Sleepy Comcast Denouement

Sleepy Comcast Denouement

Once again, the guy who took a video of the Comcast technician asleep on his couch, is dissatisfied. Oh, his internet works fine and everything. No outages, no malfunctioning routers, no snakes crawling out of his cable box.

Sleepy Comcast Tech Fired

Sleepy Comcast Tech Fired

Plenty of rock a bye babies and sweet dreams await Brian’s Comcast tech, now that he has no job to get up for. The Comcast rep who fell asleep on a customer’s couch while lamely attempting to fix his router has been fired, Comcast said. Brian grabbed a camera and uploaded the proceedings to YouTube, where it got 200,00+ hits and ended up on Countdown on MSNBC. That was Tuesday.

Comcast Tech Falls Asleep on Customer’s Couch

Brian had a Comcast tech come to his house to replace a router, one of two broken ones they provided. The operation shouldn’t have taken but a moment. Instead the tech was on hold with Comcast for 90 minutes. And he fell asleep. Brian made a video documenting the affair.

Ask The Consumerists: ZipZoomFly

Ask The Consumerists: ZipZoomFly

While the cutthroat world of online retailers may be able to give you that Linksys 1 gig network storage device for $84 vs. CompUSA’s $104, that price drop comes at a premium. If you have a problem with your order, you may not ever be able to get a hold of anyone. Of course, considering CompUSA’s aluminum standard customer service level, you might be better off. Regardless, Peter writes in with a complaint about ZipZoomFly and his failure to get them to ship him the right part, even after repeated calls.

AOL Fires Infamous CSR

AOL Fires Infamous CSR

The AOL customer service rep who tried so very hard to prevent Vincent Ferrai from cancelling his service has been fired.

VistaPages Curses Off Customer

VistaPages Curses Off Customer