This Petco Coupon Excludes Everything I Would Buy At Petco

This Petco Coupon Excludes Everything I Would Buy At Petco

Pet owners: if you had a 25% coupon code for Petco, what would you load your cart up with? Food? Litter? Toys? Treats? If you’re using a current coupon that the retailer has for online shoppers, only half of those things are eligible for the discount. Oh, boo. [More]


FDA Proposes New Rules To Make Pet Food More Acceptable

Great news for animals who like non-poisonous food! Fresh on the heels of the Food and Drug Administration’s plea for help in solving the mystery of why pet treats imported from China have allegedly killed more than 600 dogs and a few cats, today the agency proposed new rules to protect animal food from contamination from microbes, toxic chemicals, and other scary contaminants. [More]

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18 Cats That Can’t Resist Lounging In Amazon Boxes

As everyone who has owned a cat or seen the Internet knows, cats love boxes. America’s cats aren’t quite sure what to make of the news that Amazon has increased the free Super Saver Shipping threshold to $35, from the original $25. On the one paw, this might mean that their households will be getting fewer packages from Amazon and fewer boxes to lounge in. Or could it drive more cat owners to get Amazon Prime and thus have more boxes to lounge in? [More]

Eukanuba And Iams Cat And Dog Food Recalled Due To Possible Salmonella

Eukanuba And Iams Cat And Dog Food Recalled Due To Possible Salmonella

An entire lot of Iams and Eukanuba kibbles for cats and dogs has been recalled because of possible contamination with Salmonella bacteria. Routine tests turned up traces of it, and the company is voluntarily pulling all food manufactured during a 10-day window because it just might be contaminated. [More]

This is a thing.

Grumpy Cat Coffee Drink Only The Newest Piece Of Internet-Famous Pet Merchandise

Apparently, it’s inevitable that pets that become famous on the Internet come out with their own merchandise. Official licensed stuffed toys, t-shirts, stickers, stuffed animals: it’s all been done. What was the next logical step? Pet treats? Hamster boutiques? No…how about cat-branded coffee? [More]


Target Employees Need To Learn Their Own Price-Matching Policy

We don’t want to sit here and lecture Target on how to run its stores, but maybe some people at Jared’s local store could use remedial price-matching policy lessons. Jared wanted them to match an advertised price on something dear to the Consumerist community: cat food. Yes, the store running the sale is Pet Supplies Plus, and the sale price requires a loyalty card, but the card is free. We’re not talking about Costco here. Yet the store refused to budge, even though Target’s written price match policy contradicted what they were saying. [More]


Where’s The Best Place To Get Drugs For Your Pet? The Human Pharmacy

Generally, when you go to the doctor for a checkup, you don’t fill your prescriptions right there in the office at the same time that you hand over your co-pay. That generally is what pet owners do at the vet, though. As it turns out, the cheapest place to get your pets’ drugs may not be mail-order pharmacies or your vet’s office, but the chain or independent pharmacy where you get drugs for the human members of your family. [More]

Time Warner Technicians Rescue Kitten Snuggled Up Against Cable Lines

Time Warner Technicians Rescue Kitten Snuggled Up Against Cable Lines

Late on Saturday night, a San Antonio apartment complex needed an urgent visit from Time Warner Cable. Was it a building-wide Internet outage? Disrupted movie-viewing? No… a tiny kitten was stuck in one of the plastic pipes that contain Time Warner’s lines below the building, and wouldn’t come out. [More]

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Nonprofit Turns Food Stamps Into Fido’s Dinner Because Pets Also Need To Eat

What does someone do when they can’t feed themselves, much less a beloved pet? There are food stamp programs for the human population, but seeing a need for owners who can’t afford to buy pet food, one nonprofit is trying to keep those dogs and cats in kibble and canned food. [More]

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More Readers Crunch The Numbers, Figure Out Pet Health Insurance Doesn’t Work Out So Well

Last week, we shared an account by reader Howard about his dog’s illness and the results of his decision to get a VPI pet health insurance policy. While health insurance is just that–insurance, not an investment vehicle–Howard and other readers have crunched the numbers and found that the policies are a worse deal than just sticking the money in the bank. [More]

