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Tyson Foods Breaks Up With Pig Farm After Video Shows Alleged Animal Abuse

When the country’s biggest meat producer says “This isn’t working out,” it’s a big deal: Tyson Foods announced that it’s effectively dumping an Oklahoma pig farm by terminating its contract, after a news investigation showed undercover videos of alleged abuse at the facility. [More]

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Butterball Facing Animal Abuse Allegations Just In Time For Thanksgiving

Another Thanksgiving, another controversy starring its big bird, the turkey. An animal advocacy group is leveling claims at Butterball again, accusing the turkey-centric company of abusing and neglecting birds at some of its locations. Tis the season, after all, and no one wants their main course to come from an unhappy turkey. [More]

UPDATED: No, Wells Fargo, You Can't Leave Animals To Die

UPDATED: No, Wells Fargo, You Can't Leave Animals To Die

Wells Fargo foreclosed on a Rhode Island shelter for abandoned animals, barred former owner Dan MacKenzie from entering the property, and seems to be just letting the animals fend for themselves, the Providence Journal reports. [More]