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The list of cities in which consumers can get one-hour delivery service on a plethora of products like paper towels, shampoo, books, toys and other essential everyday times from Amazon now includes Dallas. The company’s Prime Now, which already services Miami, Baltimore and New York City, is available to customers enrolled in Amazon Prime, which costs $99 a year and comes with free two-day shipping on thousands of items. [Amazon]

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Toys ‘R’ Us Can’t Beat Discounters On Price, Invites Everyone Over For Play Dates

Toys ‘R’ Us has a problem: they’re a specialty store that people love, but they must compete with mega-discounters like Walmart and online vendors like Amazon on price. When they can’t do that and still make money, how are they to survive? The company’s new idea: get kids in the door by creating an experience, not just a place to buy toys. [More]


Amazon’s Streaming Gaming Service Twitch Says It Might Be The Latest Victim Of A Data Breach

The long list of data breaches got a bit longer on Monday after Amazon-owned game streaming company Twitch determined hackers may have gained unauthorized access to some users’ account information. [More]

FAA Clears Amazon To Start Testing Delivery Drone Flights

FAA Clears Amazon To Start Testing Delivery Drone Flights

Amazon is getting one step closer to the company’s dream of delivering packages by air, as the Federal Aviation Administration has given the company the go-ahead to start testing drones outside. [More]


Amazon Expands One-Hour Delivery Service To Baltimore, Miami

It seems that so far, Amazon likes its new one-hour delivery service, which first debuted in New York City in late 2014. So much so that it’s expanding Prime Now service for household products to Baltimore and Miami. [More]

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Target Introduces Extended One-Year Return Policy

While 90 days might seem like enough time to decide whether or not those sheets really match your bedroom decor, Target seems to think you might want to think on it a bit longer than that: The company announced today that it will offer customers a one-year return window for select items.

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TV Viewership Down 10%; Industry Blames Streaming Video

Even though many of us have hundreds of channels to choose from on cable or satellite, we’re choosing to watch less live TV. But it’s not just because we’ve all decided to go outside and take up steeplechase; it has a little something to do with the availability of subscription streaming services. [More]

Amazon launched yet another new store today. This one offers exclusive products from established and up-and-coming brands.

Amazon Launches “Exclusives” Store For The Things You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you’ve ever searched high and low to find the perfect present for your odd cousin Bob only to find that everything you see in the store is generic or just wouldn’t fit his unique personality, then you’re the type of consumer Amazon aims to please with its latest store. [More]


Police: Former Amazon Employee Siphoned Off $18,000 In Gift Card Balances

When you send someone a gift card, you do so under the assumption that no one with access to the card has been draining any of the balance. That’s what we assume when having a card sent to the recipient, or when mailing it ourselves: why check to make sure the whole balance is there? Police say that a woman fulfilling Amazon gift card orders took advantage of this for a few years, draining $18,000 in Amazon gift card balances to her own cards. [More]

Cute babies in ducky towels are the one universal language.

Why Is Amazon Mom Called Amazon Family Outside Of The U.S.?

Amazon does business in many different countries, and knows how to market to people all over the world. The Amazon Mom program started a few years ago, providing special discounts and fast shipping on items needed for babies. Yet why is it called “Amazon Mom?” Most primary caregivers are mothers, but there are plenty of children being raised by single fathers or two fathers: don’t they buy diapers, too? [More]


Amazon Reportedly Adds “Ship To Cuba” Option In Preparation For Restored Diplomatic Ties

If it wasn’t enough that Americans traveling to Cuba might now be able to bring back Cuban rum and cigars from their travels, those in Cuba may soon be able to order goods from Amazon, or at least get things shipped to them. [More]

One of Amazon's patent applications.

Amazon Imagines A Future Where Delivery Trucks Print 3D Products At The Curb

There can be a lot of worry over getting a package from Amazon delivered successfully — but what if your item never had to travel farther than the distance between the curb and your door? Amazon has filed a few patent applications in an effort to perhaps make curbside 3D printing a reality for the future. [More]

The first 10 books chosen through Amazon's Kindle Scout platform will released next week.

Amazon’s In-House Kindle Scout Publishing Platform Set To Release First 10 Books Next Month

Four months after Amazon launched a crowdsourced publishing platform that allows Kindle readers to kind-of, sort-of have a say in what unpublished books and hopeful authors reach their devices, the company is set to release the first 10 Kindle Scout titles next month. [More]

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Target Reduces Free Shipping Requirement To $25, Now Cheaper Than Walmart & Amazon

Consumers no longer have to drop $50 to qualify for free shipping on Target.com. In an attempt to stay competitive with other online retailers, the big box store reduced the minimum requirements for free shipping to $25. [More]

Sling is offering discounts on Ruko and Amazon streaming devices for people willing to prepay for three months of service.

Free Amazon, Roku Streaming Devices If You Prepay For 3 Months Of Sling TV

While some people have touted the recently launched Sling TV service as an option for cord-cutters, it’s really better-targeted to consumers who don’t have cable but want a few more live-TV viewing options. That’s why the service is now pushing deals that will allow some Sling subscribers to get free or deeply discounted streaming devices. [More]

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Did Amazon’s Two-Day Shipping Suffer Over The Holidays? Survey Says Yes

One of the perks of paying $99/year to be an Amazon Prime member is the free two-day standard shipping on millions of items sold on the e-tailers’ site. But according to a new survey, being a Prime member didn’t always prove to be beneficial when it came to on-time deliveries last holiday season. [More]

Amazon’s Latest Service Allows Brands, Consumers To Host Online Giveaways

Amazon’s Latest Service Allows Brands, Consumers To Host Online Giveaways

Amazon continued expanding its services to consumers Tuesday with the launch of a new self-service tool allowing customers to host their own giveaways. [More]

Amazon Has Already Opened Its First Offline Store, Sort Of

Amazon Has Already Opened Its First Offline Store, Sort Of

Yesterday’s exciting retail news was that Amazon may take part in the bidding for some of the stores that formed the desiccated husk of RadioShack, vastly expanding its offline retail network of…zero permanent stores. Yet that’s not true: the fuss over the possible stores overshadowed the actual store that Amazon opened earlier this year, which is on the campus of Purdue University in Indiana. [More]