The Sad Truth Is That You Can’t Return Postal Kiosk Stamps

The Sad Truth Is That You Can’t Return Postal Kiosk Stamps

You can’t take back stamps. This seems like it would be an obvious thing, but it actually isn’t. Dave was sending an Express Mail package across the country, and used a flat-rate envelope. He bought a regular Express Mail stamp at a post office kiosk, the Automated Postal Center. This combination meant that the envelope, which had needed to be in Seattle the next day, ended up returned to him like he hadn’t put postage on it at all. [More]

Manhattan Shopping Alert: A. P. C. Winter Collection Sale

It’s not until January 5th, but if we didn’t post it now, we’d sure to forget it. All women’s, men’s, children’s, and whatever’s clothes and accessories will be 30 to 50 percent off. They’re leaving Soho, though, and are moving to Tribeca. Stay sharp.