Sears Shareholders Sue, Claim CEO Is Stripping Company For Parts

Sears Shareholders Sue, Claim CEO Is Stripping Company For Parts

For many years here at Consumerist, we developed a theory that the venerable department store Sears was secretly a vast anti-capitalist prank, which actively avoided selling merchandise. Its goal was something else: perhaps waiting for the retail real estate market to turn around and cash in the land and buildings that it owns. A group of Sears Holdings shareholders are starting to think the same thing, and they’ve filed a lawsuit against the company and its manifesto-writing CEO, Eddie Lampert. [More]

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Will A Toastier Bun Make You Want To Eat A McDonald’s Burger?

By now, most of us are aware that McDonald’s is struggling to attract and retain new customers – mainly those labeled as millennials. The fast food giant’s latest attempt to turn things around doesn’t involve a plethora of new artisanal or healthy menu items. Instead, it entails making sure your order comes out piping hot and correct. [More]

That Was Then, This Is Now: How 72 Brands From ‘Mad Men’ Have Changed Since Don Draper Was In Charge


Because nothing gold can stay, AMC’s popular Mad Men has reached the final episode of its final, seventh season. Over the course of the show, we’ve seen pitches for a multitude of companies, brands, sports, groups and even cities. While some of those brands were created for the show, the large majority were very real — and some continue to exist today. In the spirit of nostalgia, we thought now might be the right time to check in on those products and companies pitched by Sterling Cooper (and its various rebirths), to see which have been lost to the mists of time, and which still remain. [More]

Sears Says Clothing Brand Breakup With Kardashians Was Mutual

Sears Says Clothing Brand Breakup With Kardashians Was Mutual

Earlier this week, we sort of paid attention to celebrity news when we heard that the famous Kardashian sisters were ending their clothing line partnership with Sears because they didn’t want to be associated with the brand. That’s not so, Sears representatives said today: their split with the reality television stars was mutual. [More]

These Google search results may look normal at first glance, but if you look closely, you'll see that these ads are being "injected" into the page by a third party.

“Injected Ads” Are An Annoying Security Risk Affecting Millions Of Internet Users

Legitimate advertising is an annoyance that most of us tolerate and do our best to ignore. But there are more pernicious forms of advertising that aren’t just a nuisance but actually pose a potential security risk, like the “injected ads” that find your way into your web browser through software and extensions. [More]

Sears To Sell $300 Million In Property To Joint Venture With Mall Owner Macerich

Sears To Sell $300 Million In Property To Joint Venture With Mall Owner Macerich

A few weeks ago, Sears Holdings announced that it would be starting a joint venture with mall operator Simon Properties. This new company would buy Sears stores, then lease them back to the company in an effort to raise some quick cash and keep the company’s retail operations retailing. Now Sears has announced a similar deal with another mall owner, Macerich Properties. [More]


Sears Announces Final Two Stores They’ll Be Sharing With Primark

Last year, as part of their “taking on roommates” strategy of keeping their doors open, Sears announced that they were leasing parts of seven stores to Primark, a clothing retailer out of Ireland. Sears has finally named all seven of the stores where Primark will be moving in. All seven are in the Northeast. [More]

Sears Pension Fund Requires Cash Infusions From Sears

Sears Pension Fund Requires Cash Infusions From Sears

Sears really didn’t need any more problems, financial or otherwise. Yet the company does have a problem that doesn’t involve its loss of $1.7 billion last year, run-down stores, fleeing customers, and alleged problems with suppliers? The company’s employee pension plan also isn’t doing very well, which has been another drain on the company’s finances. [More]


NY AG Probing Gap, Target & 11 Other Retailers For Possibly Illegal On-Call Scheduling Practices

Over the past several years, companies that employ hourly workers in New York have come under scrutiny for a variety of practices, including not providing reimbursement for uniforms to requiring some work be performed off the clock. Today, the state attorney general’s office began scrutinizing another practice by major retailers: the use of on-call scheduling. [More]