Make Your Own Automatic Pet Feeder With A Litter Bucket And A Pie Tin

Make Your Own Automatic Pet Feeder With A Litter Bucket And A Pie Tin

Do you have pets who won’t eat an entire bag of kibble in one sitting? If so, your household might be a good candidate for an automatic pet feeder. What you might not realize is that you can make your own auto-feeder out of ordinary products that you probably have sitting around the house. [More]


Littermaid Replaces Entire Automatic Litter Box When My Repair Goes Awry

Jasmin received the best housewarming gift ever: a Littermaid self-cleaning litterbox. Well, I suppose it’s not a very good gift if you don’t have a cat, but Jasmin was very pleased with it. When the electric adapter’s end got stuck inside the unit, she tried to get it out, but failed. Instead of just running on batteries as it had been, now the whole thing was useless. What could she do? She couldn’t afford a whole new Littermaid, and hadn’t had the new one for all that long anyway. So she checked in with the company to see whether they could just replace the relevant part. They just sent her a whole new setup instead. [More]

Natura Pet Recalls Four Brands Of Cat And Dog Foods For Possible Salmonella Contamination

Natura Pet Recalls Four Brands Of Cat And Dog Foods For Possible Salmonella Contamination

It seems like only a week ago that we last shared with you the news of a pet food recall––because it was. This week, a kibble sample from Natura Pet turned up with salmonella bacteria, and the company has recalled a wide variety of cat and dog kibbles sold under the California Natural, Evo, Healthwise, and Innova brand names. [More]


Batches of raw pet food have tested positive for Salmonella, and have been recalled by the manufacturers. Minnesota Department of Agriculture tests found bacteria in 2-pound tubes of Bravo Chicken for both dogs and cats and Turducken dog food from Steve’s Real Food. The recalls affect one lot for each respective brand – check out the recall announcements for lot numbers, expiration dates, and contact information for the companies. [via Dog Food Advisor]


Newman’s Own Takes Accusations Of Cat Food Recall Really, Really Seriously

Like most Consumerist readers, Richard was out looking for cat food of only the finest quality. The local high-end pet store didn’t carry the Newman’s Own product that he was looking for, and he was surprised to hear why. The employee told him that it had been recalled and the store wouldn’t stock it. This surprised Richard: he hadn’t heard about any recalls, so he sent a quick e-mail using the company web site’s form. Most of us would assume at this point that we’d hear back from a customer service drone, maybe. Not a staff veterinarian. [More]


Sheba Says It’ll Only Use Sustainably-Sourced Seafood In Cat Entrees By End Of 2013

When we heard that Sheba is promising to use only sustainably-sourced seafood in its cat food entrees, of course we pictured a fleet of feline fishermen, sharpening their claws and licking their whiskered chops. That’s not exactly how it’ll be, but the brand has pledged to be good to the environment going forward. [More]

Making Black Friday literal.

Animal Shelters Make ‘Black Friday’ Literal, Adopt Out Black Pets For Free

You may have noticed in the past few years that the staff and readers of this site are rather fond of animals. Specifically, cats, and the occasional dog. That’s why we wholeheartedly support a Black Friday promotion we can get behind that involves no doorbusters, no big-ticket item lines, and can even help you get rid of your leftover turkey this holiday weekend. We’re referring to the Black Friday weekend adoption promotions aimed at finding homes for black cats and dogs. [More]

Man Allegedly Commits Insurance Fraud With Fake Dead Cat

Man Allegedly Commits Insurance Fraud With Fake Dead Cat

Back in March 2009, a customer of PEMCO insurance was in a minor car accident, and the company paid out $3,452 for damages to the other driver’s car. Simple enough. No injuries were reported, and no pets in the car. Which is why it caught some PEMCO employees’ attention when the other driver filed a claim two and a half years later, seeking $20,000 for the death of his cat, Tom. The animal was “like a son” to him, he claimed. But “Tom” only existed as photos of someone else’s cats, readily available on the Internet. The state of Washington has charged the man with felony insurance fraud. [More]