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Your Addiction To Playing ‘Flappy Bird’ Is The Reason It’s Gone Forever

Eyes glazed, staring at the screen, a tiny pearl of drool juuust forming at the crease of a slack-jawed mouth… The Flappy Bird addicts out there (and you know who you are) only have themselves to blame for the game vanishing from app stores, says its developer. [More]


Too Much Of A Good Thing? ‘Flappy Bird’ Developer Pulls Game After Surge Of Success

Anyone who’s ever eaten an entire cake in one sitting knows that yes, it is possible for there to be too much of a good thing. And that goes for inedible things as well: The sudden success of mobile game Flappy Bird appears to have been too overwhelming for its developer, who pulled the mega popular game from app stores yesterday say he just “cannot take this anymore.” [More]

South Korea Has Outlawed Bloatware On Smartphones

South Korea Has Outlawed Bloatware On Smartphones

While Apple has long prevented wireless companies from force-placing cruddy, memory- and battery-sucking apps on its iPhones, most Android users have phones loaded with apps from their wireless providers and phone manufacturers that will probably never be used but which can’t be removed. Realizing that this is a mammoth annoyance to consumers, regulators in South Korea have banned the practice. [More]

“Kid-Friendly” Plastic Surgery Apps Pop Up On Apple, Google Stores

“Kid-Friendly” Plastic Surgery Apps Pop Up On Apple, Google Stores

Because there’s nothing children love more than animated fat-shaming and liposuction, a supposedly youngster-friendly plastic surgery app has popped up in various forms (and has also been taken down) on both Google Play Store the and Apple App Store. [More]

Online Tool Lets You Know If An App Is A Data Hog Before You Download It

Online Tool Lets You Know If An App Is A Data Hog Before You Download It

Have you ever downloaded an app that didn’t seem like it was going to chew up a ton of data only to later find out that it was devouring megabytes without you knowing? A wireless industry group has put together a website that measures data usage on the most popular iOS and Android apps (sorry Windows phone users) so consumers can know what to expect before they download. [More]

Shazam Finally Becomes A Useful App By Also Becoming Slightly Terrifying

Shazam Finally Becomes A Useful App By Also Becoming Slightly Terrifying

I’ve always been a bit perplexed by Shazam, the app that listens to music and other media and (hopefully) identifies it. That alone can be useful, especially when you’re out somewhere and trying to figure out the name of a song playing in the background, or the artist performing said song. Problem is, it always took so darn long for Shazam to start up that it rarely had the time to listen to a sufficient portion of the tune I desperately needed to name. Now the makers of Shazam have figured out a way to speed up that process — by always having the app listening to your every sound, even when the phone is locked. [More]

Ad-Filled Monopoly Game, Deluxe Virtual Tooth Fairy, Potty With iPad Stand Top List Of Year’s Worst Toys

Ad-Filled Monopoly Game, Deluxe Virtual Tooth Fairy, Potty With iPad Stand Top List Of Year’s Worst Toys

Do your kids feel that board games are ho-hum without advertising from some of the world’s biggest brands? Maybe your girls and boys are bored with the virtual tooth fairy they already have (yes, this exists) and the only way to make them happy is to pay more to unlock a VIP edition? Or does your potty-training youngster cry because he or she has to take their eyes away from the iPad for a few seconds while they do their digestive duty? Then we have some toys for you! [More]

iOS App Vulnerability Allows Hackers To Attack Device Via WiFi

iOS App Vulnerability Allows Hackers To Attack Device Via WiFi

A group of mobile security researchers say they have discovered a vulnerability in many mobile apps running on iOS that could allow a hacker to hijack the information being provided to a mobile device when used over an unsecured WiFi network. [More]

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Amazon Wriggles Its Way Around Apple’s Restrictions With Update To Kindle iOS App

It’s kind of like that song lyric, “Do a little dance, make a little love/get down tonight.” Except in this case the little dance is Amazon’s tricky runaround of Apple’s app restrictions, the love-making is a free sample of an e-book and getting down tonight is well, reading, I suppose. Amazon has pulled off a neat trick with its latest update to the Kindle iOS app in order to skirt Apple’s rules about in-app purchases.



