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Another Thing For Airbnb Renters To Worry About? Your Home Turning Into A Brothel

Much like the time your parents got an unexpected phone call that their car now resided upside down in the neighbor’s swimming pool, some Airbnb renters are none too pleased to find their homes have been used for ah, sexual recreation purposes that require police attention. In essence, beware the brothelization of your home. [More]

Airbnb To Start Collecting Taxes In Portland, San Francisco, Maybe New York City

Airbnb To Start Collecting Taxes In Portland, San Francisco, Maybe New York City

Airbnb is a site that lets people rent rooms or entire apartments or houses, directly from the homeowner or renter. It has proven popular with travelers, but less popular with landlords, the hotel industry, and local governments. Why do local governments care? Airbnb rentals aren’t subject to sales and hotel changes. In some cities, that’s about to change. [More]

Tussling with the A.G.

New York A.G. Subpoenas Airbnb For User Data On 15,000 Renters

On the heels of AirBnB’s apparent triumph in New York City over the right of its users to rent out part of their homes, the company now finds itself caught in the state’s baleful gaze: New York’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman subpoenaed data from the company as part of an investigation into the website. [More]

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NYC Reverses Illegal Hotel Fine Leveled Against Airbnb Host

In June we heard about a New York City resident who wanted to make a couple extra bucks by renting out a part of his apartment on Airbnb. That seemingly simple action, echoed by Airbnbers around the country on a regular basis, resulted in a fine for apparently tangling with the city’s laws providing against illegal hotels. Months later, vindication is his. [More]

Priceonomics' comparison of hotel room rates and Airbnb rates for Philadelphia.

Are You Really Saving Money When You Get A Room From Airbnb?

Some people prefer home-sharing services like Airbnb over hotels because they would rather stay in a cozy apartment than in a sealed-up room with of a chain hotel. Others choose these services because they feel they are saving money over the cost of a traditional hotel, but how much you save — or if you’re saving at all — depends on where you stay and how you book your hotels. [More]


Renting Out Your Home To Strangers? Prepare For The Worst & Hope For The Best

You’ve opened up your home to perfect strangers, not out of the mere goodness of your heart, surely, but because it’s a way to make some cash through Airbnb, Home Away From Home or other rental sites while you’re not using your dwelling. But what if those guests turn out to be worse than the monsters in the closet — what if they bash holes in your walls or turn your domicile into a brothel?. [More]

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Man Fined $2,400 For Renting Out Apartment Because Airbnb Is Technically Illegal In NYC

As a certain political candidate once put it so very accurately, “the rent is too damn high.” New York City dwellers know this all too well, which is why services like Airbnb can be a boon to anyone who doesn’t want to waste rent money on an empty apartment or bedroom should they be out of town. But one man who rented out part of his apartment to an Airbnb customer now has to pay $2,400 to NYC, all because of a city law intended to discourage illegal hotels. [More]

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Airbnb Launches Program To Provide Sandy Survivors With Free Temporary Housing

If you live in the New York area and have an empty abode or even an empty bed, you might want to consider donating that bit of shelter to a survivor from Hurricane Sandy who was displaced because of the storm. Airbnb is coordinating the efforts of its users to turn the site into a place to find free temporary housing for those in need. [More]