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Did This Laundry Service Respond To A Bad Yelp Review With A Violent Threat?

Emma used the same wash-and-fold laundry service at a laundromat in her neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY for years, and had a bad experience in August. She did what people normally do in that situation: she left them a one-star but respectful Yelp review, and switched to using a different place. Just another day in the free market… until she received a threat by private message that contained her home address. [More]

Twitter CEO Admits “We Suck At Dealing With Abuse And Trolls”

Twitter CEO Admits “We Suck At Dealing With Abuse And Trolls”

Because it’s so easy to set up a new Twitter account and users don’t have to share any info that would immediately identify them in the real world, the social media platform is overflowing with fake accounts and users who harass others while hiding behind screen names. It’s a well-known problem with Twitter, but one that the company has done little to acknowledge beyond making vague promises. But recently leaked e-mails show that Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is fully aware of the issue. [More]

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Staples, Office Depot Take Another Step Toward Merger, Enter “Advanced Talks”

Just weeks after activist investor Starboard Value publicly demanded Staples and Office Depot get hitched, the two office supply stores are apparently taking talks of a walk down the aisle seriously. [More]


Changes To TurboTax Lead To Consumer Revolt, Opportunity For Competitors

It’s the opening weekend of tax season! If you work an hourly or salaried job, the W-2 form summarizing how much you earned and how much tax you’ve paid is already in your mailbox or will be soon, since the deadline to mail them out is February 2nd. If you plan to use the Windows or Mac version of TurboTax, though, there’s something that you should know before you get started. UPDATE, 1/30: Thanks to this consumer revolt, Intuit is rolling back the changes and will return to the old pricing scheme for next year. [More]

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3 Of The Many Times The Big ISPs Have Tried To Have It Both Ways

With the prospect of new regulations staring them in the face, big ISPs have been taking every possible opportunity to wail about how doomed they will be if anything changes. But every cable and telecom company that has spent 2014 and 2015 vowing that regulation is the worst thing ever has also spent years benefiting from exactly those regulations. Here are just a few examples. [More]

Nearly half of all consumers didn't shop around before applying for a mortgage.

Many Homebuyers Spend More Time Shopping For A TV Than Looking For The Right Mortgage

Potential homeowners might spend months nitpicking and fretting over the features of a seemingly endless series of houses they could buy, but a new report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau claims that half of American homebuyers aren’t taking the same care when it comes to shopping around for the right mortgage, often putting themselves in precarious lending situations and missing out on savings. [More]

Dogs Taken By FedEx Driver Returned To Owners; Driver Suspended


On Thursday we told you about the Houston family who claimed that home security footage shows a FedEx delivery driver stealing their two dogs. While the matter is still being investigated, there is good news to report — the puppies are back home where they belong. [More]

Pizzeria Doubles Discount Given For Bad Yelp Reviews

Pizzeria Doubles Discount Given For Bad Yelp Reviews

There’s an Italian restaurant in Richmond, California that doesn’t take Yelp reviews very seriously. The restaurant has earned a lot of publicity by bragging that they will give discounts to customers who give it bad (one-star) reviews. This stance is apparently working out for the eatery, since it is now offering a 50% discount on a pizza to anyone who trashes them on Yelp. [More]

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Bank CEO Rips Walmart For Allowing ID Thieves To Spend $12K Without Anyone Noticing

How do ID thieves spend $12,000 in just a couple of hours at Walmart without anyone noticing? Quite easily, apparently. Which is why one CEO of a Texas-based bank is criticizing the nation’s largest retailer. [More]

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Verizon Pinky-Swears It Won’t Sue FCC Over Net Neutrality (If It Doesn’t Reclassify Broadband)

A few weeks after Verizon made it clear that it would sue to block the FCC’s attempt to enact strong net neutrality rules, and only days after FCC Chair Tom Wheeler shrugged that a lawsuit seems inevitable no matter what he does, the telecom titan is now saying it may not go the legal route if the Commission decides against reclassification. [More]

