Um, Arno... who are those two guys who just walked in during the middle of this scene at started babbling in French?

If Video Game Publishers Want To Release Broken Games, They Should Discount Pre-Orders

You wouldn’t go to Spring Training and expect to pay regular season prices to see a sluggish baseball team play a half-assed game. If you go to a preview of a new musical — where they might not be in full costume or have to stop and start a song halfway through — you don’t pay the same as someone going to the theater after opening night. And there’s a reason why the “dinged and discounted” section of the furniture store isn’t asking for the full sticker price. But when it comes to video games, consumers are increasingly paying a premium to be de facto beta testers for unfinished and broken games that aren’t ready for the market. [More]

While Ubisoft has spent millions marketing Assassin's Creed: Unity, it forced reviewers to hold their write-ups until hours after the game was released today.

3 Reasons Why Video Game Review Embargoes Are Particularly Anti-Consumer

One of the perks of my former life in the entertainment news business was getting early access to everything from books to movies to music to video games. On the down side, that early access often comes with the stipulation that you can’t say anything about what you’ve seen, read, played, or heard until the publisher says so. It’s an annoyance for all reviewers, especially when they want to tell the public that something is so bad they should stay away, but it’s particularly harmful in the video game business. [More] doesn't actually want to sell you this game.

Target, Where Assassin’s Creed III Is Discounted Online But Not Available To Buy Online

Consumerist reader Ethan wants to buy the new video game Assassin’s Creed III but, like any good shopper, doesn’t want to pay full price if he doesn’t have to. So he was thrilled to see that is selling AC3 for 17% off the sticker price — oh wait, no it isn’t. [More]

Sony And The Mystery Of The Missing Assassin's Creed Disc

Sony And The Mystery Of The Missing Assassin's Creed Disc

Reader Martin sent his PS3 in to Sony because a game was stuck in the drive. When he got it back, the game was missing. Where did it go? Sony says there was nothing the drive when they received the unit. Martin is wondering why he would have sent his console in to Sony in the first place if it didn’t have a game stuck in it. It is a mystery.

Best Buy Forbids You From Buying Assassin's Creed, Insists You're Buying It For A Minor

Best Buy Forbids You From Buying Assassin's Creed, Insists You're Buying It For A Minor

Matt writes:

Yesterday I went through the horror of taking my 15 year old brother to the Best Buy in Orland Park, IL on LaGrange Ave. I had close to $100 in Best Buy Gift Certificates given to me for Christmas. My brother and I were en route to dinner and we decided to swing by the aforementioned Best Buy to pick up a video game, Assassin’s Creed, and XBOX Live Gold. We entered the store. I browsed the camera aisle looking for a cable to possibly purchase for our flat screen then headed to the video game section. I picked up the said items and headed to check out where hell will shortly ensue.