About a third of Amsterdam’s red light district brothels will soon close as part of a $35 million real estate deal, so if you’re planning on visiting the city, you’ll have 51 fewer windows to tempt/amuse you. [Reuters]

Now this is what you call a “higher” level of customer service… [Pizdas]

Sony PSP: Racist?

Sony PSP: Racist?

The internets are burning, aflame with outrage over this allegedly racially charged campaign Sony launched in Amsterdam to intro the new white PSP. The argument seems to hinge around that showing a black person and white person together, in combat, is racist. Previously, the PSP was only available in black. We don’t particularly find the ad racist, or even that interesting, just another shiny TBWA drop of gloss.

Glamour’s Stilleto Death Race Footage

Glamour Pits Stilettoed Women in Death Race for Dollars

10,000 or 11,877.01 in U.S. torture dollars. The race is masterminded by glossy mysoginists, Glamour Magazine.