Amazon Trade-In Program Signs For My iPad, Then It Disappears

Amazon Trade-In Program Signs For My iPad, Then It Disappears

Damion loves to trade in his tech for newer, better tech when a new item comes out. He also loves to save the manual and accessories so his old gear is extremely sellable when something new comes out. He decided to give Amazon’s Trade-in Service a try instead of his usual venues, Craigslist and eBay. Things went smoothly when he traded in an iPhone 4S, then… not so smoothly when he decided to trade in his iPad for an iPad Mini. [More]


Amazon Trade-In Trades My Camera For Invisible Camera

Nate saw that he could get a few bucks for his old Canon Digital Rebel camera using Amazon Trade-In. It was a few bucks more than he could get using eBay, so he packed it up and waited for his $97. They didn’t agree about its condition, so he asked to have it sent back. He received back the manual and cables in a smaller Amazon box…but where was the camera? [More]


Amazon Downgrades Your Electronics Trade-In Value? Complain

Ian decided to use Amazon’s trade-in service to get cash for his iPad. The third-party company that runs the trade-in service decided that his device had invisible scratches, and downgraded its condition. They offered him $30 less than if it had been in “like new” shape. He was annoyed, and contacted Amazon about it. Amazon stepped in and promised him that if he sends the iPad again, he’ll get the full balance of the “like new” price. [More]