collusion Case

A still-pending class-action lawsuit that dates back to the dawn of the baggage-fee era alleges that Delta and AirTran colluded to implement their original fees for passengers’ first checked bags. But Delta has apparently not been terribly forthcoming with all the documentation sought by plaintiffs and has already been sanctioned millions of dollars by the court, including a $2.7 million slap on the wrist handed down earlier this week. [More]

College President Explains Why He Moonlights As Uber Driver

College President Explains Why He Moonlights As Uber Driver

Imagine you’re a student at tiny Oglethorpe University in Atlanta and you’re in need of a lift home because you’re in no shape to drive. So you pull out your smartphone and request an Uber car. When your ride arrives, your driver looks awfully familiar… probably because he’s the school’s president. [More]


Warby Parker Is Sorry About Your Stolen Car, Buys You A Beer

When you have a bad day and make a comment about to someone at the store, you probably don’t expect anyone to do anything other than nod their head and feign sympathy. But one Warby Parker customer says her visit to the eyewear store resulted in a little more than a “there there.” [More]

(David Transier)

Southwest Offering Free Companion Passes To Atlanta Residents Who Make 3 Trips In Next 3 Months

Seven months of flying just about anywhere you want for relatively little cost sounds like a dream to many of us. For some residents of Atlanta it might actually become a reality as part of Southwest Airlines’ latest promotion to court the city’s travelers. [More]

Confirmed: Google Fiber Coming To Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham

Confirmed: Google Fiber Coming To Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham

UPDATE: As Google preps to make its official announcements about Google Fiber, the service’s website has been updated to include Atlanta, Nashville, and the North Carolina markets of Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham as “Upcoming” Fiber cities, with San Antonio, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Portland (OR), and San Jose now designated as “Potential” sites for Google Fiber in the future. [More]


Don’t Use That Stolen Debit Card In Front Of Woman You Stole It From

We’ve heard numerous stories over the years of someone having their debit card stolen and then watching online in horror as their account was drained while waiting for someone at the bank to pick up the phone. But here’s a story of a woman who was able to nab the thief of her debit card — because he tried to buy $200 worth of toys with it right in front of her. [More]


If You’re Going To Commit $175K In ID Theft, Don’t Do It Under Your Real Name

One would think that a scammer clever enough to steal a victim’s personal data and trick some of the nation’s largest banks into helping her steal $175,000 would have the forethought to hide her own identity. But that idea apparently didn’t occur to a North Carolina who also posted helpful photos of herself online to aid police in their search. [More]

FlightAware's Misery Map shows how bad the weather has affected travel in the Southeast. With the storm headed toward the Northeast, expect the map to show a lot more red around D.C. and NYC.

3,250 Flights Canceled Today, Another 4,000 Delayed

As ice and snow once again socks the Southeast and makes its way northward, thousands of flights are being canceled or delayed, leaving travelers around the country stranded and unsure of when they will be able to fly again. [More]

Laptops Stolen From Coca-Cola HQ Compromise Personal Info For 74,000 People

The Wall Street Journal reports that someone stole laptops from Coca-Cola’s Atlanta headquarters that contained unencrypted personal information for upwards of 74,000 people. Among the info compromised by the theft: names, Social Security numbers, and other personal data like driver’s license numbers. The beverage behemoth says the laptops have been recovered and has no evidence that this information was misused. [WSJ.com]

Tractor-Trailer Overturns, Spills 40,000 Pounds Of Chicken

Tractor-Trailer Overturns, Spills 40,000 Pounds Of Chicken

This was not the kind of icy, light-colored material that one expects to find strewn across the road in January. A tractor-trailer hauling frozen chicken from Texas to South Carolina overturned yesterday morning on a highway onramp near Atlanta. When the vehicle overturned, the chicken spilled out across the onramp.  [More]

More Strippers Sue Club Owners To Be Treated Like Employees

More Strippers Sue Club Owners To Be Treated Like Employees

While much attention has been paid to the growing movement to improve the wages of fast food and retail workers in the U.S., there have been a number of of lawsuits in the last year involving long-held payment practices at the nation’s gentlemen’s clubs. Dancers at an Atlanta strip club are the latest to sue club owners, alleging that they are being forced to pay the owners for the right to work at the club. [More]

Atlanta Deploys Urine Detectors To Curb Scourge Of Peed-In Elevators

Are people holding it in because of the actual pee alarm, or just because there is a sign about a pee alarm? (WSB-TV)

Who knew that the elevators in Atlanta’s MARTA rail stations had become a haven for those in need of a semi-private place to relieve their aching bladders? Obviously the people who have complained enough about the problem to convince the Rapid Transit Authority to deploy a urine-detection system. [More]


Should Nissan Leaf Driver Have Been Arrested For “Stealing” $.05 Worth Of Electricity From Public Outlet?

An Atlanta-area man admits that he didn’t have permission to charge up his Nissan Leaf outside a local middle school while waiting for his son to finish tennis practice on a Saturday, but he also believes he shouldn’t have been arrested for using about 5 cents worth of electricity from a publicly available outlet. [More]

Delta Passenger Pleads Guilty To Slapping Baby During Flight

Delta Passenger Pleads Guilty To Slapping Baby During Flight

You may remember the story from February of the 60-year-old man who was accused of getting really drunk on a Delta flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta and smacking a toddler and allegedly saying “shut that ni**er baby up” to the child’s mother. Yesterday, he agreed to a plea deal that could result with him serving up to six months behind bars. [More]


Wells Fargo Employee Accused Of Stealing $10K From 90-Year-Old Customer

A personal banker at a Wells Fargo branch in Atlanta has been arrested and charged with felony theft for allegedly tricking an elderly customer into giving him more than $10,000. And she may not be the only victim. [More]


Aereo Announces June Launch Date For Service In Atlanta Area

While all the broadcast networks continue to sue Aereo, the streaming service seems determined to expand. Today, it announced that Atlanta will be the third metro area (following New York City and Boston) to receive service. [More]