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Home Depot Employees Replace Stolen Xmas Gifts For Family Of Regular Customer

When employees at a South Carolina Home Depot heard that a regular customer of theirs had been the victim of a theft that left his family without Christmas gifts, they pitched in to do something they didn’t have to, replacing those stolen gifts and giving this family a belated but happy holiday. [More]

Alaska Airlines Employee Volunteers To Return Lost Cat To Owner 2,300 Miles Away

14-year-old Itty Bitty was eventually reunited with his owner thanks to a helpful Alaska Airlines employee.

Imagine losing your cat on the very day that you are planning to move thousands of miles away. And then, miraculously, someone finds your feline friend a few weeks later. But by that point, you’re so far away that you can’t afford to fly or drive back to bring him back. [More]

Griffin Replaces Tiny Plastic Clips In Display Of International Greatness

Griffin Replaces Tiny Plastic Clips In Display Of International Greatness

Sam writes to us from across the Atlantic, where he received the delightful gift of a cooling notebook computer stand from a friend. Well, more of a cast-off, but Sam appreciated it all the same. It was missing a few parts, so he contacted the manufacturer, Griffin, to find out whether he could buy just those parts for a reasonable price. Fortunately, they wouldn’t let him do that. [More]

You get a pizza, and you get a pizza, and you get a pizza...

Pilot Knows How To Handle Stranded Passengers: Buy Them Pizza

The most we’ve ever received from an airline for being stuck on the tarmac for hours was some water and repeated assurances that we’d be moving shortly. But not so for passengers on one diverted Frontier Airlines flight where the pilot treated everyone on board to free pizza. [More]

Walmart Employee Saves Kidnapping Victim After She Slips Her A Note

Walmart Employee Saves Kidnapping Victim After She Slips Her A Note

Imagine you’re just working at a Walmart in the retailer’s Arkansas hometown when a customer hands you a note that she’s been kidnapped by two National Guard members. Your day suddenly got a lot more interesting. [More]

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California Pizza Kitchen Manager Starts Chain Of Kindness That Extends To Corporate

When a family with four kids stopped off to eat at California Pizza Kitchen, disaster was looming. Their 13-year-old son, who has autism, was upset and on the verge of a meltdown in the middle of a crowded restaurant on Valentine’s Day. As the mother dreaded what would happen next, the manager came to her rescue, treating the family as if nothing were out of the ordinary. [More]

Amazon Issues Surprise Refund For Poor Video Playback

Amazon Issues Surprise Refund For Poor Video Playback

Keiko’s husband used Amazon’s streaming services to rent a movie that she wasn’t interested in seeing, and watched it on his iPad. He had no complaints about the experience, maybe because he was watching it on a relatively small screen. Yet Amazon went ahead and issued the couple a full refund anyway, just in case he might have had a problem with it. Keiko is impressed.


Conductor Leaves 500 Copies Of Apology Letter For Passengers Who Waited In Vain For A Train

Conductor Leaves 500 Copies Of Apology Letter For Passengers Who Waited In Vain For A Train

Waiting for a train that never, ever pulls into the station is a frustrating experience for many a commuter. Especially when a train conductor instructs passengers to wait, as one Metro-North conductor advised riders last week. When the train ended up being canceled, the conductor took matters into his own hands and apologized with a slew of apology notes left on train seats. [More]


Sanitation Worker Rescues Discarded Birthday Card From The Trash, Returns It To Recipient

One of the best feelings as a consumer is the, “Wow, you didn’t have to do that but I’m so glad you did” feeling. Like when a customer service rep rewards you with a coupon just for calling in with a question, or when the cashier slyly gives you a discount you didn’t earn. Or when a garbage crew worker sifts through the trash to rescue an unopened birthday card and return it to its rightful owner. [More]

UPS Has A “Circle Of Honor” For Drivers Who Go 25 Years Without An Accident

UPS Has A “Circle Of Honor” For Drivers Who Go 25 Years Without An Accident

Considering your average driver — the person who doesn’t spend her entire workday behind the wheel — can barely go a decade without getting into some sort of fender-bender, it’s an accomplishment when people who drive all day, every day in a large brown truck can go decades without a ding on their driving records. [More]


Clothier Sends Daughter From Minnesota To Costa Rica To Deliver Pants In Time For Wedding

There’s customer service, and then there’s sparing no expense to make sure your customer’s wedding isn’t ruined by flying your own daughter to a tropical destination so she can hand deliver the groom’s pants. That’s called dedication. [More]


Jansport Still Wowing Customers, Fixing Broken Backpacks

Over a year ago, we shared with you a tale of consumer joy from a Jansport backpack owner who sent his bag to the company in a pizza box and got his worn-out backpack replaced with an even nicer one. They’re not all about swapping old backpacks for new ones over in Jansportland, though. Sometimes, all you need is a replacement zipper. [More]


Nalgene Assumes I Made Mistake, Warms My Heart

The people who make Nalgene water bottles assumed that J. made a mistake, and J. doesn’t mind at all. “Empower every employee to make timely decisions and do what is right for our customers,” reads the note that the company sent along with his order. What wonderfully empowered thing did they do for him? [More]

Home Depot Worker Swoops In To Save Falling Baby

Home Depot Worker Swoops In To Save Falling Baby

So imagine you’re working at the store one day when out of the corner of your eye you see a baby about to fall to the floor from atop a shopping cart. Would you be fast enough to save the day? [More]

Comcast Tech Saves Two Lives In Same Week

Comcast Tech Saves Two Lives In Same Week

It’s no secret that most Consumerist stories about Comcast service techs are not positive, but there are still plenty of good, hardworking folks toiling away for Kabletown and its affiliated contractors (kontractors?). Take, for example, the California tech who recently stepped up to save the lives of two separate individuals in the span of a single week. [More]


Here’s How A Craft Store Should Handle Customers Who Seek Hanukkah Merchandise

Julie has followed the recent tsuris over Hobby Lobby’s new store in New Jersey and its lack of merchandise related to Hanukkah or other Jewish holidays. She had a similar dispute with competing big-box craft store Michaels, but resolved it in a different way. Instead of taking to the Internet, she wrote to the company president. The response was not what she had expected. [More]


When Verizon Unlimited Data Glitch Didn’t Glitch, They Help Me Out Anyway

We were happy to hear that Verizon Wireless decided to let customers who were able to upgrade their phones at a subsidized price while keeping their unlimited data plans keep those data plans. What happened, though, if someone thought that they were able to exploit that glitch and Verizon downgraded their data plan anyway? [More]


McDonald’s Gives Me Free Post-Workout Smoothie When Card Machines Are Down

Here’s a heartwarming consumer experience to close out the week. It happened at… McDonald’s? Really? In need of post-workout refreshment, Matthew stopped in a nearby McDonald’s for a smoothie. He doesn’t carry cash, but McDonald’s accepts debit cards for small transactions, so no big deal. Right? Not when the card machine is down. [More]