Virginia Supreme Court: Businesses Can’t Censor Yelp Reviews Until They Prove Statements Are Libelous

As we’ve covered numerous times, online review sites like Yelp can become a nasty battleground between unhappy consumers and business owners who take issue with what they claim are overly negative, sometimes malicious, comments. Last week, Virginia’s highest court ruled against one such business that had tried to squelch a customer’s reviews. [More]

Why Is Angie's List Spying On Me?

Why Is Angie's List Spying On Me?

James tells Consumerist that he tried Angie’s List, and wasn’t thrilled with the experience. He was surprised and displeased, however, when a representative from the service reached out, called him, and asked him some questions about the professionals he had searched for. Would you have reacted the same way? [More]