Akamai's top 10 worldwide best average internet connection speeds for the end of 2014.

Virginia’s Got The Fastest Broadband In The U.S., But South Korea’s Still The Speed Fiend’s Place To Be

It’s that time again! Internet company Akamai keeps a sharp eye on the state of broadband at home and abroad, and delivers a quarterly report lining up just how we’re doing. But despite a whole huge pile of brand new data, the story remains the same: the U.S. still has a lot of catching up to do if we want to consider ourselves among the global broadband elite. [More]

Akamai's top 10 fastest average internet speeds in Q3 2014.

U.S. Internet Speeds Are Getting Better, But Still Lag Behind Global Elite

Internet company Akamai keeps its pulse on the state of broadband at home and worldwide, and they update their state of the Internet reports every quarter. The latest report has great news for Americans in a handful of states… but it also shows how far, still, the nation has to go on broadband infrastructure before catching up to our international peers. [More]

American Broadband Speeds Improve, Still Not In Top 10 Globally

States in the Mid-Atlantic and New England dominate the lists of America's fastest connection speeds.

On this weekend when we celebrate the founding of the United States of America, we can rest assured that our broadband speeds are certainly improving, up 31% in just a year, according to a new survey of global broadband connections. Much like the recent World Cup showing, that’s something to be proud of, but still doesn’t put us among the world’s elite. [More]

Delaware Might Be Super Tiny But It's Got The Fastest Internet, So There

Delaware Might Be Super Tiny But It's Got The Fastest Internet, So There

Anyone pitying diminutive Delaware might want to think again — small though it may be, it’s got the fastest average Internet connection speeds in the entire United States of America. That’s what we call bragging rights, everyone. [More]