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Tesla Faces One Last Hurdle In New Jersey After Senate Passes Bill Allowing Direct-To-Consumer Sales

A little more than a year after the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission unanimously voted to block the sale of Tesla vehicles directly to consumers, the state’s Legislature passed a bill allowing the car company to bypass auto dealerships and continue its unique model of car sales. [More]

IKEA Ships Broken Merchandise, Won't Send Replacement Parts

IKEA Ships Broken Merchandise, Won't Send Replacement Parts

Ikea refused to ship Oz the parts he needed to complete his $2,200 order. The order was placed in early September; when it finally arrived in late October, so many parts were missing that several items could not be assembled.

I hired a guy off of craigslist to help me assemble all of the furniture, given the fact that we had 3 rooms to assemble. This turns into a 2 day ordeal, with a ton of missing parts and us having to document it to call Ikea later. We get to several items such as the desk, which is missing so many parts it’s un-assemblable.