U.S. Travelers To Cuba Can Now Rent Through Airbnb

While many American companies continue to make preparations for the loosened travel restrictions between the U.S. and Cuba, online-home rental marketplace Airbnb says it already has properties available on the island for booking. [More]


The Numbers Show Startups Can’t Get Enough Of Calling Themselves The “Uber” For This, The “Airbnb” Of That

If you’ve been hearing startup companies throw around phrases like, “We’re the Uber of [insert industry that is not ride-hailing]!” or “Our service functions just like the Airbnb of [another industry that is not renting out rooms to strangers]!” you’re not alone. A recent analysis of language used by startups to describe their businesses show that a lot of them are hitching their apple carts to those brands’ rising stars. [More]


Airbnb Pays “Tens Of Millions” To San Francisco To Settle Hotel Tax Bill

Airbnb finally gave in to San Francisco’s demands that it fork over a bunch of cash to pay back-taxes after failing to pay the city’s 14% hotel tax going back a few years. Airbnb wouldn’t say how much it had paid, but officials had said it ran into the millions of dollars. [More]


People Are Fine With Airbnb, Until It Comes To Their Neighborhood

There are currently two distinct groups who have problems with Airbnb and similar home-sharing services. There are hotel owners who believe that Airbnb operators get away with running de facto hotels without facing the requisite taxes and regulation. Then there are people annoyed by the constant turnover of visitors at rental properties in their neighborhood. A new survey seems to indicate that many of us would fall into that latter category if our neighbors decided to open their doors to short-term renters. [More]

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It’s About To Get A Lot More Difficult To Run An Airbnb Empire In San Francisco

A common complaint against people who rent out their homes on Airbnb and similar sites is that some hosts aren’t just renting out a spare room or letting strangers use their house when it’s empty for a weekend or two, but that some hosts are effectively hoteliers and landlords who don’t have any connection to the places they let out. In an effort to crack down on this practice, the city of San Francisco is about to require that all Airbnb hosts register with the city, and that they do so in person. [More]

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NY Attorney General: 72% Of Airbnb Rentals Violate State, City Laws

New York state’s crackdown on the burgeoning short-term home rental industry continues this morning, with a new report from the state’s Attorney General claiming that nearly 3-in-4 of the short-term New York rentals listed over the last few years were in violation of state and/or city law. [More]


“Don’t Flush Feminine Products” Signs In AirBNB Rentals? $10,000 In Damages Makes A Good Case

A Los Angeles AirBNB host probably wishes she had hung one of those “Please place feminine products in the trash” signs up in her condo’s bathroom. Doing so may have saved her more than $10,000 in damages after a renter allegedly repeatedly flushed the products down her toilet causing a blockage and massive leak. [More]

San Francisco Officials Vote To Legalize Airbnb Rentals


San Francisco is kissing and making nice with Airbnb, after city officials voted to legalize short-term rentals under 30 days — with some restrictions. [More]

L.A. Warning Airbnb Hosts About Their Tax-Collecting Obligations

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Subletting one’s home or renting out space on your own property has long been a way for some Los Angeles residents to earn some extra income without telling the taxman. And the rise of home-sharing services like Airbnb and VRBO has only encouraged more people to make money off their unused rooms. But the city of Los Angeles is now sending stern reminders to people who list properties on these sites that they have to pay taxes similar to those paid by hotel operators. [More]

AirBNB Squatter Brothers Quietly Leave Their Ill-Gotten Condo

AirBNB Squatter Brothers Quietly Leave Their Ill-Gotten Condo

The AirBNB squatter nightmare is over…as far as we know. The owner of the property filed an unlawful detainer notice, which is part of the legal eviction process. While the squatters didn’t respond to that notice before their Monday deadline, instead they quietly left the condo, leaving surprisingly little damage. [More]

Ever Wanted To Sleep At IKEA? Thanks To Airbnb Now You Can, But Only If You Live In Australia

Ever Wanted To Sleep At IKEA? Thanks To Airbnb Now You Can, But Only If You Live In Australia

Are you Australian and in need of a new pair of sheets? Well, you can get a free set if you’re included in one of three groups picked to spend the night at an IKEA store as part of a promotion between the furniture company and Airbnb. [More]

Kickstarter Suspends Alleged AirBNB Squatter’s Second Game Campaign

Kickstarter Suspends Alleged AirBNB Squatter’s Second Game Campaign

In Palm Springs, California, a man booked a vacation condominium for 44 days, saying that he would be in town on a business trip. After 30 days, he gained rights as a tenant under California law, and refused to pay rent or to leave. When the story broke, he was discovered to be an indie game developer who has failed to deliver a Kickstarter-funded project. That’s when the justice of the sharing economy kicked in. Kind of. [More]

AirBNB Squatter’s Kickstarter Backers Revolt After “Would Squat Again” Comment

AirBNB Squatter’s Kickstarter Backers Revolt After “Would Squat Again” Comment

No one can prove with 100% certainty that the person who left a glib comment on the Kickstarter page for the game Confederate Express was Maksym Pashanin, game creator and alleged AirBNB squatter. However, the comment did prompt backers to declare the project a “scam” and demand refunds. [More]

AirBnB Employee Handles A Sexy Photo Situation In The Very Best Way

AirBnB Employee Handles A Sexy Photo Situation In The Very Best Way

When you can’t get what you want from a company, there are many bad ways a customer service representative can respond. Ahem. But in a bit of refreshing news, one Airbnb employee recently showed just how good customer service can be, even while having to reject that customer. Warning: before you keep clicking: Two attractive men in a shower. No genitalia shown, but NSFW. [More]

AirBNB Squatter May Be Developer Of Overdue Kickstarter-Funded Game

AirBNB Squatter May Be Developer Of Overdue Kickstarter-Funded Game

The man occupying a vacation condominium in Palm Springs, California without paying rent was not thrilled that his new landlord planned to cut off the electricity. He said that it would affect his work, which he does from home and earns $1,000 to $7,000 per day. What kind of work? Developing video games, apparently. [More]

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AirBNB Guest Refuses To Leave Condo, Tries To Air-Condition The Desert

An AirBNB “guest” is taking advantage of gaps between the site’s policies and California rental law to squat indefinitely in a Palm Springs condo. Does that sound like a sharing economy nightmare? It is. [More]


Airbnb Guests Freak Out When Host Comes Home Drunk In The Middle Of The Night

It can be tough enough to get a good night’s sleep in an unfamiliar bed in a new place, but that experience was made infinitely tougher for one couple who claim that the host of their Airbnb Hamptons rental came home a bit early. Read: Drunk, in the middle of the night, while they were there. [More]

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Airbnb Wants You To Have Strangers Over For Dinner

Airbnb has had a lot of success turning homeowners into semi-professional innkeepers, so why not see if it can do the same for users’ kitchens? That’s the idea behind tests the home-sharing service has been performing in the San Francisco area. [More]