Apple Purges Last Bitcoin Wallet From Its App Store

Apple Purges Last Bitcoin Wallet From Its App Store

While you can now use bitcoin to buy anything from basketball tickets to cars, that doesn’t mean you’ll have a way to use your digital currency if you’re an iOS user. Apple has been ditching bitcoin apps that people use to exchange it and just gave the boot the last one remaining. [More]

(Mike Rollerson)

Report: Apple App Store Full Of Zombie Programs No One Is Downloading

Zombies are all the rage these days, so it’s only fitting that new research shows that two-thirds of programs in Apple’s App Store are undead beings that were once alive but now roam aimlessly, groaning through the cyber market. That goes against the company’s claim that 90% of all its apps in the marketplace are downloaded at least once a month. [More]


Apple Pulls Photo Apps From App Store Because It Doesn’t Want You Seeing Any Nudie Pics

While what you do with your smartphone in the privacy of your own home is totally your business, Apple has a strict policy against pornographic images, or really, any nude photos being searchable on applications made for iOS. As such it has issued a smackdown against two of Canadian company 500px’s popular photo-sharing apps, pulling them from its app store citing nudie shenanigans. [More]