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Amazon Prime Members Less Likely To Visit Target.com, Walmart.com When Shopping Online

In recent months big box retailers like Walmart and Target have attempted to thwart Amazon’s growing influence over consumers with a variety of new policies such as reducing the minimum purchase required for free shipping and allowing price-matching with the online retailer (although, that effort didn’t’ last long). But, according to a new report, those measure might amount to “too little, too late” when it comes to Amazon Prime shoppers. [More]

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Amazon Introducing The Dash Button, A Branded Gadget That Reorders Household Products With A Push

Reaching for another roll of paper towels in the pantry only to find you’ve run out just when little Timmy has flung yet another bowl of pureed peas against the wall is annoying, as is realizing your roommate hasn’t bought toilet paper during your moment of need. In an attempt to solve that problem, Amazon announced a new line of branded buttons that reorder certain common household products with one push, using your home’s WiFi connection and a connected Prime account. [More]

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The list of cities in which consumers can get one-hour delivery service on a plethora of products like paper towels, shampoo, books, toys and other essential everyday times from Amazon now includes Dallas. The company’s Prime Now, which already services Miami, Baltimore and New York City, is available to customers enrolled in Amazon Prime, which costs $99 a year and comes with free two-day shipping on thousands of items. [Amazon]


Amazon Expands One-Hour Delivery Service To Baltimore, Miami

It seems that so far, Amazon likes its new one-hour delivery service, which first debuted in New York City in late 2014. So much so that it’s expanding Prime Now service for household products to Baltimore and Miami. [More]

The Boltons just want to know when they can finally get rid of their cable bill and still watch new episodes of Veep.

HBO Says Streaming Service Will Be Priced As “Premium Product”

HBO is still being stingy with the details on its upcoming standalone streaming service, but this morning the network’s CEO did give some vague idea of what the pricing would be. [More]

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Did Amazon’s Two-Day Shipping Suffer Over The Holidays? Survey Says Yes

One of the perks of paying $99/year to be an Amazon Prime member is the free two-day standard shipping on millions of items sold on the e-tailers’ site. But according to a new survey, being a Prime member didn’t always prove to be beneficial when it came to on-time deliveries last holiday season. [More]


Would You Be Willing To Pay More To Choose Who Delivers Your Amazon Orders?

If you’ve ever been expecting a package only to find that the delivery person reports leaving a notice (which may or may not have happened) or “attempted delivery” (again, sometimes without actually doing so), you’re not alone. We’ve heard from many readers over the years and experienced it ourselves. So why can’t Amazon Prime members choose their preferred delivery service? [More]

Amazon To Make Movies For Theatrical Release, Because Why The Heck Not?

Amazon To Make Movies For Theatrical Release, Because Why The Heck Not?

Amazon, the online retailer where you can rent a movie, order groceries or buy a tank, has announced that it’s venturing into a territory that seems counterintuitive for a company that focuses on delivering its products to consumers’ homes — bringing its original video productions to actual movie theaters. [More]

Here's a Google map showing the current delivery area for Prime Now service.

Amazon Prime Now: One-Hour NYC Delivery So New, Only One ZIP Code Has It (So Far)

UPDATE: A rep for Amazon tells Consumerist that while the new service was only available in the 10001 Manhattan ZIP code when it launched this morning (and of this writing), the company is adding other areas of the city throughout the day.

Here’s a hypothetical: You wake up one morning to find that you’ve run out of toothpaste, what do you do? Sure, you could walk the two blocks to the local drug store and pick up a box. Or if you’re an Amazon Prime member you could just sit on the couch and wait an hour for some paste to be delivered, that is, as long as you live in a small section of Manhattan and feel like paying a shipping cost double that of the toothpaste. [More]

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Here’s Why You Should Always Read The Details Of Free Trials

When you sign up for a free trial of a service, but don’t have to hand over your payment information on the spot, do you assume that the free trial will simply go away? That’s what many people who signed up for a trial of Amazon Prime seemed to do, and the Iowa Attorney General has arrived at a settlement with Amazon over auto-enrollment in Prime. [More]

Amazon Dips Toes Into Ultra HD Streaming Waters

Amazon Dips Toes Into Ultra HD Streaming Waters

If you recently threw down some cash on a sleek new Ultra HD (or 4K) TV and you’re still waiting for content to show off to your friends (or justify the expense to yourself), here’s some mixed news for you. Amazon is finally getting into the 4K-streaming game, but the offerings aren’t really anything to celebrate right now. [More]

Nielsen To Finally Peel Back Curtain On What’s Actually Popular On Netflix, Amazon

Nielsen To Finally Peel Back Curtain On What’s Actually Popular On Netflix, Amazon

Sure, there’s a “Popular On Netflix” category on the streaming service, but are those actually the most-watched Netflix videos? For years, only Netflix has known how many of its users were watching which videos — and the company has not been eager to share that information. But the folks at Nielsen reportedly are going to start collecting ratings data for Netflix and Amazon videos, pulling back that curtain of secrecy. [More]

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Amazon Prime Won’t Charge Extra For Streaming Ultra HD Video

With prices dropping — and some sets available for around $1,000 — Ultra HD or 4K TV is gradually grabbing a foothold in consumers’ homes. Yet there is still little native content available for these sets. That may change soon with Amazon confirming it will begin offering 4K video to Amazon Prime customers before the year is out, and it won’t charge extra. [More]


Amazon Extending Some Prime Benefits To Partner Sites

The way an Amazon Prime membership works right now, all of the perks of online shopping, like free two-day shipping, are benefits enjoyed only while purchasing goods on Amazon itself. But now Amazon is dipping its toes in the pool of friendship, as it’s joining up with partner sites to extend some of those benefits to shoppers buying stuff on other sites as well. [More]


Amazon Adds Unlimited Cloud Photo Storage For Prime Members

In a bid to dangle a little something extra to attract customers and keep the ones it has signed up, Amazon is now offering unlimited photo storage in its cloud for members of its Prime subscription service. That includes any and all digital images, at no extra cost. [More]

Amazon Wants College Students To Join Prime, Offers Cash And Scholarships

Amazon Wants College Students To Join Prime, Offers Cash And Scholarships

Students who are heading to college can find scholarships from a wide variety of sources, but did you ever expect to see one from Amazon? The Amazon Student scholarship uses all of the usual criteria to select its winners: GPA, extracurricular activities, and test scores. It’s also only open to members of Amazon Student, the version of Amazon Prime meant to hook college students. [More]

Here’s What It Would Take For The U.S. To Get Standalone HBO Go Service

Here’s What It Would Take For The U.S. To Get Standalone HBO Go Service

Since 2012, HBO has been offering a standalone streaming service to customers in parts of Europe, and it’s now reportedly planning on expanding that type of over-the-top service to other European and Asian markets. Yet the cable network still maintains that it has no plans to try it out stateside. We believe it could happen, but it would first require a handful of changes. [More]

Amazon Finally Unveils Details Of 3-D Fire Phone

Amazon Finally Unveils Details Of 3-D Fire Phone

After weeks, months, millennia of speculation that Amazon would get into the phone business, the e-tail giant has finally unveiled the smartphone it had been promising (via “leaked” stories and quotes from “people close to the situation”) since the dawn of man. So what is it and is it worth spending your hard-earned (or even your stolen) money on? [More]