T-Mobile Launches Advanced Messaging: Texts With iMessage Features

T-Mobile Launches Advanced Messaging: Texts With iMessage Features

Over the years, the creation of messaging apps and their plentiful features – read receipts, quick responses, the ability to send large photo and video files – have cut into the territory once occupied by traditional SMS texting. While standard texting isn’t exactly dead, its prospects aren’t looking super sunny as T-Mobile announced it would be revamping its messaging to offer more features.  [More]

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Instagram Is Down, People Forced To Look At Own Lunches

Time to brace ourselves, Internet: image-sharing site Instagram is down. While as of right now you can still view pictures and feeds directly, users can’t log in if they aren’t already logged in, and can’t like or comment on photos if they are logged in. Update: Instagram is working again: you’ll be able to browse your friends’ farmer’s market hauls with no problem. [More]


Uber Testing Feature That Suggests Safe, Convenient Pickup Spots When Customers Request A Ride

While car service customers have the power to set their pickup location as precisely as they want to — either by entering a specific street address or dropping a pin on the mobile app’s map — that doesn’t mean it’s always a safe or easy place to get picked up, depending on traffic, or a place with space for a driver to wait. After some prodding, Uber will now implement a feature that recommends safe and convenient pickup spots when riders request a car. [More]

Amazon’s Roving Treasure Truck Delayed In First Weekend Of Business

Amazon’s Roving Treasure Truck Delayed In First Weekend Of Business

After more than a week of cruising the streets of Seattle, Amazon’s Treasure Truck was supposed to start handing out goods on Saturday. But that didn’t happen, as the company announced in the early hours of the weekend that it would postpone its big debut. [More]

You No Longer Need A Facebook Account To Use Facebook Messenger

You No Longer Need A Facebook Account To Use Facebook Messenger

Because we all needed another avenue to converse with friends and acquaintances other than actual face-to-face conversations, Facebook has opened its Messenger to people without an account on the social media network. [More]


Apple Adds Menstrual Cycle Tracking To HealthKit App

Around half of all humans, at some point in their lives, experience menstrual cycles. Keeping track of different parts of that cycle is part of paying attention to general health, and there are plenty of mobile phone apps designed for that purpose. That’s why when Apple announced that a central repository for health information, HealthKit, would be part of iOS 8, many people assumed that menstrual cycles would be in there, right along with blood glucose levels and blood pressure. It wasn’t, until today. [More]

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Worker’s Lawsuit Claims Company Fired Her After She Removed App That Tracked Her Location 24/7

It’s perfectly acceptable for a company to want to know what its workers are up to on the job, but one woman in California says her employers took it too far when they allegedly required her and others to not only keep their phones on around the clock, but submit to GPS monitoring via an app she says had to install as a condition of her employment. [More]

Apple Bans Time-Telling Apps From Apple Watch

Apple Bans Time-Telling Apps From Apple Watch

When it comes to telling the time with an Apple Watch, there’s only one king of the roost so far as the company is concerned, which means any other developers trying to enter the App Store with watch apps for the Apple Watch will get roundly rejected. [More]

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Amazon Shuts Down Service That Let Users Test Apps Before Buying Them Because No One Was Really Using It

If you haven’t used — much less heard of — Amazon’s TestDrive service, designed to let customers check out how an app works before buying it, you’re not alone. The company says it’s shutting the program down due to “a significant decline” in usage, among other factors. [More]


Study: Some Popular Android Apps Tracking User Location Once Every Three Minutes

While it can be very useful to have say, a weather app on your smartphone that knows where you are when you want to find out current conditions for your location, does that mean that those apps should be able to know where you are even when you aren’t using the app? That’s a question raised by a new forthcoming study that found about dozen apps for Android smartphones are not only tracking where you are right now, but three minutes from now. And three minutes after that. And so on. [More]


Nintendo Announces Plans To Make Games For Mobile Devices

Have a hankering to play Super Mario at the bus stop but don’t have the portable gaming console to satisfy that urge? Soon video games from Nintendo will make the move from consoles to mobile devices, as the company announces a partnership with an online gaming firm to develop and operate new apps. [More]

Google Play Search Results Will Now Feature Sponsored Ads

Google Play Search Results Will Now Feature Sponsored Ads

The next time you visit the Google Play store to download an app, you’ll likely be greeted with an ad or two. [More]

MelApp is one of two melanoma detection apps that came under scrutiny by the FTC.

Feds Warn: These Melanoma Detection Apps Aren’t Supported By Scientific Evidence

Early detection of cancer can help save lives and make treatment easier, so the idea of mobile app that can spot possible skin might seem like a godsend… if there were any science to back it up. [More]

IBM Report: Workers Using Dating Apps On Company Phones May Pose Security Risks


Whether you have a company-issued phone or you use your won for both work and play, finding love through dating apps on your device may increase the risk of a security breach for your employer, a new report from IBM says. [More]

People who use pirated versions of Today Calendar Pro can expect frequent reminders to walk the plank. (via imgur)

App Developer Fights Piracy By Sticking Them With Pirate-Themed Version Of App

There are countless ways that software developers and media companies have tried to prevent pirates from illegally copying and distributing their products, but even if those roadblocks work right now, they won’t be effective for long. So one developer of an oft-pirated Android app decided the only way to deal with pirates is to acknowledge their existence. [More]

Police Ask Waze To Remove Speed Trap Alerts To Protect Cops

Police Ask Waze To Remove Speed Trap Alerts To Protect Cops

The navigation and traffic app Waze is sometimes very helpful to help motorists avoid snarled traffic, construction, and road hazards. One of its features has some police officers worried, though. They worry that the feature that allows Waze users to alert each other to speed traps could endanger the lives of police officers. [More]

Apple No Longer Labeling Apps As “Free” In The App Store, Though They’re Still Free

Apple No Longer Labeling Apps As “Free” In The App Store, Though They’re Still Free

A successful marketer knows that part of the big sell to customers is all in the language — and it seems Apple doesn’t want to use that dirty “F” word in its App Store to push apps anymore. Customers started noticing recently that on most applications that don’t cost a penny, the button to download them has changed from “FREE” to “GET.” [More]

Taco Bell erased its Twitter feed and turned its website black to drum-up anticipation for its new order-ahead app.

Taco Bell Inexplicably Marks Launch Of New Pre-Ordering App By Blacking Itself Out On The Internet

Guests coming late to a party tend to like making a grand entrance. Apparently that’s Taco Bell’s plan as the company blacked out its social media and internet presence in an attempt to drum up excitement for its latest innovation: an app that lets customers order meals and prepay. Sound familiar? That’s because Starbucks, McDonald’s and other eateries have already announced similar services. [More]