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Forget Black Friday, Holiday Shopping Season Starts Tomorrow

While children and parents around the country are sitting around, regretting the huge amount of sugar and chocolate consumed tonight, the folks at Walmart, Amazon and other stores are not only busting out the holiday decorations, but reducing prices and offering short-term large-scale sales for early holiday shoppers. [More]


Walmart Might Begin Price-Matching Amazon, Other Online Retailers

It’s not uncommon for consumers view items at a store and then purchase them for a lower price online. One of the nation’s largest retailers is apparently tired of losing those customers and may begin price-matching its online competition this holiday season; a trend retail analysts predicted less than a month ago. [More]

Amazon launched Kindle Scout, a program that allows readers to chose which up-and-coming authors get published.

Amazon’s Kindle Scout Give Readers The Choice In Which Authors Gets Published – Kind Of

Despite its decidedly unfriendly-to-authors feud with a major publishing company, Amazon is touting a new program that provides an outlet for hopeful authors, while letting readers maybe, sort-of decide who’s worthy of being published. [More]

Amazon Takes $170 Million Loss On Fire Phone Flop

Amazon Takes $170 Million Loss On Fire Phone Flop

Despite Amazon advertising the device on every doorstep and dropping the price under a buck, the company’s Fire Phone, companion smartphone to its line of tablets and TV streaming devices, failed to catch on with the public. Maybe it was the AT&T exclusivity, or the fact that it runs a customized version of Google’s Android operating system, without access to Google’s app marketplace. [More]


USPS Gets Go-Ahead To Expand Deliveries Of Groceries & Other Stuff

Last month, the cash-strapped street urchin that is the U.S. Postal Service pleaded “more gruel, sir” to the Postal Regulatory Commission, asking for permission to expand its test of delivering groceries and other non-postal items during those wee-morning hours when mail trucks mostly sit idle. Today, the PRC granted the USPS its wish. [More]

Amazon Fresh has expanded to a very select area of New York City.

Amazon Fresh Reaches East Coast But Only For Select Group Of Brooklynites

Residents of New York City jealous of their West Coast counterparts for receiving sometimes-fresh grocery deliveries from Amazon should pine no more. The e-tailer began deliveries of Amazon Fresh in a very concentrated area of the Big Apple today. [More]

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Amazon UK Finds Use For Newspaper Distributors: Delivering Packages

Who visits every neighborhood on a daily basis? There’s the postal service, of course, but another group of drivers or distributors on foot come by early in the morning, making their deliveries while most people sleep. Most cities still have a daily newspaper, so why not take advantage of that to bring online orders to residential neighborhoods? That’s what Amazon wants to do in the United Kingdom. [More]

Amazon Opening Real-Life Stores In San Francisco, Sacramento

Amazon Opening Real-Life Stores In San Francisco, Sacramento

Amazon hasn’t officially confirmed that it is going to open a real-life store in New York City, though “people familiar with the plans” told the Wall Street Journal about the company’s planned , and there’s definitely something about to open in the space across the street from the Empire State Building. However, the company has confirmed that it’s opening two seasonal pop-up shops in San Francisco and Sacramento, California. [More]

Sears Apologizes For Selling Swastika Rings In Online Marketplace

Sears Apologizes For Selling Swastika Rings In Online Marketplace

After a third-party listing for a men’s “Thai silver Swastika ring” popped up on Sears’ online Marketplace, the company has pulled the “punk rock style” jewelry and has been busy apologizing to upset customers for selling it in the first place. [More]

Amazon Fighting FTC On In-App Purchases By Kids

Amazon Fighting FTC On In-App Purchases By Kids

While its competitors in mobile apps Apple and Google have reached settlements with the Federal Trade Commission, Amazon has decided that it will not roll over. No, the tech company is going to fight the FTC’s lawsuit against it rather than settle, and filed a brief last week making the case that this is all the darn parents’ fault. Sort of. [More]


Jeff Bezos Wedding His Companies With Preinstalled Washington Post App On New Kindle Fire

Back when Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos bought himself the Washington Post, many wondered how/if he’d connect his online retail company with the newspaper (and of course, web site, since this is 2014), or just keep them both in his property pen. It seems he’s ready to introduce these two as a couple, by joining them together in Amazon’s next Kindle Fire tablets. [More]

Amazon, Apple Include Disclaimer Warning Viewers Of “Ethnic And Racial Prejudices” In ‘Tom And Jerry’

Amazon, Apple Include Disclaimer Warning Viewers Of “Ethnic And Racial Prejudices” In ‘Tom And Jerry’

The moment when an elderly relative of yours uses a word that is completely unacceptable in today’s society (and was back then as well) that elicits an automatic cringe is likely a familiar, uncomfortable thing we’ve all experienced. So for all those watching a cartoon cat and mouse chase each other, smack each other around and generally taunt each other in the 1940s and 1950s, Apple and Amazon want to warn viewers that Tom and Jerry might say some questionable things, just like your Great Uncle George used to. [More]

These people are standing in line for iPhones, but many are probably paid. (nikony13)

Should Amazon Warehouse Workers Be Paid To Wait For Security Checks?

It makes sense that people who work in Amazon warehouses have to go through security screenings when they leave work: the job is not very well paid and consists of boxing up an unfathomable variety of items at a fast pace. The Supreme Court will decide whether the workers’ employer––temp agencies that supply the warehouse workforce––should pay them for time waiting in line for screenings. [More]

Pepsi To Start Selling Naturally Sweetened Soda — But Only On Amazon

Pepsi To Start Selling Naturally Sweetened Soda — But Only On Amazon

Latching onto a double dose consumer trends, Pepsi will start selling naturally sweetened sodas, free of the artificial kind many people are eschewing these days, but the only way to buy the drinks is going to be online in an exclusive deal with Amazon. [More]

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Famous, Non-Hachette Authors Join Protest Over Amazon Feud, Seek Anti-Trust Investigation

The ongoing feud between Amazon and book publisher Hachette is drawing out the big names such as Philip Roth, Salman Rushdie and other well-known, highly successful authors. So what sets these authors apart from those already pushing for Amazon to end its standoff with the publisher regarding e-book sales? Well, none of them are actually Hachette-published authors and they signal a new push for federal regulators to investigate Amazon for its allegedly shady e-book pricing tactics. [More]

Amazon Building Warehouses Everywhere, Hopes Christmas Gifts Actually Arrive By Christmas

Amazon Building Warehouses Everywhere, Hopes Christmas Gifts Actually Arrive By Christmas

Holiday time is shopping time in America, and millions of families turn to Amazon to get their gifts. But last year, Santa’s sleigh had some trouble getting where it needed to be on time: last-minute buying, bad weather, and snafus at UPS and FedEx meant plenty of presents were still in transit when kids went looking under the tree in the morning. Some Christmas delivery miracles occurred, but Amazon still had to issue plenty of apologies, refunds, discounts, and Prime extensions. But Amazon is determined not to see a repeat in 2014, if their year of planning and building pans out. [More]


USPS Wants To Leave Groceries, Other Stuff On Your Doorstep At 4 A.M.

Earlier this month it was announced that the U.S. Postal Service was testing out how badly it could screw up the delivery of Amazon Fresh grocery shipments in the San Francisco area. But a recent regulatory filing shows that USPS has hopes of bringing its laid-back, carefree delivery approach to groceries and other items all around the country. [More]

Amazon Testing One-Button Ordering Device For Connected Homes


These days, everything from your TV to your light bulbs to your front door deadbolt to your crock pot can be connected to the Internet, so why not one button that lets you instantly order replacements and supplies for these devices? [More]