Did Your Kid Make In-App Purchases On Your iPhone Without Asking? You Might Be Due Some Cash From Apple

A couple years back, Apple came under fire from parents and regulators after reports that kids were making in-app purchases, sometimes to the tune of four figures, on their folks’ iPhones and iPads. The company has since changed its policy to prevent children from draining their parents’ wallets in this fashion, but that didn’t stop the class-action lawsuit from the people who’d lost money before the policy change. [More]

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If I Wanted Your Bleeping App, I Would Have Bleeping Downloaded It

Part of the appeal of having a proper smartphone is that you can point my mobile browser at a website and look at it. You can even look at sites that aren’t designed for mobile phones…well, as long as they aren’t Flash-based. One annoyance of browsing the interweb with a smartphone is that every site and its cousin has its own proprietary mobile app, and they want you to download it. One person finally became annoyed enough with getting nagged to install unwanted apps that they began cataloging screenshots. [More]


How To Avoid Handing Your Tot A Blank Check Made Out To Apple

Maybe you sneer at posts such at this one about a five-year-old who bought $2,500 worth of digital cars in mere minutes, or this one about a child who spent $1,400 on Smurfberries on her parents’ iPad. You’d never be so stupid as to hand a child a device with the password already entered and ready to go. Jamie might have said the same thing…until she did. [More]


Chubby Checker Suing Over Male Endowment Measuring App For Obvious Reasons

Warning: once you’ve read what we’re about to say, you’ll never be able to think of legendary singer Chubby Checker the same way. The man behind “The Twist” is suing the makers of an app that measures a man’s endowment, anatomy-wise, because well, he doesn’t want to be associated with that particular piece of equipment. [More]

Kaspersky says these Android apps contain malware that could also infect your PC.

Great… Now There’s Android Malware That Can Infect Your PC & Turn It Into A Listening Device

In general, the malware relationship between PCs and mobile devices has been a one-way street, with infected computers passing on their digital disease to their mobile mates. But now come reports of at least two infected Android apps whose malware heads in the other direction. [More]


Apple Pulls Photo Apps From App Store Because It Doesn’t Want You Seeing Any Nudie Pics

While what you do with your smartphone in the privacy of your own home is totally your business, Apple has a strict policy against pornographic images, or really, any nude photos being searchable on applications made for iOS. As such it has issued a smackdown against two of Canadian company 500px’s popular photo-sharing apps, pulling them from its app store citing nudie shenanigans. [More]

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Capital One Android App Traps My Phone In Infinite Updateless Loop

David’s Android smartphone, a Galaxy S, is still working just fine. It just has one problem: he can’t upgrade it to a newer version of the Android operating system. He’s stuck on 2.2. So what? It doesn’t affect him all that much except for how his bank’s app requires a newer version of Android than that. His phone gets stuck in a loop of being unable to update. [More]


FTC: Mobile Apps Made For Kids Are Secretly Collecting Info On Minors, Sharing It

The Federal Trade Commission has been doing some digging around to make sure kids on the Internet are protected and has subsequently come up with some shocking news. Most of the mobile apps the agency checked out by way of the Google Play and the Apple App store are not only gathering info from kids without parents’ knowledge or their permission, they’re also sharing it. [More]

New York Times All-Access Digital Subscription Means ‘Except Your Android Smartphone’

New York Times All-Access Digital Subscription Means ‘Except Your Android Smartphone’

Mark enjoys the New York Times, and is happy to support their superior acts of journalism in a modern way with a digital subscription. This subscription would allow him all-you-can-read access from computers, tablets, smartphones…you name it. He owns an iPad and an Android phone, and tried to set up Times apps on both devices. The Android version refused to work, even when he reinstalled the app. His emails about the problem were answered but evidently not read. He decided to cancel his subscription…which is when the final insult came about. They offered to extend his subscription for a dollar, but ended up shortening it instead. [More]