180solutions’ Serves Up MySpace Spyware

180solutions’ Serves Up MySpace Spyware

Just when we think that MySpace couldn’t sink any lower in our esteems unless a gigantic bottomless pit opened up beneath the corporate headquarters and the tentacles of Cthulhu him/her/itself coiled around it to drag it into the chthonic pit… MySpace starts infecting users with spyware.

Zombie Bot Overlord Faces Prison For Ad Scams

Zombie Bot Overlord Faces Prison For Ad Scams

Another malware scammer bites the dust:

Starting in August 2004, Ancheta turned to a new, more lucrative method to profit from his botnets, prosecutors said. Working with a juvenile in Boca Raton, Fla., whom prosecutors identified by his Internet nickname “SoBe,” Ancheta infected more than 400,000 computers.