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GAO Report Finds Airplanes With WiFi Connections May Be Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

Just as a report found in early February that the newest models of connected cars aren’t adequately guarded from security and privacy hacks, a new report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office found the same issue currently plagues another transportation segment: flying. [More]

Is American Airlines Cramming More Rows Into Its 737?

Is American Airlines Cramming More Rows Into Its 737?

Airlines hear complaints from customers all the time that planes offer too much darn leg space. Paul brings promising news on that front. He noticed a discrepancy in the seating charts in his returning and departing American Airlines flights that indicates the airline is adding two rows to its 737s around June 14. [More]


Last year was the safest year to fly in more than four decades, says the private Aircraft Crashes Record Office (ACRO). Hmm—maybe United has just been trying to take the record for safest flights by cancellng them all. [Reuters]