Airports Say More Travelers Are Faking Need For Wheelchairs Just To Get Through Lines Faster

Airports Say More Travelers Are Faking Need For Wheelchairs Just To Get Through Lines Faster

The law requires that airlines provide free wheelchair assistance to anyone who requests it; no documentation or evidence of injury required. And a growing number of unscrupulous travelers are taking advantage of this system, faking injuries and disabilities to get preferential treatment at security checkpoints and at the gate. [More]

These are AOK by the TSA.

Air Marshals & Flight Attendants Not So Happy With This “Knives Are Okay On Planes Now” Thing

Yesterday the Transportation Security Administration announced that it was tweaking the rules regarding small pocketknives, carry-on golf clubs and other sporting equipment. While travelers sick of losing their Swiss Army knives and other little blades rejoiced over the decision, groups representing Federal Air Marashals and flight attendants are all like, “Wait, hold up — knives on planes? Really?” [More]


More than a decade after enacting strict prohibitions on carrying knives on U.S. flights, Transportation Security Administration head John Pistole says the agency will begin allowing smaller pocketknives and limited carry-on of golf clubs and other sporting equipment. (via Bloomberg)


Standing In A Long Line At The Airport Right Now? You Can Maybe Blame Sequestration

The Department of Transportation issued a foreboding warning about the effects of across-the-board government spending cuts if sequestration went into effect on March 1, which it did. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano is already warning travelers of delays, but if you’re currently standing in a long line at airport security, this isn’t news to you. [More]


You Can’t Bring A Loaded Gun In Your Carry-On Even If You’re An NFL Player

The human brain is a shifty thing — you thought you put your keys in your pocket but really they’re in the freezer! — but there’s no way the Transportation Security Administration is going to accept “I forgot a gun was in my bag and/or that it was loaded” as an excuse without a little bit of digging. Even if you happen to be a defensive end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. [More]

Your passport to savings... and apparently airport security.

Lost Your License Or Passport? Airport Security Will Accept A Costco Card

A few years back, I misplaced my license while in Washington, D.C. for a wedding. Little did I know that I didn’t have to take a bus back to New York; I apparently could have just shown my Costco card. [More]


Woman Sues TSA, FBI, Frontier Airlines After Being Detained & Strip-Searched

Back on Sept. 11, 2011, the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, an Ohio woman was one of three people detained by authorities at Detroit Metro Airport, where she claims she was strip-searched and held without cause for four hours. [More]

Image from a back-scatter scanner

TSA Finally Removing “Naked” Full-Body Scanners From Airports

Last fall, it was reported that the Transportation Security Administration was moving its controversial backscatter full-body scanners out of busier airports and moving them to smaller ones. Now, the agency says it is getting rid of these scanners altogether. [More]

No, this is not the sequel to the 1997 Joe Pesci comedy.

18 Heads Found In Airport Duffel Bag; May Be Completely Legal

There are all sorts of restrictions on things you can carry on to a plane; don’t dare try to bring that bottle of Poland Spring through the checkpoint. But 18 heads in a duffel bag? That might actually be okay, say customs officials. [More]

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Posing Problems For PreCheck: Smartphones Can Scan Boarding Pass Barcodes

You’ve lost that random feeling, ohh that random feeling, now it’s gone… gone… gone. Security experts say a flaw in airline boarding passes that allows their barcodes to be scanned with smartphones makes the Transportation Security Administration’s PreCheck system not very useful. If PreCheck passengers can scan their barcodes ahead of time and see if they’ll be screened routinely or [More]

Image from a backscatter machine

TSA Taking Controversial X-Ray Scanners Out Of Big Airports And Shipping Them Off To Smaller Ones

According to reports, the TSA is removing backscatter full-body scanners, which use very small amounts of ionizing radiation, from major airports and replacing them with less-controversial millimeter wave scanners. But those X-ray scanners aren’t going to the Museum of Bad Ideas; they’re being shipped off for use at smaller airports. [More]

Disapproving cat disapproves. (seamonkey mags)

Alaska Airport Evacuated Because Guy Somehow Didn’t Know Bomb Jokes Aren’t Welcome

Ever since there have been bombs and airplanes, it hasn’t been a particularly great idea to make jokes about the two together. But especially in times like these when the U.S. and other countries are always on the lookout for potential terrorists, it’s an awful idea to talk about bombs. One man didn’t get the “no bomb jokes” memo, apparently, and ended up shutting down Alaska’s largest airport. [More]

Dying Woman Says TSA Humiliated Her By Refusing To Perform Search In Private

Dying Woman Says TSA Humiliated Her By Refusing To Perform Search In Private

A woman dying from leukemia is mortified, claiming that TSA screeners at Sea-Tac airport in Washington state made her lift up her shirt and checked under her bandages in front of other travelers. [More]


Even If You’re In A Hurry At The Airport It’s Still Not Cool To Fake The Need For A Wheelchair

Just the other day I crankily asked a friend why there aren’t strollers for adults (it had been a long day and I just wanted someone to push me around, darn it). Apparently some travelers are all about making that an actual thing, as airport employees say some passengers who don’t need wheelchairs ask for them anyway in order to get through the whole security process faster. Fakers! We call shenanigans. [More]

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JFK Security Employees Say Post-Flight Inspections Aren’t Always Thorough To Avoid Delays

You know how when you’re standing around your gate waiting to board, and the previous flight’s passengers come streaming out, and everyone is chomping at the bit and restlessly stirring, waiting for their turn to get on the plane? During that time, security employees are supposed to be inspecting the flight for anything left behind like say, weapons or explosives. But according to John F. Kennedy International Airport security workers, those checks aren’t as thorough as they’re supposed to be. [More]

JFK Airport's $100 Million Security System Thwarted By Lone Jet Skier Swimming Ashore

JFK Airport's $100 Million Security System Thwarted By Lone Jet Skier Swimming Ashore

Security is taken very seriously at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, to the tune of $100 million to make sure the state-of-the-art system keeps unwanted intruders out. But all it took was one man on a jet ski in Jamaica Bay seeking dry land to throw a major kink into that elaborate set-up. [More]

We Complain A Lot But Survey Says Most Americans Think The TSA Is Doing A Good Job

We Complain A Lot But Survey Says Most Americans Think The TSA Is Doing A Good Job

Maybe we just hear all the worst things about the Transportation Security Administration, rendering us dubious, but for most Americans the agency seems to be doing a pretty good job running airport security. That’s according to a new survey that found 54% of the country feel the TSA’s work is either good or excellent, and about 30% grading it as just fair. [More]

The Airport Baggage Carousel Is Not A Good Napping Spot

The Airport Baggage Carousel Is Not A Good Napping Spot

When you’re sleepy and/or drunk enough, any large flat surface can seem like a pretty nice place to take a nap. In an airport, though, there are some places that you should avoid. Like the raised platform with the conveyor belt on it that says “BAGGAGE CLAIM” above it. Comfy as it may seem, this is not an optimal napping spot. Because it might start moving after you’ve fallen asleep. And take you under an X ray machine. That’s what happened to a Norwegian tourist at Rome’s Fiumicino airport, who took a nap and went for an exciting ride. [More]