Deadly Spider Hijacks Grocery Store Bananas, Gnaws Off Its Own Leg To Escape Capture

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If you haven’t been eyeing those bunches of grocery store bananas suspiciously after past spider ambushes, this most recent incident might make you pay attention. Not only did a deadly, venomous Brazilian Wandering Spider jump out of a bunch of fruit delivered by a shopping service in the UK, but it was so dedicated to getting away from captors that it gnawed its own leg off. [More]

Walgreens Gives Teen Wrong Prescription, Shrugs

Walgreens Gives Teen Wrong Prescription, Shrugs

It’s bad enough that a Michigan Walgreens pharmacy gave a 14-year-old customer someone else’s prescription, but the teen’s family says the drugstore chain made the situation much worse by demanding that the family go out of pocket to finally obtain the correct drug. [More]

Comcast Sat By As ID Thieves Set Up Multiple Accounts, Ran Up Thousands In Charges

Comcast Sat By As ID Thieves Set Up Multiple Accounts, Ran Up Thousands In Charges

A local news report in Nashville about a local man whose ID was stolen and used to open up two bogus Comcast accounts hundreds of miles away in Louisiana has uncovered numerous additional complaints from consumers in the area who say they have also been sent to collections for fake Comcast accounts opened in the same city. [More]

Pizza Hut Singapore Apologizes For Receipt Calling Customer “Pink Fat Lady”

Pizza Hut Singapore Apologizes For Receipt Calling Customer “Pink Fat Lady”

Pizza-makers have to keep track of which pizzas belong to which customers somehow, but generally it’s better for everyone when they do not use potentially offensive descriptors of their customers. For example: even if a customer is fat, and is wearing pink, you probably should not write “Pink Fat Lady” on the ticket for her pizzas. [More]

Comcast Keeps Claiming Competition Abounds, Despite Mountains Of Evidence From Planet Reality

Comcast Keeps Claiming Competition Abounds, Despite Mountains Of Evidence From Planet Reality

In August, as part of the merger oversight process, the FCC asked Comcast and Time Warner Cable for more information about their operations and their plans. In answer, Comcast has submitted 735 pages of documentation. That’s a lot of information, but Comcast’s responses have one key theme: the Comcast/TWC merger will not harm competition, because broadband competition is plentiful… no matter what the rest of us, including the FCC, seem to think. [More]

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When Your Company Owns Madison Square Garden, Your Band Opens For The Eagles

If I was a billionaire CEO of a cable company, I’d buy an island in the South Pacific and get a house with one of those cool libraries with a ladder to reach higher shelves and dedicate myself to the art of cheesemaking. If Jim Dolan was a billionaire CEO of a cable company, he’d book his own band to open for the most rockin’ band he knows at the venue his company happens to own. Oh wait, he is, and he did book his own band to open for the Eagles at Madison Square Garden. [More]


Okay, Enough Of This Trend Already: Thief Wipes Out Preschoolers’ Pumpkin Patch

First, it was corn stolen from farmers. Next, it was a class of fifth graders learning the harsh lessons of life when someone swiped their entire onion crop. And now we’ve gotten to the sad, low point of some awful, horrible, no good very bad person or persons stealing all the pumpkins from a patch belonging to preschoolers. What’s next, stealing milk from babies?!? [More]

ConAgra May Face Federal Misdemeanor Charges For 2007 Tainted Peanut Butter Case

ConAgra May Face Federal Misdemeanor Charges For 2007 Tainted Peanut Butter Case

Do you remember what you ate eight years ago? The government does. Maybe. People who filed recall claims for Peter Pan or Great Value (Walmart) peanut butters that were recalled in 2007 received a letter this week notifying them that they were victims of a crime. A crime? Yes, ConAgra Foods may face misdemeanor charges for its role in a salmonella outbreak that made hundreds of people ill. [More]