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Amusement Park Takes Catapult Ride Out Of Operation Permanently After Cable Snaps

A catapult sounds like it could make for a fun ride, what with the implied image of objects flying through the air. But because that flinging needs to be under control if people are going to stay safe, one Wisconsin amusement park has taken its catapult ride out of commission after a cable snapped. [More]

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FDA Giving Businesses Another Year To Comply With Rules Requiring Calorie Counts On Menus

Restaurants and other businesses that were living under a deadline to include calorie counts on menus and displays will get a bit of wiggle room to comply with the rule passed by the Food and Drug Administration last fall. The agency now says food purveyors will have another year to get their acts together, extending the previous deadline from Dec. 1, 2015 to Dec. 1, 2016. [More]

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Coney Island’s Legendary Cyclone Roller Coaster Strands Riders On Opening Day

There’s nothing like that first day at the amusement park, when it feels like spring is maybe, possibly, finally on its way, when you get to climb into that roller coaster for its very first ride of the season… and then you’re stuck high up in the air, wondering how it all went wrong. That’s the tale of yesterday’s Coney Island visitors who scored a free ride on opening day yesterday. [More]

Who Has It Worse: Victims Of This Scary “Living” Poster, Or The Guy Stuck Inside?

Who Has It Worse: Victims Of This Scary “Living” Poster, Or The Guy Stuck Inside?

If you want a viral advertising gimmick, there are few more reliable methods than just scaring the fecal matter out of innocent people. But after looking at this video about one amusement park’s terrifying “living” poster, we’re not sure if we feel worse for the people who soil their jeans from fright or the poor guy who is stuck inside the poster all day. [More]

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Family Of 5 Claims They Were Stranded At The Top Of Ferris Wheel While Theme Park Shut Down

The whole reason to hitch a ride on a Ferris wheel is to catch the view from the top — but even that delight would surely pale after say, the lights turn out and you’ve been up there for a while. A family of five claims they’re “traumatized” after getting stranded at the top of a Ferris wheel after an amusement park in the UK closed for the night. [More]

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Walking Down Roller Coaster’s 230-Foot Incline Probably Wasn’t The Thrill Six Flags Visitors Expected

While it’s surely preferable to walk down a 230-foot incline than stay stuck at that height, it’s hard to imagine Six Flags visitors riding on the Nitro at Great Adventure in New Jersey weren’t expecting a bit more of a thrill.


Amusement Park Ride That Swings People 125 Feet In The Air Shut Down After Cable Snaps

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The last thing you want to have happen when you’re flying 125 feet above the ground at 60 miles per hour is to have something break. So when a cable snapped on an Ohio amusement park’s ride while visitors were in mid-air, witnesses say things got a bit scary. [More]

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Pirates Of The Caribbean Briefly Shut Down After Man Loses Fingers On Ride

Visitors to Disney World may have been a bit disappointed yesterday to find the Pirates of the Caribbean ride temporarily out of operation, but probably not as disappointed as the man who lost pieces of two fingers on the ride. [More]

16 Amusement Park Employees Arrested For Brawl During Weekend Shutdown

16 Amusement Park Employees Arrested For Brawl During Weekend Shutdown

What happens when a big amusement park unexpectedly has to shut down for the weekend? Maybe it births some kind of cabin fever, because 16 Cedar Point employees have been accused of brawling over the weekend, while the park was closed due to a water main break on Saturday.


Weekend Water Main Break Soaks Thousands Of Visitors’ Plans To Visit Ohio Amusment Park

The car is packed and gassed up, the road trip snacks are bountiful and summer vacation is in high gear. That is, until visitors arrived at Ohio’s Cedar Point amusement park over the weekend, only to find the park closed because of a water main break. Total buzzkill. [More]

Appeals Court Denies SeaWorld’s Attempt To Overturn OSHA Violation

Appeals Court Denies SeaWorld’s Attempt To Overturn OSHA Violation

The main reason that people nominated and voted for SeaWorld in our recently concluded Worst Company In America tournament was the controversy — highlighted in the documentary Blackfish — over its treatment of orca whales and, more precisely, the multiple deaths that have been tied to one particular whale. SeaWorld has been fighting workplace safety citations issued following the 2010 death of a trainer, but today a federal appeals court ruled against the park. [More]

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Get What You Want: Find The Right Person, Ask Them In A Nice Way

Eric bought tickets for a special event at a theme park a month in advance. Well, more like 30 days. He purchased it for the wrong day, but figured a simple call to customer service would get him new tickets for the correct date. He was wrong. A complaint on their Facebook page didn’t help, either. What next? [More]


Six Flags Magic Mountain Has A Waiting List To Reach The Lost & Found Dept.

All over the L.A. area, there are clubs, restaurants, and parties where people would do just about anything to get “on the list,” but we think the lost-and-found folks at Six Flags Magic Mountain might have taken that idea to a ridiculous end. [More]

You don't need hands to have fun.

Man Claims In Lawsuit That Six Flags Kicked Him Off Ride Because He Has No Hands

A man born without hands has had quite a full life — he went to college, got married, had kids, rides a bike and plenty of other things people with both hands do. For fun he enjoys riding roller coasters at Six Flags Over Texas, including the Aquaman Splashdown ride, but he says last May he was told to get off the boat because of his lack of hands. [More]

Nothing Quite Like Being Stuck 150 Feet In The Air For 2 Hours To Put You Off Roller Coasters

Nothing Quite Like Being Stuck 150 Feet In The Air For 2 Hours To Put You Off Roller Coasters

If anything could turn a die-hard roller coaster rider off the idea of any more trips looping crazily and careening joyfully through the air, it would likely be sitting in a non-moving train car 150 feet up in the air for almost two hours. That’s what happened to a dozen riders the new Superman ride at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, Calif. yesterday afternoon. It could be worse, right? At least it wasn’t upside down. [More]

Despite Economic Woes, Americans Are Still Getting Their Kicks At Theme Parks

Despite Economic Woes, Americans Are Still Getting Their Kicks At Theme Parks

Some Americans might be cutting back in tough economic times and tightening purse strings on big splashy purchases — but skip checking out Hogwarts in Harry Potter World? Not gonna happen. Despite financial woes across the country, theme park attendance was up for 2011, partly due to the boy wizard wonder and his magical, imaginary land. [More]

The Post-Apocalyptic Clownscape That Was Six Flags New Orleans

The Post-Apocalyptic Clownscape That Was Six Flags New Orleans

How long after civilization collapses will it take for our infrastructure to crumble into a rusting, weed-choked hellscape? With the help of some flooding, just a few years, if the current state of Six Flags New Orleans is any indication. Pump systems failed after Hurricane Katrina, leaving the site in up to seven feet of brackish water for about a month, corroding the rides and wrecking everything else. The park site is now property of the city of New Orleans after Six Flags declared it a total loss, collecting insurance and moving a few salvageable rides to other parks. The front gate is open, and the city already has enough problems and can’t pay for 24-hour security. That means local teens and roving urban explorers have found their way in to show us all the carnage. [More]

Boy Dies In Roller Coaster Fall

Boy Dies In Roller Coaster Fall

A 3-year-old Chicago-area boy died after he fell off an indoor amusement park roller coaster. [More]