How To Find The Very Best Air Conditioner For Your Home

We can tell when a heat wave strikes this great nation, because classic Consumerist posts on calculating what size air conditioner you need suddenly surge in popularity. There are handy charts that give you a rough guide, but surely those calculations aren’t the same for someone in Miami and someone in Boston. Enter Econofy. [More]


If you’re going to buy an air conditioner unit this summer, remember to pick the right size. [Energy Star]

Launch An ACS EECB

Launch An ACS EECB

Here are email addresses you can use to launch an EECB (executive email carpet bomb) against ACS, a student lending company that’s a subsidiary of PNC bank.

EECB Scores Direct Hit On Student Lender ACS

EECB Scores Direct Hit On Student Lender ACS

Adam shares his success story in using an EECB (executive email carpet bomb) to get his student loan company to fix his botched loan after a year of runarounds and empty promises:

In January 2007, I took out a Graduate Plus Loan to cover a couple of courses at George Washington University. I was in-school half-time from mid-January to mid-May of 2007. Accordingly, I should have been covered by an in-school deferment through May of 2007. Well, unknown to me, my lender, ACS (as sub-lender to PNC bank) decided that I actually needed to be making student loan payments while in school and never decided to tell me about it!