Whirlpool’s “Smart” Appliances Now Come Equipped With Amazon Dash Buttons

Whirlpool’s “Smart” Appliances Now Come Equipped With Amazon Dash Buttons

When Amazon introduced the Dash Button, it claimed customers could easily reorder products with the simple push of a button. While the small gadgets have expanded in recent months to cover a slew of household items, the e-commerce giant’s technology can now be found built-in to an array of actual appliances, namely those from Whirlpool’s Smart Kitchen Suite.  [More]

Engineer Brody Berson reprogrammed an Amazon Dash button to order pizza from Dominos.

Man Hacks Amazon Dash Button To Order Pizza Whenever He Wants

When in the mood for the piping hot, cheesy deliciousness that is pizza, there seems to be endless options to satisfy your needs: calling the store, ordering online or even sending a pizza emoji via text or Twitter. One man has created yet another way to have that circle of love delivered straight from your door, simply by hacking an Amazon Dash button. [More]

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Amazon Dash Buttons Are Finally Available To Everyone

Amazon just happened to announce their new ordering gadget, Dash buttons, on March 31, which earned them a lot of free publicity as people chattered about whether it was an April Fool’s Day prank or not. It had to be a joke, right? It was not. It was a real product that Amazon promised to make available in a few weeks. Now it’s sixteen weeks later, and there are eighteen different Dash buttons that you can order. [More]

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Amazon Introducing The Dash Button, A Branded Gadget That Reorders Household Products With A Push

Reaching for another roll of paper towels in the pantry only to find you’ve run out just when little Timmy has flung yet another bowl of pureed peas against the wall is annoying, as is realizing your roommate hasn’t bought toilet paper during your moment of need. In an attempt to solve that problem, Amazon announced a new line of branded buttons that reorder certain common household products with one push, using your home’s WiFi connection and a connected Prime account. [More]

Baby seems skeptical of this lint brush thing.

Amazon’s Dash Device: Speak Or Scan Grocery, Household Items Onto A Grocery List

In case your closet full of gadgets and gizmos isn’t quite stocked to the overflowing brim just yet, here’s another Internet connected doodad: Amazon has launched a device called the Amazon Dash that’s basically a stick you can talk into or use to scan groceries and household items to add them to your grocery list. [More]