Who Doesn’t Want A $1,150 Machine That Makes Coffee And Soda?

Who Doesn’t Want A $1,150 Machine That Makes Coffee And Soda?

Keurig, maker of digital rights management-laden coffee pod brewers, has seen its sales fall in recent weeks as customers made it known that they do not care for the latest version of the company’s machine. Yet what if there were a machine that could make both hot and carbonated beverages, and was available for the low price of $1,150? That device is coming, from Whirlpool and AB InBev. [More]


Bud Light, Where “Up For Whatever” Means Getting People So Drunk They Can’t Say “No”

Bud Light continues to creep people out with the implied lechery of its “up for whatever” marketing campaign. The latest apparent gaffe from the country’s most popular watery beer is a tagline reminding drinkers that Bud Light is a go-to beverage for turning a “no” into a “yes.” [More]

Zima, is that you?

Is This Just Zima?

This week, ABInBev announced that it’s unleashing something terrifying sounding called a Bud Light Mixxtail, a malt liquor beverage that pretty much sounds like someone dropped a couple cinnamon red hots in a vat of Zima and called it a day. But hey, it’s sweet, and millennials like sweet stuff! According to the powers that be. [More]


Budweiser To Waste Money Trying To Convince 20-Somethings To Drink Bud

By its own admission, nearly half of American beer-drinkers between the ages of 21 and 27 not only don’t drink Budweiser, but have never even tried the self-crowned King of Beers. That’s why we will all have to endure months of young and edgy ads attempting to target this demographic (before the company goes inevitably back to its default flags/horses/baseball marketing). [More]

(Hammerin Man)

Is Seattle Seahawks Stadium Watering Down Fans’ Beer?

Even though a lot of overpriced beer that football fans buy ends up on the stadium floor (or on other fans), you should get what you pay for, right? One news report out of Seattle claims that the beer at CenturyLink Field — home to the Seahawks — is serving beer that doesn’t live up to the advertised alcohol content. However, the beer makers deny they are watering down their product, and there are several unanswered questions about the accuracy of this study. [More]

What Do You Mean, This German Beer Was Brewed In Missouri?

What Do You Mean, This German Beer Was Brewed In Missouri?

You can’t really blame reader Nathan for thinking that Beck’s beer comes from Germany. Until just a few years ago, it was an import. Then InBev, the brand’s owner, acquired Anheuser Busch, and with that lots of breweries in the United States. Breweries where they might as well make InBev-owned brands, since most consumers won’t be able to tell the difference. Or so they thought. [More]

Budweiser & Miller Reveal Dull Ingredients Lists For Top-Selling Beers

Budweiser & Miller Reveal Dull Ingredients Lists For Top-Selling Beers

While the sugary, caffeinated soda I’m guzzling to get through this Friday morning has all manner of ingredients listed on the can, the beer in my fridge might just reads “beer,” and not because I’ve watched Repo Man too many times. Fact is, beer makers in the U.S. only need to tell you if there’s an allergen contained in the brew. But under pressure from a petition calling for more transparency on what’s in the beer we drink, the folks at Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors have offered up some insights that — so far — don’t reveal anything shocking. [More]


Budweiser Loses The Right To Call Itself Budweiser In Italy

Although beer giant AB InBev might have won one battle against its Czech brewery foe Budejovicky Budvar, it’s a whole different story in Italy. An Italian court has banned AB InBev from selling Budweiser beer under that name in the country, granting its favor instead on Budvar’s claim on the name. [More]


Is Budweiser Really Watered Down? One Test Says Nah, Not So Much

We were shocked, simply shocked at claims made in a recent lawsuit that Budweiser and other Anheuser-Busch InBev brews are watered down and as such, not as strong as their advertised alcohol content. Those allegations are based on information the plaintiffs say they procured from AB InBev workers. But how about getting some scientists on the case, just for fun? [More]


Anheuser-Busch & Czech Brewer Continue 100-Year Fight Over Budweiser Name

Talk about feuds — A small brewer in the Czech Republic, Budejovicky Budvar, has been fighting with Anheuser-Busch (now part of AB InBev) over a name that’s very familiar the world over for 106 years. Who knew? It’s an important battle for the small state-owned brewers because AB InBev is no longer so pleased with the last agreement and wants to butt into what had formerly been Budejovicky Budar’s market. [More]