Spirit Airlines Makes Carlos Danger Its Promo Poster Boy: The Weiner Rises Again

Get it? Anthony Weiner? Sexting?

If you don’t know what New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner is, you might just think Spirit Airlines’ new promo has something to do with a mysterious hot dog that is coming back from wherever it is texting hot dogs go. “The Weiner Rises Again!” trumpets Spirit in its new promo, featuring a masked frank holding a cell phone. See, because it’s the second time that Weiner has admitted to sending saucy messages to women. And this go-around, he took on the personality of one “Carlos Danger.” [More]

This Is How You Debate Health Care Reform, Brooklyn Style!

This Is How You Debate Health Care Reform, Brooklyn Style!

“The Republican Party is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the insurance industry.” So said Rep. Anthony Weiner of Brooklyn last month in front of Congress. As we move towards a historic vote on health care reform, let’s take a moment to throw some gas on the fire and revisit some of the awesomely incendiary rhetoric of this statesman on revamping our health care system. Now this a healthy health care debate! [More]

Congressman Demands FTC Probe Of Cash4Gold

Congressman Demands FTC Probe Of Cash4Gold

Citing Consumerist’s investigation of Cash4Gold, Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) has demanded that the Federal Trade Commission investigate Cash4Gold and its competitors.

Weiner is also proposing legislation, the Guarantee of a Legitimate Deal (GOLD) Act, which would regulate the mail-order gold-buying industry. “Cash4Gold is using these tough times as a golden opportunity to fleece customers,” Weiner said. “These deceptive practices must end.”