Sears Teams Up With Simon Property Group To Generate $114M In Revenue

As Sears continues to shake out all its piggy banks and check under every single couch cushion it has for spare change, the retailer chain is also looking to outside sources to help it raise some revenue. The company has teamed up with mall king Simon Property Group to create a new company that will bring in $114 million extra for Sears, money it sorely needs. [More]

Sears Promises Early Payment To Vendors, Ties Up Cash Flow

Sears Promises Early Payment To Vendors, Ties Up Cash Flow

While Sears struggles to get customers into its stores and lost $1.7 billion last year, the retailer is also encountering problems in keeping its shelves stocked with merchandise. The company’s vendors are reportedly nervous to ship to the retailer given its poor financial results and touchy cash flow situation. Vendors are asking Sears to pay their bills sooner in exchange for a discount. This ties up tens of millions of extra dollars’ worth of capital up at a time. [More]

Apple Stores Rake In Money, Get Mall Rent Breaks

Apple Stores Rake In Money, Get Mall Rent Breaks

An article in the Wall Street Journal today forced me to face a difficult truth about myself: I only go to the mall when one of my Apple products breaks or I want to test makeup. I’m not alone in this, apparently, because Apple Stores are replacing department stores as a driver of traffic to malls, and they’ve worked out unique rent arrangements because of that. [More]

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Sears Holdings Lost $1.7 Billion In 2014, Considers This An Improvement

Sears Holdings has many assets: mostly, stores in malls that are slumping toward irrelevance, and strong brand recognition and loyalty among Americans over age 50 or so. The company is fighting to stay in business, and current efforts like offering Sears Canada stock to investors and selling stores to a real estate investment trust and leasing them back are part of that effort. Is all of this working? Well, Sears leadership sounds optimistic. [More]

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The Best & Worst Store-Brand Deals At Lowe’s, Home Depot & Sears

Need to buy a snowblower, light bulbs, and some paint? You might figure, “Oh, I’ll just head to Home Depot (or Lowe’s, or Sears) and get it all done in the same trip.” But just because these stores all offer one-stop shopping for most home goods, price and quality of store-brand and private label products can vary greatly depending on the retailer. [More]

Delta Testing 20-Minute Guarantee On Checked Bags For Frequent Fliers. What’s The Catch?

Delta Testing 20-Minute Guarantee On Checked Bags For Frequent Fliers. What’s The Catch?

If you’ve been stuck waiting for your bags at an airport luggage carousel in recent years, you’ve probably overheard someone grouse — or maybe done a bit of grousing yourself — that “I paid these guys extra to check my bags; the least they could do is not make me stand around like a fool for an hour.” In an effort to cut down on said grousing, Delta has quietly launched a limited-time test of a 20-minute guarantee for baggage delivery for its SkyMiles members, though there are so many conditions that it may be an empty promise. [More]

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Credit-Swap Traders Think Sears Will Fail In The Next Year

Credit default swaps are a confusing concept, since some forms resemble gambling on the failure of a company without even owning any stock in it. As a consumer, especially if you’re someone who likes to shop at Sears, you should know that now that Radio Shack has declared bankruptcy, the hot retailer that credit swap traders are betting will fail is Sears. [More]

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National Grid Cuts Off Mall’s Electricity For Apparent Non-Payment

Rotterdam Square Mall, outside of Schenectady, NY, is not doing so well. It keeps losing stores, as dying malls tend to do, with its Gap and Macy’s shutting down early this year. Yesterday, something unusual happened when the mall’s power went out…not because of weather or supply issues, but allegedly because of an unpaid bill. [More]

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New Lands’ End CEO Sees Company As A ‘Global Lifestyle Brand’

When you think of “Lands’ End,” you probably don’t think “high fashion.” Yet the brand has hired Federica Marchionni, the president of Dolce & Gabbana USA, to be the company’s new CEO. Will Marchionni be able to turn Lands’ End into a global luxury brand and help it find a more profitable identity after breaking off its 13-year relationship with Sears? [More]