Best Buy Changes Mind, Ends Its Ban On Apple Pay

Best Buy Changes Mind, Ends Its Ban On Apple Pay

When Apple Pay launched last fall, Best Buy was among the most high-profile retailers who refused to accept the new mobile payment platform because of its allegiance to the in-development CurrentC, a competing service from a Walmart-led coalition of retailers. But with CurrentC’s rollout still lingering in the vague future, Best Buy has decided it’s time to give Apple Pay a shot. [More]

Your New Apple Watch Might Look Nice, But Will It Get Scratched?

Your New Apple Watch Might Look Nice, But Will It Get Scratched?

How many of us are toting around smartphones with cracked and scratched screens? No need to raise your hand; we can’t actually see you. Now imagine that your phone screen was continuous exposed to the elements in a position on your body where it can easily get scratched, and you’ve imagined the life of an Apple Watch. So can the pricey accessory take a licking and keep on… well, not ticking exactly, but you get the idea. [More]

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Apple Pay Now Accepts All Major Credit Cards After Finally Adding Discover

Apple Pay now supports all major U.S. credit card companies, after Discover and the payment system finally reached a deal. [More]


Google Apologizes For Android Figure Urinating On Apple Logo In Google Maps

Unlike The Dude,* it would appear that every time an Android figure is pictured micturating upon an Apple logo, someone does have to be held responsible. In this case, it’s Google, which is apologizing after an image of an Android bot peeing on an Apple logo popped up in Google Maps. [More]


AmEx, Jawbone Partnership Allows Customers To Buy Things Using Fitness Trackers

Using your phone to pay for things at the register is so 2014. With the soon-to-be released Apple Watch allowing payments to be made with a flick of the wrist, other wearable companies are jumping on the bandwagon. Case in point: a new joint venture from Jawbone and American Express. [More]


Apple Bans Selfie Sticks Ahead Of Its Next Big Event

One might think that any product that’s designed to enhance the utility of a smartphone, say perhaps an iPhone, would be totally cool with Apple. Not so, as instead it appears that selfie sticks are as annoying to the company as they are to anyone who dislikes getting whacked in the head by an eager, selfie-ing stranger in public. As such Apple has issued a ban on the poles ahead of its upcoming developers convention in June. [More]

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Apple Retail Chief: The Days Of Waiting In Line At The Store Are Over

Camping out in line days in advance of the newest Apple product is so 2014, y’all, to the point where the company’s retail chief is reportedly pushing workers to nudge customers seeking out the Apple Watch or new MacBook to order online instead of waiting it out at physical stores. [More]

At Long Last, ‘HBO Now’ Launches On iTunes, Cablevision

At Long Last, ‘HBO Now’ Launches On iTunes, Cablevision

After what seems like an eternity, and with only five days to go before the season premiere of Game of Thrones, HBO’s standalone streaming service HBO Now is finally available. [More]


Report: The Next Apple TV Won’t Allow For 4K Video Streaming

Just because something is new, doesn’t necessarily always mean it’ll have the newest technology — perhaps because it’s because that technology still needs to prove itself or there’s really not a need for it yet. That appears to be the reason behind Apple’s reported decision not to have its new Apple TV support 4K streaming video. [More]

Video Shows Galaxy S6 Edge Will Bend; Samsung Says It’s Misleading

Video Shows Galaxy S6 Edge Will Bend; Samsung Says It’s Misleading

You might remember a little controversy last fall called bendgate, in which Apple’s new-at-the-time iPhone 6 Plus was found to bend if you applied enough pressure. Following the flurry of stories and issues surrounding that device, it comes as no surprise that Samsung’s newest smartphone, the Galaxy S6 Edge, would be subjected to similar tests, thus introducing us to a possible bendgate 2.0. [More]

Cupertino has the Power... at a premium price.

AT&T Charges $40/Month More For Fiber Internet If Google Isn’t In Your Town Yet

Only weeks ago, AT&T announced gigabit fiber broadband service in Kansas City for $70/month. Granted, customers have to give up their right to privacy to get that rate, but at least it’s the same price being charged by Google Fiber, which also happens to operate in KC. But when it comes to AT&T’s impending gigabit offering in Cupertino — the land of Apple — that $70/month rate is nowhere to be found; probably because Google Fiber is not around. [More]

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Apple Now Accepting Android, BlackBerry & Windows Phone Trade-Ins For Credit Toward iPhones

As predicted a few weeks ago, a new report says Apple is now going to accept smartphones and PCs from other manufacturers and give owners a discount on new iPhones. [More]

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Apple Reportedly Planning To Launch Streaming TV Service This Fall

Coming off an announcement last week that it would carry thes oon to launch HBO Now streaming service, Apple reportedly has imminent plans to offer online access to live TV and on-demand content.  [More]

Cablevision Will Also Offer HBO Now Streaming Service

Cablevision Will Also Offer HBO Now Streaming Service

A week after HBO announced that its long-awaited HBO Now standalone streaming service would launch in April as an Apple exclusive, the folks at Cablevision say they will also be offering HBO Now for its Optimum Online broadband customers who want HBO but don’t want basic cable. [More]

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Apple Continues To Surprise No One, Officially Removes Rival Fitness Trackers From Stores

In a signal that the Apple Watch’s arrival is nigh, Apple’s retail stores across the country are apparently ditching other fitness and health wearables. [More]

iTunes And App Stores Down Worldwide, Other Apple Sites Also Reported Down

iTunes And App Stores Down Worldwide, Other Apple Sites Also Reported Down

It’s easy to laugh at the idea of an iTunes-related emergency, but such a thing is possible. If you’re having trouble reaching services from Apple like the mobile and desktop App Stores, iTunes Store, and iBooks store, the company confirms that those are down for everyone, not just you. There are intermittent reports that other services are down, but Apple has not confirmed those. [More]

‘HBO Now’ To Cost $15, Will Launch As Apple Exclusive

‘HBO Now’ To Cost $15, Will Launch As Apple Exclusive

After months of speculation regarding price and availability, HBO has finally confirmed the important details about its standalone streaming service HBO Now. The good news is that it will cost the predicted $15/month. The not as good news is that Apple will be the exclusive device launch partner of the service when it kicks off in April. [More]

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Report: Stolen Credit Card Information Used By Fraudsters To Make Purchases With Apple Pay

A rash in data breaches at national retailers may have led fraudsters to use Apple Pay to make big-ticket purchases with credit card information stolen during national data breaches. [More]